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December 31, 2015

Find your bedroom style with vtwonen and win it all!

The last week of December is always a week I love to spent at home, relaxing, moving things around and making new plans for my home. I am longing for a darker mood but not sure yet if I should repaint some walls or just go for some more black details. This last week I painted some old chairs in black to start with and I guess my ideas will grow over time into something I feel comfortable with.

December 30, 2015

A white winter home

I have always loved candles, and especially in winter when my kitchen is a bit cold I burn a few candles from early morning, they add a warm and a cozy feeling to your home. Decorating wise sometimes a simple candle can do, like here at my home, and sometimes a whole bunch together does the trick like in this white home where vintage and industrial finds are combined with old gymnastic tools and a single discobal!

December 29, 2015

Pastoe Vision boxes | Curated by April and May

Inspired by winter and the feeling it brings to them, April and May used a combination of materials and dark colours with a touch of dark blue to create a special curated version in color and composition of the Vision & Boxes collection by Pastoe. The special Vision combination will be available in selected stores and at the Pastoe showroom only.

December 28, 2015

Triple Pink | Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Triple Pink is the brainchild of Stella Maye, a label for the sophisticated and ambitious woman with her high heels' firmly on the ground. A label for the woman who is not afraid to create its own identity.

December 24, 2015

A white Christmas home by Per Olav

Today I love you to show the home of Per Olav, It was such a pleasure to meet him again in Bergen two months ago having dinner at this great restaurant. His family home looks all ready for Christmas, and I especially love that bunch of tiny trees. Merry Christmas to all of you!

December 23, 2015

GIVEAWAY | Christmas with Sukha

I just love this time of the year when everything and everyone seem to slow down, it is such a nice feeling with Christmas around the corner, time to sleep in and startup days slowly. I also love to have some more time to look after my home, re-organizing, throwing things away, and re-decorate some corners or dream about a total new look.

This week I passed at Sukha Amsterdam to have a look at the new shopwindow, don't you just love the huge pile off boxes in their storefront, they are all handmade in India for Sukha's own label 'Atelier Sukha' and come in 4 sizes and 3 different prints

Giveaway - Win a set of 4 boxes
 loves to celebrate Christmas with you and is giving away the perfect gift for pretty organizing to one of my readers. There are 3 different prints with names like Bo, Vera and Joe.
To make a change to win a set of 4 boxes in a print of your choice simply leave a comment in this post with the name of the print you love most. To help you with your choice I posted a picture of each box and the name at the end of this post.  

Congratulations to Afkes for winning this giveaway! 

pictures ©Sukha | picture 2 -3 ©vosgesparis

December 21, 2015

Something BLCK and BLUE for Christmas

Longing for the 'dark' days before Christmas I found inspiration by the woods and decorated my home with dark tones and lots of fairy lights. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and lots of love and peace whether you celebrate or not and wherever you may be.... light some candles, enjoy some company and be kind to each other...always.

December 19, 2015

Scandinavian design | BOLIA store in Amsterdam

With a grand opening and a 20% discount on everything! till december 27th, Bolia opened it's first store in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. You have to believe me if I say the team build up the store in only two weeks and the result is pretty amazing!

December 18, 2015

Winner of the Qazqa Quest 2016 | Michou van Gennep

Mandalight by Michou van Gennep
Remember when I posted about my new Qazqa lamp and asked you to join in or nominate a designer for the Qazqa quest 2016? Have a look here if you missed it and to see the pictures I made at home. Since then a lot of Dutch and international designers have joined the competition and sent in their design.

Some weeks ago I was asked to join the jury and make a choice out of the many entries. Not an easy task as there were so many I liked and also the Qazqa team was unanimous lot of the entries would fit the collection. 

Studio PS

Oriente by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez

Some of my personal favourites were the concrete and glass lamp by Studio PS, and “Oriente” by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez made out of wood painted in black and and coated by hand with black leather cord.

The Mandalight by 
Michou van Gennep was also among my favourites and actually made it to the final top 5 together with these other finalists: Rik van Mierlo (mushroom & animal lights), Christian Kocx (Bloem Lamp), Guido Ooms (Schizo Lamp), Tjark Prosé (Qazqa Lamp) 

Mandala light by Michou van Gennep

The winner! 
The lucky winner of the Qazqa quest is though the contester I choose as one of my favourites: Michou van Gennep and her 'Mandalight'. The jury thought the lamp was visually attractive and particularly appreciated the technique she has used which ensures that the lamp can easily change shape.   

This is what Michou herself says on her website about her Mandala lamp design:
"What if you could make a lamp so lightweight that it looks as if it is suspended in the air? This was Michou van Gennip’s ambitious aim, inspired by the ethereal luminescence of Thai floating lanterns and fireflies.

The result is Mandalight. Like a radiant sculpture dotted with tiny brilliant LED lights, this pendant lamp’s adjustable wire structure made of bronze, stainless steel and copper can expand to 1.30 metres or shrink to less than 20 centimetres. “The shape is based on Buddhist Mandala circles,” Van Gennip explains. The entire design weighs only a few kilos at most, although its fine build makes it look virtually weightless."

When searching for the top 3 all lamps were tested on originality, business and feasibility. The second place was for Guido Ooms, the Schizo Lamp scored highly in all areas and is ready-made lamp ready to sell with an original use of material. Third place was for Rik van Mierlo who joined with two lamps, both entries are rated high and the 'Mushroom lamp' was the jury's favourite.

December 16, 2015

GIVEAWAY | Win a candleholder by Dutch designer Roderick Vos

For this giveaway I teamed up with Functionals, a company with a collection that really fits my idea of elegant simplicity! I am pretty sure you will know a few of the well known products that were especially designed for them, and I guess their Lloyd tables or Wendela Chairs are two of the many designs you must have come across.

Next to furniture the collection consists of different home goods designed by several Dutch and international talented designers. All products are exclusively made for Functionals and do not come in dozens of colours, and mostly just in black and white!

Free shipping - a taped towel and a giveaway on the blog
Products are sold online at and a limited number of carefully selected resellers. Because of the holidays Functionals offers a free taped towel by spending a minimum of €100 till December 17, free shipping is included with any purchase!

Paxton Candleholder giveaway
The Paxton candleholder caught my eye earlier this year and it was one of the eye catchers in a styling project I did for a storefront window. Made out of black cast aluminium it has an industrial and robust look and according to Roderick Vos a tribute to Sir Joseph Paxton, designer of the famed Crystal Palace at the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Crystal Palace launched the Industrial Revolution, and, in its own way, is the distant ancestor of Paxton.

I can't wait to add the candle holder to my own collection and am really happy to collaborate with Functionals today and run this giveaway on the blog today. Just leave a comment under this post to make a chance to win a Paxton candleholder. Good luck, a winner will be announced next week!

Congratulations to SAS-je for winning this giveaway!

December 15, 2015

Inspiration for your wall | Complete Art wall concept

I really love the white and the concrete walls at my home, but some years ago the long wall in my living used to be grey, something I really loved by then. I used to have several pictures and artworks hanging on the wall and the two besta cabinets that I still use today to display my favourite black and white pictures. If you want to have a look at my grey wall you can see some of it in this post from 2010, wow time flies!

December 14, 2015

Bundle APP | Receive a Bundle Book for free

With less then 20 days left of 2015 it's almost time to look back, it has been a good year and I enjoyed  'almost' every minute of it. One of the things I really loved and am really thankful for were the opportunities I got to travel to different countries. I am still dreaming of Iceland which was one of the countries I really fell in love with, I felt so happy in sunny Spain, loved to travel with my daughter again to Norway and had a great time not even that far away in Belgium.

December 11, 2015

BKRK Kuppers & Wuytens | Belgium design

Bokrijk is an open-air museum in the Flemish Limburg region and with over 100 historical houses it offers a sneak peek into the lifes people used to live in the past. For many years, the museum supported the development of skills related to handicrafts, techniques and their applications. In the museum and under the name Branded by Bokrijk (BKRK) they are now demonstrating and supporting the contemporary relevance of all this expertise. 

December 10, 2015

German design | Thonet factory tour

Last year Thonet opened it's first Concept Gallery in Amsterdam and when meeting Peter Thonet, a fith generation family member of the Thonet family, I asked him about his favourite piece of the collection. He told me he still loves the bentwood chairs and showed me his favourite, the Thonet 209 armchair. Some weeks ago I had the change to visit the Thonet factory in Frankenberg and learn more about the process of wood bending and the company's history and 2016 collection... more about that later!

December 9, 2015

WDSTCK at Auction O N E - December 13 | ART Europe

'Broken loose from the ground you are surrendered by the waves that move seemingly unpredictable throughout space’

It's no secret I love the work of Dutch WDSTCKthe other week I was invited at their showroom and atelier in the woods... a really amazing experience. I will show some pictures on the blog next week, meanwhile you can see an earlier post I made about them last year here: SPRMRKT X WDSTCK

WDSTCK will be part of the auction O N E, the launch auction of Art Europe. A refreshing and young auction initiative selling art, design, jewellery and wine in highly surprising places.

You can see, bid & buy the following objects: Love pain Beauty by Kevin de Winter, Symbiose by Maurits Büsse, Pien by Maarten Schröder, Feather Top by Julie de Ruijter and two pieces of WDSTCK head designer Jesse Sanderson; The LOTW and Horny chunk (Lot. 185/191).

Viewing dates take place on 10-12 December and the actual auction is planned on 13 December in Amsterdam, Auction location
Loods 6, KNSM-Laan 143,1019 LB Amsterdam. For more information and the online catalogue, please visit: Art Europe

A beautiful white attic in Poland

How do you like this beautiful white attic in Poland, don't you just love the combination of the white walls and the beautiful wooden beams...

December 7, 2015

Be Bold | Matthijs Wateler Art at AnoukB

Matthijs Wateler created some iconic wall pieces using a mix innovative materials and traditional craft techniques. These pictures are made at AnoukB in Haarlem, more about Matthijs and his work at his website Matthijs Wateler

pictures ©Anouk De Kleermaeker | portret picture by AnoukB

December 5, 2015

RAW Materials | Goodie bag giveaway

During weekends I love to wander around town and focus on my Amsterdam City Guide. I love to pop in to the places I already know and see what's new and discover new stores and everything they have to offer. Being passionate about interiors and with Vosgesparis being my main blog, I just only focus on interiors, concept stores and some fashion stores with great interiors for my Amsterdam guide... and because I love good coffee some places to grab a coffee or lunch in between shopping.

This week I popped into Raw Materials, the store is often visited by stylists, and it is the place where you will find those old indian market tables you were drooling over at the interiors magazines, beautiful industrial cabinets and lamps, original items from India like signs, metal suitcases, black pottery, Italian ceramic, Icelandic sheepskins, couches to die for and all beautiful softened with my favourite lamps from Ay Illuminate.

RAW material - Goodie Bag

If you are in town be sure to visit the store for some Christmas shopping too! From December 6 they will give away a goodie bag worth € 50 when spending € 75,- or more. There are 75 goodie bags, 25 each week until Christmas. Sunday shopping... on December 6 the store will be serving glühwein and bites from the and the vegetarian traiteur next door!

For those who can't make it.. I am giving away a Raw materials Goodie bag on the blog, just leave a comment in the post and we will announce a winner by the end of the week ... it's a surprise even for me what's in it as it is nicely packed!

Congratulations to Iris for winning this goodie bag! 

pictures © Vosgesparis - Amsterdam Next

December 4, 2015

Blogging the city | Bolia loves Amsterdam

Danish design brand Bolia will open it's first store in the Netherlands this month and from december 16 you are invited to discover the world of Bolia at Utrechtsestraat 78-84, one of my favourite streets in town where many locals and visitors love to go. With the many unique and authentic stores a great street for both daily and special shopping and on top of that, the street offer a beautiful view of the canals.

Blogging the city...
With Bolia coming to Amsterdam I have been asked to be one of their bloggers and over the next few months you can expect some reports from my beautiful hometown on the Bolia blog, thank you Bolia and welcome to Amsterdam! / city reports are now no longer visible on the Bolia blog/

December 2, 2015

Organic shapes in an industrial enviroment

Japanese Torafu Architects designed this minimalistic office interior in Tokyo around an inner court with big trees. Trees, casted in concrete are also used throughout the office while the water balloon lights by Torafu are giving a soft touch to the office. The architects performed the interior design for the Tokyo office of AKQA, a global ideas and innovation company. 
December 1, 2015

Graphics accents with tiles | Guestblog at Obly

Over the last few weeks I have been writing some guest blogs together with other bloggers on Dutch professionals network Obly, today you can find my post about using tiles in your interior - in Dutch - talking about different graphic accents in your interior.

Pictures do not really need words and 
I fell in love with the work of Simon Dybbroe Møller  in the picture above where he draped a net over a canvas, a great example of perfect simplicity.

picture © vvork 
November 30, 2015

Roest by Vanjoost | Karven

Simplicity in its most basic form is what defines Karven’s Roest (Dutch for rust) collection by VanJoost. Rust is an elementary but beautiful reaction between iron, oxygen, water and time. Simplicity, or the lack of complexity, is highlighted in this series inspired by rough materials around VanJoost’s studio in the Netherlands.  

I loved the raw and industrial look of the Roest collection seen earlier this year in zona Tortona where I made these pictures. How do you like these lamps?    

pictures © vosgesparis
November 27, 2015

Facing Food | Ceramics by Roel Vandebeek

One of the cutest ceramic series I have seen in years! In Facing Food, Roel Vandebeek blurs the lines between applied art and product design. The basic shapes of this 20-piece porcelain service set are irregular circles. The addition of a small black dot suggests a face.

The collection consists of ten basic shapes or ‘characters’. They can be combined with each other, and when combined they appear to be in conversation. In dialogues with the environment, the food and other parts of the service set. See the whole collection here | Facing Food |

These pictures are made in Roel van Beek's kitchen and workspace where I was invited for coffee and cake and a tour through his workspace. Roel Vandebeek is a Belgian designer and artist with a preference for art, industrial design and interior design. He carries out 20 – 30 design projects per year ranging from porcelain, 
chairs, church interiors, and works of art for a hospital.

 pictures © vosgesparis