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June 30, 2015

minimalism X concrete

It's no secret I love a bit of concrete, and many amazing pictures go around on Pinterest. Buildings can look moody and beautiful at the same time, I simply adore concrete floors and stairs and have beautiful unpolished concrete walls at home. And did you noticed that a concrete building looks even better at places like LA where the light is so much stronger... I collected these pictures because I love them... there isn't really a connection except for the concrete...
June 29, 2015

Before and after | new pictures from my home

Over the last few weeks I have been re-organising my studio, I love my magazines and books filled with cards, souvenirs... and lists of beautiful things I still love to share on the blog, but after several trips abroad it was time to get through the piles of magazines and paperwork lying on my table. For my next trip I have a beautiful travelers notebook that hopefully will make it easier to keep things a bit more organised.

June 26, 2015

5 beautiful blogs according to Apartment therapy & this..

Hello on this Friday morning, I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts and loved the friday mix last week. Here is another mix of beautiful things I am really thankful for and that came across this week.
June 25, 2015

Inspiration for your wall | Handcrafted wall hangers from Finland

The first thing I had to think about when seeing this new wall design by RK Design was the Cos installation in Milan this year.... and I can only imagine how many hours of work Riikka has put in making these wall hangers. They are all unique and handmade out of different yarn. Don't you just love them! 

pictures by © RK Design

June 24, 2015

Rock your walls | Bauwerk Lime paint

Are you inspired yet by the picture above? It's a portrait of my sweet friend Christine of Mechant Studio. The wall behind the picture is painted with one of the colours out of the Bauwerk lime paint. I am really impressed by this product from Australia, that in the Netherlands you will find exclusively at We are WOW makers

Bauwerk is an Australian brand producing all natural, 100% lime paint (no odours or toxins) for interior and exterior application. The paint works best on all unsealed interior masonry surfaces such as render or brick, but can also be used on plaster, and for previously painted walls there's a solution as well.  

The Bauwerk website offers a rich palette of colours from different hues of green, blues, soft greys, milky whites... and many more, see the full range at their colour lab and for the real experience be sure to visit Brands unxpctd where your paint is made wile you wait.

Bauwerk Lime paint is available at Brands unxpctd -Gedempte oude gracht 144 - 2011 GX Haarlem (20 minutes from Amsterdam) -

Opening hours Thursday to Saturday 10AM-5PM
pictures 1|2|4 Brands unxpctd |3 Bauwerk

June 23, 2015

AnoukB Creative studio X Uashmama paperbags

UASHMAMA® Placemats. Available in various colors.
Did you enjoyed yesterday's blogpost about WDSTCK and the beautiful pictures styled by Anouk at her store, have a look here if you missed them! I also mentioned the brand shoot for Uasmama Benelux and I love to show you the result today. The new collection was presented at a press meeting some time ago in Amsterdam, and the concept, styling and photography for the new collection is done by 'AnoukB'. 

Anouks work is all about simple beautiful settings and a great eye for style... you just gotta love her work and these pictures! Contact Anouk for your own project or brand through the contact details at the website: AnoukB Creative Studio 

UASHMAMA® Placemat
UASHMAMA® - washable paper - bag with shoulder strap & zipper
Magazine bag 
XXL Paper bags
Wood bags
Read more about paper bags and the new collection here: Uashmama Benelux
Pictures via Uashmama Benelux | Photography Ester Gebuis | Concept and Styling AnoukB 

June 22, 2015

Mysterious chic interiors with AnoukB | WDSTCK

Altar table and Memento chair by WDSTCK
This week it's my friend Anouk's birthday, and even though we don't see each other that often she is there... surprising me time after time with the most beautiful interiors and brand shoots. She is a real hard worker and one of the most impressive creative minds I ever met, I love to meet and drink white wines with her....preferably in Paris naturallemant! Beside her creative work at AnoukB Interiors.

Thinking of what to post this week and coming across a beautiful brand shoot Anouk recently did for Uashmama Benelux I thought of showing some more of her work this week.. Happy Birthday week dear Anouk.

WDSTCK offers a range of multidisciplinary objects that each tell a personal story. The collection is presented at their gallery in Naarden. Objects travel... trough boutiques, art-fairs, conceptstores and museums until it finds a way to its future owner...

On the first picture the Altar table, 
made out of steel and wood and the Memento chair designed by Jesse Sanderson, both favourites of mine from the WDSTCK collection and beautifully styled and for sale at Brands unxpctd in Haarlem. 

Meet WDSTCK, watch the brand video and slow down....

Memento chair
Imperfect Imperfection
Jesse Sanderson’s work is recognized by its natural forms, uneven textures and subtle shades of color.

With a sturdy oak schoolchair from the 50s as inspiration, Jesse takes us back to his childhood. He recalls how he repeatedly balanced on the hind legs of that exact chair, until he fell down on the floor, distracted by what was going on in the world outside the classroom. I love the look of this chair, the beautiful colours it comes in and the perfect small details on the back. It makes me dream of a large sturdy table and darker chairs in my kitchen and ofcourse one of the memento chairs

pictures 1-2 ©AnoukB |3-5 ©WDSTCK |

products mentioned in this blogpost are available at Brands 
unxpctd -
Gedempte oude gracht 144 - 2011 GX Haarlem (20 minutes from Amsterdam) -
Opening hours Thursday to Saturday 10AM-5PM
June 19, 2015

H&M private diner & New Autumn collection | Puik Art | Made home

Sharing an event, a beautiful dinner and more in one post is something I thought of for some time and I hope you love this new idea. It will make it easier for me to show different things all in one day and for you what to expect -or skip- on Friday's... and most important keep the first four days of the week for what I love most and what is the main reason I started this blog, sharing beautiful homes, minimalistic design and great finds. Let me know what you think of this idea, happy and sunny weekend to you!

Diner with H&M | Artisan creativity and nature
There’s a real feeling of craft this autumn... think knitted textures, hand-drawn prints in combination with with the dramatic beauty of autumnal nature... The mood for the new season at H&M HomeH&M brought the new collection, including the first fashion items for this autumn alive in a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam that for one day was transformed into a warm autumn home.

I was invited to an intimate diner prepared by chef Robert-Jan Machielse of Franklin Bar & Kitchen together with the girls of H&M press department, Edine of Elle Decoration, fellow blogger Elisah (who for this occasion also decorated one of the rooms) and others. A great night with super delicious food and good company in beautiful surroundings. 

Autumn grey and ocean blue
First thing that caught my eye were the beautiful colours, fabrics and the eclectic mood in the new autumn collection with colours from autumn grey to turquoise, deep greens and ocean blue. If I had to choose a colour for my home it would be exactly the colours of this collection. The ethnic, almost graphic patterns and the chunky knit cushion covers will work very well when mixed and matched with others in velvet, feathered or fake fur.

The table was set with a beautiful blue tablecloth, marble bowls, plates and small chopping boards in black wood. Glass vases and styled with silver candle holders. you might have seen this picture on Instagram. Nature also comes back in terracotta jugs and bottles, and stone and marble products for the bathroom. Thank you for the beautiful night H&M Home.

Puik Art at De Bijenkorf & at my home
Puik Art is a creative collective helping young designers launch their creations, and developing products for both their own label as for other companies. From today they will have their own corner at Amsterdam's most important department store 'De Bijenkorf' I think it great to see the Bijenkorf giving this group of young designers and Dutch design a platform at the store by working with Puik Art.... more info and pictures here

Pop-up showroom online designbrand

Although me and our Design Blogger United team regularly style furniture and products of (online) brands on the road or in a 'home' setting. This way of telling a story with your products in a home setting seems the new thing.

Online store brought their online collection alive in several apartments across Europe. I visited the Amsterdam press event, and some of the furniture looked like it belonged in the Canal house and blended in really beautiful with the art on the walls. Next to the blue sofa I think desk darcy was my favourite although I also fell in love with the star.

During the weekend (new) customers could see the products in real life, try them out and even had the possibility to shop the products straight from the apartment after the weekend.
pictures 1-3 © H&M and de meisjes | 4-6 ©vosgesparis

June 18, 2015

A dream home with lots of black details

After posting lots of black on the blog all week, I couldn't think of a better home then this home, located in Belgium to end the week. Tomorrow, like last week's Friday, I will show some more of the events I attended this week, press releases or other happenings in town, this is something I thought of for some time and I hope you love this new idea of making one mixed post on Fridays and keeping the first four days of  the week for the things I love most, beautiful homes, minimalistic design and things close to my own style. 

With it's black floors, and the huge doors with glass and black metal frames, and black ceiling in some of the rooms, it immediately stole my heart.. maybe because I have my eyes on a small bench, maybe a bit more industrial, like the on in the picture above. The home has a strong monochrome vibe with some touches of wood, patterned tiles and authentic fireplaces and beautiful art, the artwork in the picture above is made by Marc Lagrange.

If you love those glass doors and windows in black metal frames and the small shiny tiles in the kitchen, have a look at this former post where I showed the home of Mary Hessing, editor in chief of Dutch Eigen Huis en Interieur magazine.

Photography Jan Verlinde for Inside living via Bo bedre

June 17, 2015

Summer is close | Midori Traveler's book

Only one more month and most of Holland will be going on vacation... Summer is near and I am really looking forward to it! I will be traveling to Spain this Summer and while most people I know often went to Spain or Ibiza it will be my first time... and I am pretty curious!

June 16, 2015

Metal boxes & lava stones | Mad et Len home scents

At home I love to burn scented candles and lately I am enjoying the scent of Koto, our new diffuser that looks amazing! But I have another love.... Think metal boxes, candles & lava stones, and the best fragrances you can imagine. Mad et Len is maybe one of the best kept perfume secrets invented by Alexandre Piffaut and Sandra Fuzier. 

June 15, 2015

Temporary Tattoo art by Ylva Skarp

If you traveled around the blogosphere the last few days, you might have noticed these wonderful temporary tattoos ging around designed by the talented Ylva Skarp. You might know here by her striking black and white prints from the early days, I blogged about those here when showing my studio... that seems like ages ago... and here when showing her new collection and ceramics.
Back to the tattoos and the wonderful black and white photography... if you like them, you can get yours here!

June 12, 2015

HAY Showroom X Het Arsenaal

I can't believe I never visited the wonderful Arsenaal, the store of furniture designer and interior architect Jan Des Bouvrie before being invited at their party and opening of several new in-storesHet Arsenaal offers a total concept for your home, from floors and furniture to accessories. 

Jan des Bouvrie is maybe best known as the person who brought white living to the Netherlands and together with Monique des Bouvrie he opened the Arsenaal in Naarden some years ago where they showcase their collection and ideas on interior design and accommodate several other designer brands. 

Two weeks ago Danish Hay opened their beautiful showroom at the Arsenaal, open to both retailers and customers! I had a great afternoon visiting the new showroom and having a look at their collection. At events like this it is always fun to catch up with fellow bloggers and I was glad 
Soraya of Binti home, and Iris of C-More were there to hang out with in the beautiful garden. If you are in Amsterdam.... it only takes 30 minutes to visit Het Arsenaal in Naarden! 

pictures © vosgesparis | pictures 2+3 by Hay

TRAVEL | Piet Boon X Marriott Hotel

I haven't been home a lot lately, almost every day there is an opening or event and with the many emails I spent lots of time reading press releases and newsletters to see what is relevant for my blog or what I personally love.... today some updates on the blog of last week events.

I thought the 40th anniversary of the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam was one of those party's I didn't want to miss especially because on the night also the plans for the new guest rooms designed by Studio Piet Boon were revealed. Early 2016 all 396 rooms will get a makeover. I met up with fellow bloggers Patrick from Interiorator and Iris from C-More and we had a great night catching up and enjoying the fresh food and drinks.

Inspired by 
the 'brutalism' movement, which originates from the French b├ęton brut, or ‘raw concrete, the new design offers a really comfortable room with a warm and contemporary atmosphere in which architectural elements, refined raw materials, thoughtful details and smart space solutions form a balanced whole. A soft colour palette of white and grey tones builds on the theme and serves as a basis for fresh neutral colour accents. 

photography: 1-2 by Piet Boon 3-5 ©vosgesparis