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July 31, 2015

Styling with Delica and a rooftop dinner

After two nights in Barcelona, we went to yök Casa + Cultura, where we spent the night and teamed up with Delica. Created in Bera -Navarre in 2005 as a company designing products for contemporary homes Delica won several awards over the last years. We had a wonderful dinner on the rooftop terrace where we were joined by different designers who collaborated with Delica. The food was prepared by Pepi de Boissieu and served on Delica trays. 

Earlier that afternoon I went shopping at Muji for some basic white tableware with Maite of Feliceswho together with Pablo coordinated our tour, and Susanna and I styled some Delica trays in the apartment which was real fun.

July 29, 2015

Gandia Blasco | Spanish Design

Where to start when it comes to one of the most amazing blogtour meetings ever... do you recognise this feeling of being somewhere so beautiful you can't really describe the experience, nor the feeling and emotion that came with it.... not even a picture can show and tell how happy we were to be invited over at the private residence of José A. Gandía-Blasco to experience his love for outdoor living, the colour white and paella cooked on the grill.
July 28, 2015

Walking the streets of Barcelona | Chuck II Taylor All Stars

While travelling around with our blogger team for 'Sunny design days' we were happy to have a small van to drive us around, many of the design company's were located outside Barcelona, in Valencia and even one in Madrid. It was our longest Blogtour so far and we enjoyed every minute of it. As said I had never been to Spain before and I really fall in love and am happy I stayed for another week. Beside going to the beach, see here if you missed it Instagrams from Sitges I have been discovering the different area's, hard to choose which was my favourite though.

Tiles, shoes and shopping
I think the best way to discover a city is to walk around and that is exactly what I did! I stayed in the Praktik hotels and walked from one to another as they are both located in the same part of town. Great area's where it is good to walk around, have a coffee, pop into the indoor food markets and go out for dinner. I don't know if you noticed but the streets of Barcelona have really nice tiles and still being busy with my garden I saw so many tiles I had to take lots of picture from them.

Converse Chuck II
I also bought some new shoes but for the time being and walking around for the whole day, I stuck to my all time favourite All Stars which are always comfortable for long walks... I think I have been wearing All Stars ever since I was a kid, and therefor loved to hear Converse is launching a follow up of the 1970 Chuck Taylor All Star, the, Chuck II

Most fashion stores had sale so I took the opportunity to shop for clothes and sneakers, I visited the New Balance store, and the huge Nike and Puma stores at the Passeig de Gracia  and bought a nice GStar coat, one of my favourite Dutch brands but I couldn't get the coat here anymore, I am really happy with it...  hopefully it will still fit this fall after eating huge amounts of tapas and Paella almost every day. 

sponsored // pictures © vosgesparis except for the Chuck ll Taylor All Stars pictures 

July 27, 2015

Osmothèque laboratory X Labperfum Barcelona

Osmothèque is a unique place devoted to preserving the memory of scents : a place that could inventory and round up existing perfumes and perfumes that would appear in the future, and that could trace certain great perfumes that no longer existed and bring them back to life. I came across the laboratory through a tweet by designboom telling how Osmothèque laboratory brings whatsapp messages into smell!

Digital communication is fast, a whatsapp message can be anything from a simple message to a sentence as 'I love you', the laboratory wants us to think of how would ‘I love you’ smell like? At the laboratory, Osmothèque enables you to choose a message of your choice and make your own fragrance with the four olfactive families.... This made me think of a quick visit to the Labperfum I had with Em and Susanna in Barcelona, a cute little laboratory where you can buy ready made perfumes but also mix your own.

Labperfum in Barcelona 

pictures via designboom | last picture by Susanna Vento

Metod X Paola Navone | The details | IKEA Temporary Milan

For this years design week in Milan, IKEA opened a temporary store and invited Paola Navone to interpret the big Italian family style kitchen in her own unique way. During a party at her private home earlier that week Pizza and wine at the home of Paola Navone | I had a look in her own kitchen and dining that perfectly reflects this way of living.

July 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Instagrams from Sitges

Back in Barcelona I also had to try some of the beaches, it is really easy to reach the beach with the metro but to be honest I didn't liked it so much... I guess when it comes to beaches I am not the city girl I normally am, or maybe it has to do with spending most of my Summers in Sardinia in a little village with the most beautiful beaches nearby. 

When hearing about Sitges, thank you Maite!, a small town just half an hour away with the train, I could not wait to see it for myself. It is touristy and busy in the streets of the small town, there are a lots of bars and restaurants but there is also this quiet beach, the marina and the narrow streets I loved to bits, guess it also brought back some good memories. I couldn't stop making pictures for my Instagram account, but ended up with way to many... so here you go...a sneak peek from Sitges, I think I could live here for Summer! 

pictures ©vosgesparis

Hola from Spain | Winners Case App

Hola from Spain, I am currently working from the beautiful courtyard from the Praktik Vinoteka hotel where I am staying the last two days in Spain. I am sad to go home as I had such an amazing time but life goes on, Barcelona is only one flight away and I am sure I will be back! Stay tuned for an updated later today.

For now I love to share the two lucky winners of the giveaway with Caseapp who can design a new skin or Iphone case. Congratulations to Tanja and Eli, please contact me with your email-details. 

For those who did not win Caseapp is giving readers of Vosgesparis a 20% discount valid for three weeks as from today, simply use the code VOSGESCASE when ordering your (pre) designed skin or case, 
Enjoy and see you on Monday!

Picture ©vosgesparis
July 22, 2015

TRAVEL | Praktik Garden hotel Barcelona

After staying the weekend in Madrid I travelled to Barcelona with the high speed Reve train, I can't believe how great it is to travel with these trains and how everything is really well organised and easy to find at the huge Madrid Antocha station. After drinking lots of coffee on the train and working a bit on my pictures we arrived in Barcelona city centre after 2.45 hours, so much faster then taking a plane from Madrid to Barcelona.

For the rest of my stay in Spain Praktik hotels kindly offered me accommodation in their Barcelona hotels. Praktik Garden hotel is located in a early 1900 century building in the Eixample district, I am staying in one of the 4 Garden rooms that are recently renovated by Internationally acclaimed interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who decorated the hotel paying attention to every detail. There is a beautiful desk to work from and a small lounge corner and a French balcony with a street view. 

The blue ceramic bathroom is the most beautiful bathroom I saw in any hotel I stayed in so far, and I am really appreciating it's high pressure rain-effect shower with the heath in Barcelona. The floor mosaics are coming back in black and white on the balcony's of the other rooms, this hotel is full of little details for interior design lovers.

I also had a sneak peek in one of the other rooms on the upper floors, they all come with a 5m2 private terrace providing views of the hotel's terrace garden in the courtyard. A beautiful black and white minimalistic room with some plant details coming back in the art on the walls. 

The area has lots of little cafe's to have breakfast, but I had a slow startup, the super kingsize bed was just so comfortable, and had a late coffee in the garden of the hotel's courtyard. The large garden with different corners is a real hidden gem of this hotel far away from the outside noise and a great place to work, read a book or relax on the daybeds. 

Praktik Garden hotel is located at Calle Diputació 325, Barcelona , more info can be find at the hotel's website: Praktik Gardenwhere you will also find the links to the other Praktik hotels in Barcelona and Madrid.
Pictures ©Vosgesparis | picture 2 via Praktik hotels

July 21, 2015

Fritz Hansen apartment by Cristine Rudolph

It's nearly 3 months ago I visited Milan Design week... and every year I have the same problem: way to many pictures! And although you might have seen impressions of this year's wonderful Fritz Hansen apartment, I thought it was to beautiful not to share the few pictures I made.

July 20, 2015

Architecture X Eyewear

Minimalistic live campaign by Frederick Vercruysse and Art Direction Studio Uber and Kosher merging architecture and eyewear in a pure and conceptual manner for Eyewear brand Linda Farrow 

Pictures via Frederick Vercruysse
July 19, 2015

BD Barcelona | Sunny design days X Blogtour Spain #1

Hello from Spain once more on this very sunny Sunday! I had some great days with our bloggerstour team in Spain on invitation of Red and it's members. Red design is a non profit platform that promotes the values ​​of good design created in Spain through its brands and products.

Busy days with lots of design, travelling, sun, swimming, meeting designers and brands, wine, party's and good food. Over the next few weeks I will give you an inside of my view on Spanish design, and being busy with my patio you can expect lots of outdoors design as well. 

BD Barcelona
On Monday we visited the BD Barcelona showroom in Barcelona, BD Barcelona was the first design brand in Spain and recently celebrated its 40th birthday with designer Jaime Hayon who hand-painting 40 different vases.

Its founders and still current owners, who come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty, in some cases above function. Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, the new products always have more proximity to art than industrial design.

Milan 2015
They recently launched their new collections in Milan. And my favourite must be 'Fang' (spanish for clay) by Xavier Mañosa consisting of a series of vases and a table, the table top has an inlaid layer of oak, with an either natural varnished finish or a tinted black finish. The interior structure of the legs is made of steel, covered in hand-turned porcelain stoneware with an either natural fine textured finish, and or a black enamel gloss finish. 

 Fang table and vases by Xavier Mañosa

Xavier Mañosa 
Xavier Mañosa is a potter, artist and designer who inherited the artisanal tradition and family workshop and has found his place in contemporary ceramic art, designing pieces with his own characteristics. Fang vases are part of the new collection and made with the same material and deliberately made imperfect to ensure that each one is different.

Earlier that day we visited his workspace where Xavier works with his father for several brands, including their own It was great to actual following the whole process from clay to the pieces as they were presented at the BD Barelona showroom.

gardenias collection outside at the BD Barcelona showroom

Gardenias collection | Milan 2015
Jaime Hayon's, one of the most recognized Spanish designers, designed the Gardenias Collectionclassic furniture with a contemporary style for outdoors and an indoor, that includes an armchair with new finishes and upholstery. New by his hand is also the Monkey side table made of solid architectural concrete. 

B Bench
Next to the new Gardenias collection, I loved the B bench system based on the iconic Barcelona Chair by Industrial designer Konstantin GrcicThe B Bench features the distinctive crossing legs of the 1929 Mies van der Rohe original but is reinterpreted as a flexible, modular system that can be of any length from a one-seater chair up to a six-metre bench, with or without armrests. It can be upholstered or left as bare aluminium and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors. I personally am a big fan of furniture that can be used both in and outside. 

pictures courtesy Red | 4-7 © Vosgesparis

Blogtour Spain is sponsored by Red and it's participating #redmembers | Find all my blogposts about Spain under #Sunnydesign or see all Blogtours under blogtour

TRAVEL | Madrid | Blogtour Spain

It has been a bit quiet on the blog this week and if you are following me on Instagram you might have seen I have been travelling through Spain. I was here on invitation of Red - Reunión Empresas de Diseño - who introduced us to 9 of the over 40 brands they work with.

We went to Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid and I will be enjoying a few more days in Madrid and then go back to Barcelona and spent some days at the beach before heading back home and showing you more of our wonderful design trip. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.... I will be exploring more of Madrid

After sharing nearly a whole week together it was really weird to say good-bye again, and even weirder to stay 'behind' Luckily our Barcelona Blogger Elena left me some great places to see in Madrid for a start. And while heading of for a lunch I came across a small slow store .... that appeared to be a hairdresser and colour specialist.

Funny enough the owner who told me about their plans to sell candles and other home deco products over the next year, happened to know our candle and being a reader of my blog for years. This unexpected meeting was so much fun and a bit of a surprise for both of us... be sure to check them out when you are in Madrid: Con Calma

Do Design is a small concept store focusing on Scandinavian brands and local designers, they have a great interior and I will show some more of it soon: Do Design

Matadero is a real cool and industrial project and the home of a contemporary centre of creation, there are restaurants, cinema's and exhibitions.... more pictures soon: Matadero

Three beautiful stores in a row with plants, flowers and cacti called 'Margarita' and 'Cacto-Cacto' at Calle Fernando VI 7-9 and if you are up for a great lunch check out Dray Martina, a cozy little restaurant with a great atmosphere: Dray Martina 

pictures ©vosgesparis | first picture by Susanna Vento