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August 31, 2015

TRAVEL | Essentials wish list HOPE X RIMOWA and This is Ground

Last day of August, I had one of the best Summers for years with lots of Sun and traveling, I hope we will still have some nice days, I want keep my shorts on just a bit longer and am not ready at all for the Dutch rainy and dark days. Luckily I will do some more travelling soon which brings me to the subject of travel essentials.. I am not really a backpack girl and love to travel in style!
August 28, 2015

TRAVEL | Taturo Atzu | the garden which is the nearest to God

Although it can be really busy in town with the many visitors Amsterdam welcomes every day, I am still deeply in love with my hometown. 
I live in a quiet area myself and within no time I am downtown to enjoy the small shopping streets, or bike along the canals. Did you see the pictures and giveaway of last weeks family boat trip I made? Amsterdam still amazes me from the water!

There is always something happening in town, and I really wanted to show you the wonderful pictures Silvia made of the project of 
Taturo Atzu on the roof of the oldest church in town. Silvia is an Italian photographer and we previously worked together on some blogpost and the article for the vtwonen love blogs magazine. 

These pictures were made during a photo shoot on the roof with Tania, a jewellery designer from Sydney. You can see those pictures on Silvia's website, and maybe you love a photo shoot with her yourself!

Japanese artist Taturo Atzu is internationally renowned for his temporary art projects which transform our experiences of monuments, statues and architecture. Atzu's first public project in the Netherlands centres around the historic weather vane and the small roof turret, with the Angelus Clock, of the Oude Kerk. The project will run till September 6!

Come Closer is a series of public gatherings on the roof of the Oude Kerk. The evening programme, running from August 13 to September 6, brings together thinkers, musicians, artists, Amsterdammers, neighbourhood residents, and the curious up in art installation “The Garden Which is the Nearest To God”

by Japanese artist Taturo Atzu: a panoramic terrace with a spectacular view over Amsterdam. In the midst of a city in motion, Come Closer offers a moment of reflection. For 12 evenings special guest speakers share a new perspective, a unique story or a performance with the public. High above the city in the open-air, a sort of contemporary hagenpreek (open-air sermon), Come Closer invites you to listen, look, experience, think collaboratively and to speak up. You will find more information on the events here | text and info via de Oude Kerk

pictures ©Silvia Falcomer
August 26, 2015

Inspiration for your home | A quick makeover with natural materials

Here at Vosgesparis 'we' are still in a Summer vibe .... with the patio connected to my living, the room feels twice as big and the fence I finally made and painted white is the best thing ever.... it allows me to open up my curtains, let the light flow in and enjoy some privacy at the same time. I will share a little update soon.

August 25, 2015

Mr Benjamin's Loft | A dream home in the Amsterdam canal belt

This last friday I was invited at the opening of The Loft, a beautiful evening with an intimate private dinner and party afterwards at Prinsengracht. This is the third edition, and 'the apartment' is fully decorated with Mr. Benjamin in mind...

Mr. Benjamin is a fictive person and wandering through his home you can discover more about him... see what he reads, what art he likes, and sit on his couch, just like in the previous Loft editions everything will be for sale from the smallest note book to the furniture and carpets.

August 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Ashes to Snow | Hair atelier and art gallery

When working on an article about my city guide for the vt wonen love blogs magazine, I wrote about yesterday, I decided to stay a bit closer to home instead of going downtown. The area close to the Eastern docklands where I live, is welcoming many young entrepreneurs lately. One of them are the owners of Ashes to snow, an hair atelier with a relaxed, artistic atmosphere where you will also find selected design, objects and art pieces from like-minded creatives from various disciplines.

August 23, 2015

Cool new places in town X vtwonen love blogs magazine

With finishing almost all my blogposts about Spain last week I love to take you to my hometown this week as I have to share some great projects with you! Lets start with something I worked on almost six months ago and finally can show you this week! If you have a subscription to vtwonen magazine, you probably received the magazine this weekend, if not you will find the magazine in stores this week, including a little extra!

This month the second edition of vtwonen love blogs is out and in the magazine, next to a small intro, you can find out more about my work, collaborations and my Amsterdam city guide APP and blog and how I use the APP myself. I will also give a sneak peek at some of my latest interior and lifestyle finds in town photographed on a rainy day with Silvia, and of course I will share more pictures of these cool places and some more of Silvia's work on the blog and on Amsterdam Next the coming weeks, grazie per lavorare insieme su questo progetto Silvia!

vtwonen love blogs
is a magazine made by the favourite interior and lifestyle bloggers of vtwonen magazine, selected by the editors and blogger platform Meet the Blogger, we share our work, homes and favourite places. Not in the Netherlands? you can order the magazine online, written in Dutch.

All bloggers attending the Meet the Blogger Amsterdam Conference 2015 will get a free copy of the magazine, are you a blogger and do you love to meet your fellow bloggers, and follow exciting workshops at the Meet the Blogger conference in Oktober?

August 21, 2015

Spanish design | Expormim rattan furniture

The good thing about our Spanish blogtour, not to mention it was one big great Sunny adventure! was that we did not only got to see showrooms of the brands that wanted to meet up with us, but many also gave us a look behind the scenes in their factories. By seeing the process before a piece of furniture is ready for sale in the stores, and meeting the people on the work floor who are happy to share their knowledge with you on how a piece is produced, makes it I will remember and recognize them when I see their products in the future.

Same for the furniture of Spanish brand Expormim that we visited in Mogente, Valencia. Expormim specializes in indoor and outdoor furniture and it was amazing to see how out of natural materials like rattan in combination with craftsmanship beautiful and elegant wicker furniture pieces were produced in the huge factory. I loved this place, being surrounded by the beautiful material, the steam and technics that are used to shape the forms of the chairs, a really dynamic environment.

Expormim Showroom
'La Venta', the eighteen century building and cultural heritage of Mogente, used to be an inn for those travelling with horse carriages and postoffice. Nowadays the Expormim showroom is located in the building around the large, and really hot, yard with beautiful palm trees.

Walking around in the showroom is like stepping into the history of this 55 year old brand. From the very first rattan models to the 
new timeless contemporary modular collection Plump, or the 'Tina' armchair and sofa, pictured below, made out of a structure of lacquered steel tube and hand weaved wicker, one of the latest additions to the collection.

The nautica swing chair by Alberto Sánchez of Mut Design is a another great example of craftsmanship and has been awarded with the Red Dot 2014 for best product design. I photographed the chair, together with the pictures below during our visit at the factory.

pictures by Vosgesparis | last picture by Susanna Vento

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TRAVEL | Meet Cosentino at Madrid restaurants DiverXO & Tatel

Two years ago I had an interview with Spain based fashion blogger Macarena Gea, one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture, at that time she was the face of the Silestone by Cosentino campagne, a brand I met in New York by then. Last month we met up again, and this time in the city of Madrid where we spent the last day of our Sunny Design week.

We had an appointment at Madrid's only 3 Michelin star restaurant DiverXO, the restaurant of chef David Muñoz, that's the chef himself in the first picture! The overall white restaurant looks like a fantasy tale, a place of creativity, a space where different motionless creatures such as flying pigs, silver ants and colourful butterflies accompanied us from the moment we arrived, the dreamworld of David Muñoz.

Together with one of the staff members Cosentino guided us through the restaurant and lively kitchen where everyone was already busy preparing. Throughout the kitchen Dekton is used on the floor, walls and worktops, and the restaurant countertop, while Silestone's quartz surface, thanks to the purity offered by the colour Blanco Zeus, gives each and every table in the dining area character, providing the feeling of infinity that Muñoz was after. 

I can only imagine how dining in this white wonder world could be, in case you find the opportunity to have diner at DiverXO, don't forget to check out the toilets where you will find yourself surrounded by mirrors and hundreds of butterflies, pink toilets and white Macael Marble, have a look at the video to really get an idea of the white dreamworld we visited.

After our morning at 
DiverXO, Cosentino kindly invited us for a lunch at Tatel. Restaurant Tatel opened it's doors only four months ago and is the result of a collaboration of a dream team of Spanish celebreties, including Enrique Iglesias and tennis talent Rafael Nadal, and quickly became the new place to be. The restaurant specialises in Spanish dishes, the chefs believe in simplicity, resulting in revitalized everyday dishes, accompanied by a great selection of wines. 

After a small tour through the serre with lots of daylight, a large marble table and blue wire chairs, we walked through the restaurant itself where soft lights, a shiny bar, and corners with beautiful decked tables, comfortable chairs and walls covered with books and art create a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant offers a view of the kitchen with it's marble surfaces and we were welcomed at one of the large tables to have a taste of the many different dishes together with cosentino and our friends of Felices.

Cosentino, is the the world’s leading producer of Silestone quartz surfaces, focusesing on the design, production and distribution of architectural and decorative solutions made from natural stone. 
In 2014 Cosentino Group launched Dekton; a material with huge potential for the architecture and design field. more info can be found on the website

pictures © by vosgesparis | Susanna Vento and Cosentino

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August 20, 2015

TRAVEL | Praktik Vinoteca hotel Barcelona

While visiting Barcelona I stayed a few nights in the beautiful Praktik Garden hotel, you might remember that amazing balconies view from the garden! Praktik hotels is a chain of beautiful design hotels all located in the city centre of Barcelona and Madrid, and on my last 2 days in Barcelona I stayed at the Praktik Vinoteca.

Checking out from the Praktik garden in the morning, it was only a 15 minutes walk to Praktik Vinoteca. If possible I always prefer to walk instead of taking the Metro, I love to get a taste from the neighbourhood away from the main streets, and old cities can have a Metro station with only stairs which can be pretty hard with a heavy suitcase. When arriving at Praktik Garden with a heavy suitcase I would advise to use the Girona station on the yellow line.

Walking to Praktik Vinoteca I passed a couple of halls with beautiful plants, and I still kind of regret I had no time to really check out some of the food halls and bring home some Spanish delicatessen.

Praktik Vinoteca is the place to be for wine lovers and is totally dedicated to the world of wine. 
In the reception area with over 900 bottles on show I got offered a glass of wine on arrival, a bit to early for me at 10 in the morning, but this is the way you will be welcomed at the hotel, and a great way to start you stay in the heart of the lovely Eixample area.

A new hotel a new room, and I stayed in a room on one of the upper floors with a private balcony and a great view on the Calle balmes. A comfortable room with again a king-sized double bed, a large bathroom with rain-effect shower and a separate toilet with sink. I especially liked the wooden bedhead in combination with the crispy white walls.

I so love to stay in a carefully designed hotel and this one is pretty newly designed in 2014, the hotel
design and interior decor is the work of Lázaro Rosa-Violán, a prestigious, highly recognized interior designer, who designed some of the most fashionable restaurants, stores, and hotels in the world.  

After a good night of sleep I was ready for a new day in Barcelona, but first had some work to do and I couldn't think of a better way to start the day then in the cozy courtyard connected to the public area where breakfast was served. 

I enjoyed the fresh fruit, yoghurt and coffee on the terrace while writing some blogposts and listening to guitar music in the distance and some children singing beautiful summer songs! A magical moment to be honest to listen to the pretty voices, having breakfast and doing some work in this beautiful courtyard.

On the last night before heading in town for dinner I met the hotel's sommelier for a small wine tasting, and you can order your favourite bottles which the hotel will have shipped back home for you, she is there a few evenings a week for the hotel guests, you can also request a private wine-tasting session. 

The hotel is just a 6-minute walk from the Paseo de Gracia metro station the beach at Barceloneta is 3 stops away on the metro. And at the same paseo de Gracia there is a small train station where you can take a train that takes you out of Barcelona to one of the nearby beaches. I went to S
itges for a day, a small town I really enjoyed, see some pictures in this former post 'Instagrams from Sitges' Thank you so much Praktik hotels for having me, I hope to be back soon! 

Praktik Vinoteca hotel is located at Calle balmes 51, Barcelona , more info can be found at the hotel's website: Praktik Gardenwhere you will also find the links to the other Praktik hotels in Barcelona and Madrid.

Pictures ©Vosgesparis