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September 30, 2015

DESIGN | Vase #1 by Gert-Jan Soepenberg

At a recent FD-press event I met some of the designers selling their work through Crowdy House, a platform and marketplace that helps designers and makers sell directly to design fans. I got to talk to Gert-Jan and I really loved the story behind his concrete vases.

Vase #1, inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s Palácio de Alvorada in Brazil’s capital Brasília, is the first in a series of architecture-derived vases designed by Dutch designer Gert-Jan Soepenberg: "My love for architecture and my architectural background have led me to being inspired by Niemeyer, one of the architects with the best feel for aesthetics and proportions. I have abstracted the Palácio de Alvorada’s strongest shape into a vase that captures the spirit of the building"

Palácio de Alvorada

From 17th till 25th October Gert-Jan Soepenberg exhibits during Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven, where he will be giving live demonstrations of the production of Vase #1. Also he will be showing the black concrete edition of Vase #1 for the first time, thanks for making some pictures from it already especially for Vosgesparis.  

pictures ©atelier GertJan 
September 29, 2015

PROJECTS | A sneak peek at my store window at Villa ArenA

Last week I showed you my moodboard for the storefront I was asked to design. I searched through a good amount of the 50 stores in the Villa ArenA woonmall and picked out some items I thought would represent best my own style and idea's and the mood I had in mind. Picking out items is one thing, but the whole picture I had to see in my head... luckily most of the time I can!  

September 28, 2015


Last week I promised to show you more about the bags shown in my post about Ashes to Snow. Inspired by both Dutch design and Asian culture, ANTS. brings a mixture of practicality and cool aesthetics, with an interesting balance between dark influences and a touch of humour while transcending gender-based and seasonal boundaries in fashion. Unique products produced in limited editions by passionate local craftsmen.

September 25, 2015

EXPLORE your creativity | vtwonen & design fair

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a really cool project together with BeeldSTEIL and April and MayWe created an unique bloggers spot on the terrace of the 'vtwonen home' at the vt wonen & design fairWe worked with some really cool brands like Vitra, Wildernis and vtwonen and would love you to come and say hello.... and EXPLORE your inner creativity!

September 24, 2015

Qazqa Quest | Nominate a young designer | #QAZQAQUEST2016

I made some changes to my kitchen and I am deeply in love with my new cabinet and really happy I could buy this industrial beauty from a friend who needed space. After working with lighting brand Qazqa last year, see my post here,they asked me to try out the 'Lazy lamp'.
I love a change and I immediately thought it would be a good fit for my kitchen.

September 23, 2015

Industrial X「In Visible」by Daijiro Hama

Last month I wrote about Ashes to Snow and when I went to bring some magazines with the article I made about them for the vt wonen love blogs magazine, the store was even whiter then the first time I visited. At the entry a beautiful green bench and some plants blended perfectly with the green gas bottles of the huge iron installation by Marije van Marle. I had to take some Iphone pictures because I couldn't wait to show you the new artworks at the gallery.
September 22, 2015

Villa ArenA moodboard

This weekend I went to Villa ArenA woonmall, where a collection of interior brands and stores can be found, to scout products for a storefront I designed. The window display will combine a selection of products I selected from the different stores. 

Staying close to myself, which I think always works best for me, it will be minimalistic with lots of black and a soft industrial touch, like the moodboard I am showing today. Check out my Pinterest mood board to see what I am up to in the coming week and check back on the blog for an update next week.

September 21, 2015

GIVEAWAY | Win a set of design coat hangers

Today I love to introduce Mooi Goed to you and show you some unique designed pieces. Mooi Goed, literally meaning 'beautiful goods', designs minimalistic contemporary pieces for the home in black or white lacquered metal.

After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven owner Christian Kocx started his own design-office designing for various brands and exhibiting at DDW and at Milan's Salone del Mobile. He believes in no-nonsense, locally produced and affordable design that should tell immediately where it is made for. His way of thinking really fits my own ideas of surrounding yourself with functional design for daily use or really love to look at.

For this small series of coat hangers, made out of a single sheet of steel and finished in black, Christian got his inspiration from tree branches and by bending certain parts functional hooks were created giving each of them a different look but still fit together.  On the site you also find a set with a matching wall sticker for the children room, allowing you to make a real statement. We have a giveaway with them at the end of the post, but let me show you some more first. 

Black steel candle
Being a collector of black candle holders only, a decision I made some years ago when discovering I had like twenty-five different ones, I love this candle. The Mooi Goed candle is all about 'form follows function' and like the coat hangers made out a single sheet of metal, by the way it is bend it looks like a candle from the past with a modern feel. One of favourite pieces from the collection.

Tea light holders
Although I love burning white candles, at some occasions like a dinner party I prefer to use tea-light holders for a cozy atmosphere. These come in black and brass adding a bit of a sparkle. The tea-light holders are sold  with three in a package, find yours here

Giveaway - win a set of Mooi Goed Coat hangers
If you would like some unique coat hangers this is the giveaway for you, they will add a little monochrome touch to your home an each hanger has a minimum of two hooks. Installing is really easy with the two matching black screws that are included. Simple leave a comment under the post and let us know where you would hang them in your home.

We will announce a winner at the end of the month on our facebook page 

September 18, 2015

Studio by IKEA | New Dutch platform

Yeah It's Friday and the weekend is nearly there, this week was filled with a wonderful styling job, more about that in the coming week, and a fun project with fellow bloggers BeeldSTEIL and April & May for the upcoming vtwonen & Designbeurs in Amsterdam at the end of this month.
September 17, 2015

Spanish Design | Meeting Actiu in Valencia

I am looking back on one of my most sunny summers I experienced over the last few years... Back in the south of Europe for two weeks I realized how much I love and missed the sun! It was my first time in Spain and I enjoyed every minute of it, sending a big hug and a huge thank from rainy Amsterdam to Red-aede and it's members who welcomed us, the lovely Maite and Pablo of Felices, and Praktik hotels for a great week after our designtour finished, and I decided to stay a bit longer.
September 16, 2015

Warm tones for a cozy kitchen | Piet Boon kitchen details

Today some more details from the recently launched Piet Boon kitchen line | pictures about the launch can be found here | I'm more and more drawn to these beautiful earthy colours, they feel so warm and stylish, maybe even a bit dramatic and with a certain grandeur.... a beautiful colour palette for autumn.

The black oak, the marble and copper details of the landscape kitchen, which must be my favourite, are perfectly combined with the styling work of Karin Meyn, a stylist I really like and showed some work of before. Enjoy the pictures, and for those who prefer white I added some more pictures at the end of this post including a video where you can see an overview of the different kitchens, more info about the kitchens can be found here.

pictures ©Piet Boon

September 14, 2015

ENCLOSE Exhibition | Norm Architects X Nordkraft Paris

Lets stay in France today with some more stories from Paris, where Norm Architects have created a retrospective design installation showcasing  their collaborations with Menu and &tradition over the last years. Many highlights from the last years can be found in Nordkraft’s showroom in Paris. Supplied with exclusive design collaborations with Paper Collective, Dinesen and Sørensen Leather.

EVENTS | Maison et objet 2015 | Naturals X Scandinavian favourites

I spent some beautiful days in Paris with my friend Anouk, we pretty much love the same things and traveling together we decided to take it easy and enjoying every second of our stay. So no pressure, and no running around at Maison et Objet!

was beautiful as always and I really loved to do some shopping, getting inspired and having long lunches, dinners, or stay in bed talking for an extra hour, just because we could. I could have taken my camera to the fair but knowing the light isn't that good, I decided to just make some snapshot with my Iphone of beautiful natural materials and all time Scandinavian favourites. 

Because of our slow mood we spent most of the time in the 'Eclectic' hall and hardly had enough time to discover the many Scandinavian brands. 
The first pictures are from the shelving system by String, always one of my favourites, and styled by Lotta Agaton.

We ended our first day in Paris with a wonderful dinner organised by &Tradition at the Rooftop restaurant Le Perchoir in the Marais, I couldn't think of a better way to spent the night with then with this inspiring brand, see more of their stand at Maison et Objet further in this post.

& Tradition
I loved to see how &Tradition created a dark and cozy atmosphere in their boot, in the picture above they used the Light Forest lamps by Ontwerp duo, awarded with The Best Lighting Design 2015 at the Design Awards in Copenhagen this week, the Milk lamp, which I have myself and still are really happy with because of it's great build in dimmer, and NA Bar Stool by Norm Architects A real eye catcher I thought was the small room with black marble tables, many plants and the new Formakami lamps by Jaime Hayon. 

Eclectic | Beautiful fabrics and naturals

pictures ©Vosgesparis
September 11, 2015

EVENTS | Twenty designers collaborating for Salon Residence

For four days only the Singer museum in Laren, the Netherlands will be the home of 'Salon Residence', I was at the opening this week where chief editor Miluska van t Lam gave us a personal tour through the 20 different spaces designed by well known interior designers like Jan & Monique des Bouvrie, Studio Piet Boon, Marcel Wolterinck, Thijs Murré en Framework who each designed a room.

MEDIA | Top 10 tips for Elle Decoration UK

This month I have been working on a small collaboration with Elle Decoration UK for the October issue, this months issue will also include the new ELLE Decoration Directory, a guide to Britain’s best architects and interior designers. As part of this feature, Elle Deco will be running top decorating tips from selected design bloggers and I have been asked to share some of my personal tips... here is my top 10.

1 Start with a blank canvas.
Declutter to remove anything that 
doesn’t have a use or a personal meaning before decorating.

2 Embrace monochrome.
There are so many shades on the 
spectrum between these two colours. Grey-stained floorboards and naturally off-white rugs are a great combination.

3 Don’t take decorating too seriously.
If you want to paint 
a wall, just go for it. It can always be repainted.

4 Use repetition to bring balance to your home.
Laying the 
same floor throughout, for example, or displaying large and small
versions of the same lamp, will help to create a harmonious feel.

5 Decorate using details.
A well-stocked magazine rack or 
picture-ledge shelf full of colourful books will bring colour into a room. This way you can chop and change the decorations on
a small budget using what you already have.

6 Don’t buy everything new.
Make your home your own, wit 
flea-market finds or secondhand furniture. These things take on an unexpected quality when placed in different environments.

7 Create still life's of your most beloved treasures.
could be objects that relate to each other, like a collection of old cameras or items organised by colour, shape and size (see p118).

8 Clear out your cupboards every season.
If an object has 
been hidden away for several months, it might be time to let it go.

9 Try to do-it-yourself even if you don’t think of yourself as handy. 
You might find that you’re more capable than you think. When I wallpapered for the first time, I was actually good at it!

10 Leave electrics and plumbing to the professionals.
It’s always best to be on the safe side. A little money spent here might
prevent a serious problem in the future. 

pictures via Elle decoration

September 9, 2015

Archiblocks | Minimalist construction set

Not many of you might know that a few hours a week I work as a social worker, it is something I am doing since my own children were little, and although writing my blogs and travelling around is where my heart is, this part time job is something I still really love to do as well. Three mornings a week I organize meetups for parents with kids under the age of three, children can learn to play with each other and parents can meet other parents. It's the kind of work that puts everything in perspective and keep me with both feet on the ground. 
September 8, 2015

A courtyard in concrete and black

Still busy with my own patio I am super interested in every garden or patio post I come across, and I simply loved to see the new outdoor space of Maja and her family. Simply love the black and concrete. I think if my space would be bigger I would have paint the fence black, but with only three meters deep it would be to dark inside my home.