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November 30, 2015

Roest by Vanjoost | Karven

Simplicity in its most basic form is what defines Karven’s Roest (Dutch for rust) collection by VanJoost. Rust is an elementary but beautiful reaction between iron, oxygen, water and time. Simplicity, or the lack of complexity, is highlighted in this series inspired by rough materials around VanJoost’s studio in the Netherlands.  

I loved the raw and industrial look of the Roest collection seen earlier this year in zona Tortona where I made these pictures. How do you like these lamps?    

pictures © vosgesparis
November 27, 2015

Facing Food | Ceramics by Roel Vandebeek

One of the cutest ceramic series I have seen in years! In Facing Food, Roel Vandebeek blurs the lines between applied art and product design. The basic shapes of this 20-piece porcelain service set are irregular circles. The addition of a small black dot suggests a face.

The collection consists of ten basic shapes or ‘characters’. They can be combined with each other, and when combined they appear to be in conversation. In dialogues with the environment, the food and other parts of the service set. See the whole collection here | Facing Food |

These pictures are made in Roel van Beek's kitchen and workspace where I was invited for coffee and cake and a tour through his workspace. Roel Vandebeek is a Belgian designer and artist with a preference for art, industrial design and interior design. He carries out 20 – 30 design projects per year ranging from porcelain, 
chairs, church interiors, and works of art for a hospital.

 pictures © vosgesparis
November 26, 2015

A bright home by interior stylist Josephine Ekström

The home of interior stylist Josephine Ekström is a perfect example of a bright and white Scandinavian home with a mix of old and new. Swedish antiques, 50ties design objects and etnic finds perfectly match together creating an interesting overal monochrome palette. I especially like the huge clay vases and the living as it shows a bit more black then the rest of the 200 m2 home in Höganäs, Sweden. 

November 25, 2015

Lumi bags | Finnish accessory brand

One of the great things of the internet is we can get to know brands from all over the world, it is not unusual to fall in love with a bag that's produced on the other side of the world or a bit closer, Finland in this case! Lumi is a Finnish accessory brand, based in Helsinki producing a range of leather accessories. 

Lumi means 'snow' in Finnish and it is the color white Lumi sees as the most colourful of colours, representing honesty, functionality, authenticity, precision, innocence, understatement, approachability, sustainability, equality, independence, and new beginnings. The same qualities they aspire towards their design work and producing of leather accessories.

November 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Lysverket restaurant X Københavns Møbelsnedkeri

On our first night in Bergen, Norway we went out for a drink at Lysverket, the restaurant located in an industrial building where the former city power company was located nowadays is one of Bergen's most populair restaurants. The dining room, with industrial brass lamps, smoked oak chairs and tables looked really beautiful.

November 23, 2015

INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY | join us on a journey with Cevelann

This year I was lucky to do some really nice travelling and after my recent trip to Norway and our beautiful day at the Fjord's, I fell in love with the many trees and their autumn colours, it was a long time ago I was so close with nature and enjoyed it so much. 

I just love to travel and because of that I would like to start this week with the lovely and upcoming brand Cevelann. I recently learned Cevelann refers to the word for 'Journey' in Ottoman and we kindly invite you to join us on an brand new Instagram adventure this week.

Let me tell you something more about Cevelann, first of all they love to travel and founder Özlem Sone Rijpkema is passionate about preserving the art of real craftsmanship and loves to bring authentic arsinal products to those who value style and sustainability. 

Being a designer herself, 
Özlem designed some multipurpose cotton throws in Amsterdam, using the finest quality materials that can stand the test of time sourced from the last cotton farmers and weavers in Turkey’s South East Anatolia region. 

Aligned with this goal, and knowing how much we appreciate hand-made products with a contemporary style these days, Cevelann only carry products woven on old style shuttle looms, made from unbleached, extra long-staple cotton. These conscious choices render their products’ softness and luxurious. 

Staying close to the meaning of their company name, all four lines carry names referring to travel and adventure, such as 'Nomad' (lightweight and subtle, truly lives up to being a travel accessory) 'Alara' (extremely soft and pure) and 'Voyager' (ideal as a shawl or home décor accessory) 

'Premium line' Provides a multipurpose accessory that adds warmth and softness to your home décor. Featuring beautiful transitional patterns, these premium throws use a specialist weaving technique for a higher thread count and even more luxurious feel.... did you choose your favourite throw yet?

Instagram Giveaway - Win a €65 gift card

What's your favourite item out of the Cevelann collection and the next throw on your couch or bed, or do you take it with you on that autumn walk to cover up, sit on or use as a shawl? We are curious to see where you would use your throw, and are giving away a €65 voucher to spent at the online Cevellan shop

How to join
1: Follow Cevelann on Instagram
2: Tag a picture of your home or favourite outdoor spot where you would use or bring your new throw using the hashtag #cevelann

Wanna see what others posted on Instagram, follow the hashtag here and we will choose a winner next week!

pitures ©cevelann

November 20, 2015

Winter at Sukha Amsterdam | New pictures from their atelier

Let's end the week with some new pictures from Sukha, how do you like this hand made Chulto carpet bringing some warmth at Atelier Sukha. Looking at the pictures I feel like welcoming the winter into my home, adding even more candles, a warm carpet and even more important that small indoor/outdoor stove. Stay tuned for a winter giveaway with Sukha at the end of the month!

November 19, 2015

Scandinavian design | dk3 X Dinesen

The other day I came across Danish brand dk3, after spotting the picture above. Norwegian designers Knudsen / Berg / Hindenes & Myhr were fascinated by the enormous dimensions that Dinesen is able to deliver their floor planks in. It inspired them to develop new kind of products based on the planks like this Plank Sofa made out of solid walnut, oak or Dinesen Douglas Fir. The sofa in the picture above comes with black leather cushions, if you are more a fabric fan there is a soft blue version as well.

The table by dk3 and it is coming close to what I have in mind for my own kitchen. The pictures remind me of the storefront styling I did some time ago. Black powder coated steel and wood is just a really good combination don't you think. This 'Lowlight' table designed by Jacob Plejdrup & Ole Kristoffersen comes in solid walnut, oak, wild-oak or smoked oak

 pictures via dk3
November 17, 2015

Inspiration for your home | Blue in the bedroom

Since having the Fritz Hansen chair over for a sleepover, see yesterday's post, I fell in love with the colour blue and I am definitely want to bring some of it into my home.

November 16, 2015

Fritz Hansen 3107 Sleepover project X The Masterplan | My home

At home I collected most of my furniture over the years, I know what I really love and can wait for years to find the perfect item. Sometimes the luck is on my site and I can buy something from a friend, like the industrial cupboard I recently added to my kitchen and am still really happy with.

November 13, 2015

Flexit X Jointed by Serax | Furniture with steel constructions

Furniture made out of steel tube constructions always draw my attention, it is industrial and I especially love them if build with straight lines. Jointed by Serax is a really good example of a design with strong architectural overtones and designed by Filip Janssens who after spending 20 years in education made a switch to interior design.

Flexit is designed by Belgian designer Pieter Peulen who found a clever solution for dorm rooms. It can be turned into a bed, bunk bed or desk and comes with different accessories like shelves, a mirror and baskets that can be clipped on the frame. 

pictures 1-3 serax | 4-5 via Elle Decoration 
November 12, 2015

EVENTS | Relationship of Parts with Flos

The other night I attended a small event at Mobilia in Amsterdam, an installation and storytelling performance hosted by Giovanna Castiglioni, Achille Castiglioni’s daughter. Until the 29th of November some of the most iconic lamps including some sketches designed by Achille for Flos are showed in separated parts over the first three floors while on the fourth floor all lights are put together. More info can be found at the Mobilia websitemore pictures of the store can be found in my Amsterdam City guide and blog Amsterdam Next

photography ©vosgesparis
November 10, 2015

Rick Owens store & Fashion designer Vibe Johansson | #Instalove

Another discovery through my Instagram account, Copenhagen based fashion designer Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy, pictured below, and follow Vibe here on Instagram.

I love to follow some fashion brands and fashion bloggers on Instagram, something different from all the interior shots in my daily feed. Some feeds are real eye candy, mostly because they are in beautiful black and white shots. 

November 9, 2015

la Cuchara | Dining experience in Lommel

It is not very often that eating at a restaurant makes me think of Fashion designer Rick Owens and the raw and brut material of Mad et Len at the same time, and I guess it must be hard for you to understand what I am talking about, but believe me if I say it was pure happiness I felt. When having dinner at La Cuchara, the one star Michelin restaurant of chef Jan Tournier, in the little town of Lommel, Belgium I was really impressed by the amazing food and the dark minimalistic interior with the huge glass tree sculpture.

November 5, 2015

DIY | An alternative blackboard at your workspace

I loved the picture of this new IKEA table and the cozy workspace created under the stairs, small black tables are great for small corners I think, like the one in my own small studio which is only about 9 square meters.

November 4, 2015

Greens at home | 'Vitamine plant' launch at Hutspot Amsterdam

In January this year I made some new years resolutions and one of them was to bring more greens into my home. I think I more or less sticked to my plan and my home is definitely getting greener. I am enjoying the contrast between the plants and the concrete and black and withe of my home.

November 3, 2015

Ceramist Pieter Stockmans | Limblog design tour

Did you see Pop up restaurant Mmmama at C-Mine in yesterday's blogpost? I loved having dinner in this unexpected place, not only the concept was rather cool, eating in an industrial spot like C-Mine made it extra special. At night the tables were decked with bright white linen and our large table got everything served on white dinnerware 'Tilting' made by Linde Hermans for Pieter Stockmans studio we visited earlier that day.

November 2, 2015

C-MINE | A former coal mine X Design

When being invited for a design tour along various smaller towns in Limburg... I had no idea what to expect but this tour was more I could have wished for and I really enjoyed to learn more about this part of Belgium and it's industrial past. On our first day we visited C-Mine in Genk, a former coal mine that closed in 1986 and in 2005 became a creative centre where respect for the industrial past goes hand in hand with contemporary artistic activity.