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March 31, 2016

Inspiration for your home | Black walls

At home most of my walls are white or concrete and I get really happy seeing the small still life's I created throughout my home contrasting with them. Looking at this picture I have to say I also have a huge crush for black walls. I love the kind of dirty look on this wall, I guess it has been painted with blackboard paint. I am curious to discover if I can give my kitchen wall a new look some day soon with Bauwerk paint to create a beautiful faded and softer effect instead of the strong black I used.

Do you like black(board) walls? here are some posts I wrote before about black walls at home, hope you get inspired
A Chalkboard wall in the bedroom
picture via IKEA Livet hemma
March 30, 2016

St. Vincents | Conceptstore in Antwerp

Looking at a friends pictures on Instagram I discovered St. Vincents in Antwerp the other day, and luckily enough I can show some more of it on the blog as co-owner Geraldine and a few other kind people sent me some pictures. Together with her Belgian partner Henri she opened the store a few months ago, St. Vincents is called after her dad who was called Vincent, the Saint was added because he was a monk for several years. 

March 28, 2016

A raw and concrete family home in Denmark

When Gitte and her husband asked architect Sebastian Schroers to design their family dream home, most of all they wanted it to have an unique character. The home build out of concrete, wood and glass is a beautiful raw base for their furniture and ever changing collection of home accessories collected from their own store, Atelier Noir and different markets and auctions.

The lack of colour makes every piece stand out while paintings are resting on the floor, just like most photography at my own home, where I always love to change things around and drilling holes in the concrete walls is quite hard and not an easy option.

Via Bo Bedre | photography Jesper Ray | found via La maison d'anna G
March 24, 2016

Icelandic design | Black clay & molten lava candleholders

Iceland is a kind of magic country, in my opinion, I like how designers get inspired not only by nature, but also use material found in nature for their creations. Baugar (Halos) is a series of sculptures by Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir. Consisting of three different sized rings made from coarse black clay and molten lava Baugar is a sculpture with a raw volcanic texture. The rings are carved out to hold candles which can be arranged within the rings by each liking.

More pictures about the designers at Epal at my DesignMarch Pinterest board.

Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir is a ceramist and designer. She was born in the Westman Islands and grew up in close quarters with the sea, the harbour, fishing boats, crags, black beaches and lava surroundings which has been a constant source of inspiration. During DesignMarch 2016 she presented her work at Epal 

pictures ©vosgesparis and Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir

DesignMarch 2016 festival

This week it's all about Icelandic designers and design discovered at this years DesignMarch. Check out more coverage of DesignMarch 2016//2015 via #DesignMarch or have a look at my DesignMarch Pinterest album.

March 23, 2016

NORR11 Reykjavik interiors store & new collection

At last year's designMarch I was introduced to NORR11, a Scandinavian design and lifestyle brand for furniture and home accessories. I love their brandstore in Reykjavik, and despite the snow and hail I had to bring a quick visit to the store to see the new collection and the exhibition 'Greykjavik S igga Odds' invluding the huge graffiti artwork by Siggi Odds in collaboration with reporting matters Reykjavik at the courtyard.

March 22, 2016

Icelandic design | Design by the sea at Museumspace Seltjarnarnes

One of my favourites exhibitions visited during DesignMarch was held at Museumspace Seltjarnarnes where several designers showcased their work in a raw and industrial space near the seaside... a combination of concrete and nature and where sea and snow formed a beautiful backdrop for every piece.

March 21, 2016

Icelandic design | Reykjavik School of Visual Arts X Aurum

Reykjavik has a few streets that are great for shopping and much needed coffee breaks, where shops and gallery's opened their stores for special events, collaborations and exhibitions during DesignMarch. At jewellery and lifestyle store Aurum my eye caught an installation in the storefront that I thought was really interesting. Black ink dripped slowly through ice blocks drawing patterns on fabric, part of the exhibition 'Chemical Compound', a collaboration with textiles, jewellery and print by Aurum, the Textiles department of the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts and Textílprentun Íslands 

DesignMarch 2016 festival | Spark design space | DesignMatch

DesignMarch is Iceland’s premier design festival I attended earlier this month, some amazing days with a great combination of openings, exhibitions, workshops, design talks, and escapes in nature. From fashion to design, architecture to installations in town and at the seaside. It showcases the local design scene and interesting speakers from all over the world. DesignMatch is a speed dating event that pairs local designers and international design producers, retailers, galleries and other design actors.

I visited the festival together with a group of international journalists, bloggers, speakers and designers.
DesignMarch is organized by Iceland Design Centre, the promotion agency of Icelandic design and architecture. DesignMarch is all about having fun and to see as much as possible from the guide with over 100 pages filled with design. I picked a few in the city and visited the different exhibitions next to special for us organized events and party's.  

March 18, 2016

Space-saving bathroom solutions with shelves

When travelling one of the things I enjoy most are the spacious bathrooms in the different hotels, like the beautiful blue bathroom in the Praktik Garden this last Summer in Spain, and not to speak about the freestanding baths in some hotels. Although most of the rooms in my own home are really spacious for the apartment it is, my bathroom is relative small with a shower area, a sink and my least favourite but needed device, the washing machine. I can only dream about having a bathroom with a bath and plenty of space to hang cabinets or a large shelf for all my bathroom accessories that at the moment are squeezed into a small cabinet, lying around on top of the washing machine or on the floor while having a shower. 

Over the years I have used several triangular shelves in my bathroom, mostly from our Swedish friend. Every now and then I change them because they became rusty over the time and thanks to the not so brilliant idea of changing the screw points every few years, I now have a row of holes between the tiles as well. Time to look for something new and I believe the space shaving and stainless steel Shangle shelves might be just the right ones for my shower area.

I guess many of you, just like me would love a larger bathroom and can drool over pretty pictures but sometimes I am just looking for a good solution and a 'no-fuss' application for my bathroom that, most important, I won't have to change every time. The Shangle shelves come in four different shapes, but I am looking at the triangular one for myself, and the best news probably is, I can simply seal it in the corner with bathroom sealant. In my Pinterest boards I shared many bathroom ideas already but here are some more storage ideas for your pretty bathroom accessories.

space saving shangle® shelf

Build in tiled shelves or the black shelves below offer lots of space for everything. If you keep your daily things near the sink these neatly organized trays might be the thing for you. If you have more space in your bathroom a small hanging cabinet could be a solution for everything you don't need in the shower area or right next to your bath.

Photography 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10  | written in collaboration with #SHANGLE®
March 17, 2016

HROSS | Icelandic horses photography book

I am back from Iceland after an amazing week and I love you to see some of my souvenirs! It is not a secret I am a huge Mad et Len fan and I still love to think back at seeing the whole collection and the installation Alexandre made of the brand in Paris during Designweek. To be honest I couldn't think of a better place then Iceland, with it's many volcanoes, to extend my collection and buy a lovely box of lava stones with an amazing fragrance.

March 15, 2016

Austrian design | Minimalistic furniture by Walden

bed 'regular'
I am just back from Iceland and with a good 350 pictures on Iceland and Icelandic design to sort out it will take some days before showing you my impressions, a good moment to introduce you to Walden, a new blog sponsor! 

Walden is an Austrian company designing different furniture for the home. 'Regular' a minimalistic, functional and solid wood bed with a slightly slanted headboard in natural wood and two different wood types. There are three different bed designs to choose from each with its own design features, all three models have the characteristic angular legs and the natural drawing of the wood grain makes each piece a unique.

bed 'light'
 wall mounted shelf 'align'
With an easy to put up wall-mounted shelf, you can simply display photos, books or small decorative items. I have a few of these at home and I love them because they make it so easy to change the look of your room.

ladder 'italic'
Ladder 'Italic' is a decorative and functional item for your home and offers a convenient solution for hanging up your clothes, or simply use it as a ladder for towels or other items you love to display. More info about the products in this post and other furniture pieces on the Walden website.

Making sure that no harmful additives are being used at any point in the production cycle, the company focuses on ecological sustainability during the production process and the entire life cycle of each piece of furniture. With local production in Austria and most materials being sourced from Central Europe, Walden keeps their carbon footprint small and creates beautifully designed furniture that lasts for a long time. 

pictures ©Walden - Austria
March 14, 2016

String Pocket 10th Anniversary Edition in stainless steel

Remember that amazing all black String furniture stand I showed on the blog after visiting IMM2016, I just love that new String look. The new String pocket in this post is launched as a limited edition to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Nisse Strinning’s final design, String® Pocket,  String Furniture will be releasing a limited edition designed by Mats Theselius entirely in stainless steel and brushed shelves. Every example is engraved and numbered and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Inspired by the Spring shelving system? Have a look at some former stories to see different editions and styling ideas for your home:
2016 | String X Lotta Agaton at IMM2016
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2014 | Stockholm Furniture fair | Blog tour Stockholm #3

Styled by Lotta Agaton, photo by Marcus Lawett.
March 11, 2016

Dutch design | Qliv furniture makers

At the 'Relationship of Parts' with Flos event last year I spotted the table above in the back of the Mobilia store, used in the kitchen area and covered with laptops and papers. It wasn't officially released by then but it caught my eye because of the sturdy character. I kind of forgot about it till I saw the a catalogus with the picture on the cover and thought I should show you more of Qliv, this new Dutch brand.

Side-to-Side, which is the name of the table can be customized with a tabletop of different dimensions, different woods, and with a single or double plank configuration. The metal frame can be ordered in the color of your choice and even modify its position, I like it best in black though. Below two other tables designed by Qliv, visit their website for more information.

The artwork in the picture above is made by Amsterdam artist Laura de Wilde.

Photography Jose Manual Alorda | Styling Monique Verwer
March 9, 2016

Icelandic design | New ceramics by Postulina

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Reykjavik where I will visit DesignMarch, the annual Icelandic fashion and design festival. The design fun already started at the airport with a small Pop-up event with different designers, and my eye immediately spotted some black candle holders. No surprise they were from Postulínawho I also met last year, which you can see here 

March 8, 2016

A converted factory in Germany makes a beautiful family home

It was really hard to make a selection of the pictures I got sent by Petra after posting about her photography work some time ago: Wertvoll Photography | love for travel, nature and design. I got to see a sneak peek about it and from seeing one picture I could already see this home in an old refurbished factory was even more amazing then her former home I showed on the blog: An industrial home with authentic details in Kempten Bavaria enjoy the pictures and in case you would like to know more about the family who lives and work in this home have a look at their website: Wertvoll photography

March 7, 2016

BOLIA X ICELAND | HEIMA art residency

I am about to pack my suitcase for DesignMarch 2016, Iceland's annual design and fashion festival, when visiting Iceland for the first time last year, I immediately felt at home and kind of lost my heart to it and am so excited to go back. I got to meet lots of Icelandic designers and found out that being so isolated is not that easy for upcoming designers.

I was really happy to learn BOLIA has established a collaboration with the creative people behind HEIMA - an art residency located in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland. HEIMA is a multidisciplinary art residency for emerging and established artists. The 350 square meter house and studio space is dedicated to facilitate artistic explorations on a local, national and international level.

French photographer Renaud Cambuzat recently spent time at HEIMA Art Residency documenting the life and work surrounding the residency, see the video to get to learn more about HEIMA and see a glimp of the beautiful Iceland. A second video showing Laura Tack, a Belgian artist who currently is a resident at HEIMA will be available soon.

This year we see a lot of fashion designers designing for furniture brands, for Bolia Soulland designed a limited collection of exclusive furniture and accessory items, that will be available in August.


Laura Tack at Heima
Laura Tack at Heima
Bolia Mara Sofa at the HEIMA Art Residency 

pictures ©Bolia