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December 30, 2016

Massive infection | A project by Pieke Bermans

Visiting Droog some months ago I discovered the work of Pieke Bergmans for Droog: Massive Infection, a large table that is completely overrun by Crystal Virus vases. Like real amoebas and bacteria, 30 amorphous forms of liquid crystal ‘invaded’ the table. They burned their traces to the wood, leaving a black circle pattern.

December 28, 2016

A minimalist apartment by Lukas Machnik

With a broken modem over Christmas it was actually really nice to be offline for some days and do nothing at all except for sleeping a lot and enjoying being together with my kids. Back online today I came across the amazing home of Lucas Machnik who has made a name for himself crafting retail spaces for the avant-garde designer Rick Owens.

Rick Owens recognized a kindred spirit in the architect’s all-black, minimalist interiors, filled with no shortage of neo-gothic elements. Probably the reason why his own home caught my eye as well. 

"Machnik’s interest in the macabre is equally formal, betraying a fascination with the forms created by nature’s ongoing processes. These organic objects range from antlers to skulls, but also include tree branches, eroded stones, and petrified wood. Likewise, his sculptural creations—Machnik is a multi-disciplinarian at heart—incorporate an element of chance, relying on forces like gravity and entropy to determine the final form." text:

December 26, 2016

Baby it's cold outside | IMMspired update

It's only last month I travelled to Cologne to talk about designing my own booth for the Bloggers' Trend Show at IMM. A lot has happened since I shared my last update on the blog, and in only three weeks I will travel back to Germany to bring the project to live.
December 23, 2016

Muuto folded shelves at Mobilia

Earlier this month I attended a small event at Mobilia in Amsterdam where I met up with Danish Muuto who introduced their new folded shelves, designed by Dutch Johan van EngelA minimalistic shelving system for organisation and display of essential everyday objects to be used everywhere around the home. 

Throughout the store there were several styled corners with the shelves and I especially loved the one above, the old and original staircase at the store is just so charming, don't you think! 

Muuto is one of the many brands I will be working with for my booth at IMM in January. Being a long time follower of the brand I selected a several accessories from their collection including the 'Folded' shelf, a minimalistic shelving system for organisation and display of essential everyday objects that can be used everywhere around the home.

December 21, 2016

Norm Architects for Ex.t

Some new images of the Frame, Rest and Hang products for the bathroom and beyond by Norm Architects for Italian Ex.t featuring the 'Frame' Console and a DayBed. Still in love with this clean and minimalist version of a structural wall mounted bathroom console system. 
December 19, 2016

Embracing Ageing | Birgitta de Vos at Raw Materials

Inspired by the Japanese Mono-ha and Wabi Sabi, and as a counter reaction to a cultural and social environment of more and more visual and digital daily input, Birgitta de Vos made these weathered, worn and rusted works. I couldn't think of a better store to exhibit her work then Raw Materials in at the Amsterdam Rozengracht. More of her work and some beautiful foto essay's at her website. 

pictures ©vosgesparis
December 16, 2016

Hollywood mirrors for a Rock 'n Roll Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas yet? As you might have noticed, I have Christmas lights and candles around the home all year round, so you might say I am all set and done!. Like every year we will get together at home with the family, and enjoy each other’s company over a glass or two of Glögg and a nice meal, something we should do more often I realize.

When searching for Christmas presents I came across They immediately reminded me of all the backstage shots of musicians, getting ready to go on stage. I used to have a few of these Mick Rock photographs in my hallway, classic pictures he took of heroes like Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed in their early days.

These mirrors belong in every dressing room, and I realised this would be the perfect gift for my daughter who loves Rock N’ Roll and dressing up. She grew up listening to my Bowie records, and continued to steal these records to become a DJ and get herself a job in the music industry.

On the site of the mother and son company (whose biography and blog stories put a smile on my face) you will find a selection of different mirrors, all with the same glamorous style! The one I picked is available in different sizes and both in black or white, either with a glossy border or with the bulbs mounted directly on the mirror. For the picture I chose to have it leaning on the table but you can easily mount the mirror on the wall as well. Happy Holidays!

pictures © vosgesparis

December 15, 2016

A black marble kitchen | Home of Thomas Schlosser

A stunning light apartment with deep blue stained floors, and a beautiful kitchen build out of black marble and teak, and like most Danish homes filled with classic Danish furniture, welcome to the home of Thomas Schlosser, by design enthusiasts known from tv and the store Klassik in Bredgade in Copenhagen.

Surf to Bo Bedre for more pictures and to get to know more of this home, unfortunately the google translation was pretty mixed up when I was trying to figure out more about this home.

pictures © Kira Brandt
December 12, 2016

A storyboard in muted colours | IMMspired update

After being asked by IMM to design and style my own booth during the event in January things have been quite hectic, I think you can imagine that if you are given cart blanche and over 1300 brands to choose from it takes some time to land and understand what direction, and reaction you want to go for. Grown up with a brother who is a stand builder and playing in his workplace with maquettes as a kid didn't make me a professional interior designer or stand builder either. 

Luckily I did developed some spatial awareness because when working on a project like this you not only need to be able to visualize a space but also be really flexible, as in this stage things can change the minute you designed them, but so far the team I am working with is great and as far as I can see from the pictures there will be lots of daylight in my booth and that's always a good thing!

I strongly believe that you should only surround yourself with the things you really love and that reflect your personality. The booth I designed is an example of how I love to live, and like at my own home I created an open space where flexibility is key and I can choose to either sit or eat outside, at the table or hang on the couch with my laptop to work or watch a movie.

The furniture, and I am still waiting response for some amazing brands! shows a combination of roughness and style in muted colours from different brands. At 
my blog I just only share what I really love and this booth will be exactly the same, hence I have been asked to do so.... are you coming to IMM in January? 

Imm cologne will take place from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 and I would love you to come and visit us Opening hours: Mon. to Sat. 9AM to 6PM // Sun 9AM to 5PM (public days are from Friday, January 20 to Sunday, January 22 2017) 

Purchase your ticket here and use the promocode: 2017imm+lk for a special offer. Enjoy and see you in Cologne!

December 8, 2016

Etsy meets NL X Vosgesparis

I am pretty much in love with these warm brown and green tones lately. With all the black and industrial furniture I thought I was time to bring in some softness for winter and was happy to work on this with Etsy NL, the Dutch  Etsy community. At Etsy you will find lots of creative people who sell their often self made design in their own Etsy stores.

When Etsy invited me to discover the stores on their platform I downloaded the Etsy app, and to be honest I always thought Etsy was more a community with people selling small handcrafted items but after scrolling around I actually found some real great items for the home as well. My eye caught these amazing huge sheepskins from one of their sellers in Denmark Naturalsheepskin ! How do you like them? 

pictures ©vosgesparis //  #EtsyMeetsNL
December 5, 2016

A black Studio in San Francisco

Hello on this first Monday morning in December and sorry the silence this last week, as you might have guessed I was in lost in my creative bubble and busy starting up my Cologne project for Januari at IMM. Days seemed to have way to little hours at the moment, but I did made some new pictures after making my living a bit decent again this morning as it kind of looked exploded this last week.

I secretly liked this creative bubble, but it was time to unpack some of the cute new purchases I got myself for this winter.
I love this time of the year and, with a couch full of blankets and a rug or two to keep my feet warm, it can't be dark and cozy enough for me inside now winter is here, probably why I choose to show this beautiful black studio in San Francisco, found on Remodelista on the blog today. 
December 1, 2016

immspired - the bloggers trend show | IMM 2017

It's not every day you get the change to build your dream home on 100 square meters but for the next edition of IMM Cologne I am actually given carte blanche to design my own stand at one of the world’s largest trade shows for kitchens and interiors. Invited by imm cologne 2017 Holly Becker from decor8 and myself will create our very personal style in two separate “Inspiration Spaces” during the trade show.

With the motto “immspired – the bloggers’ trend show”, we will share our creativity and joy of experimenting at our individual “inspiration spaces”. Can you believe how excited I am and the lack of sleep I am already experimenting after strolling through hundreds of websites.... It is so much fun to dream away, get to know unknown and new brands and handpick items from all the beautiful brands I have always wanted to work with along with some of those I have been loving and working with in the past on the blog and during my travels.

My space will be located at the Pure segment (in the passage between halls 2 and 3) where imm cologne presents premium brands and international lifestyle and I will focus on the living area, while Holly will design a dedicated space at the international event LivingKitchen. Stay tuned for some moodboards in the coming weeks on the blog and keep your fingers crossed for me that all the brands I selected will be able to join me in this adventure.

Imm cologne will take place from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 and I would love you to come and visit us during the public days which are from Friday, January 20 to Sunday, January 22 2017 // Opening hours: Mon. to Sat. 9AM to 6PM // Sun 9AM to 5PM

The banner above will take you to a special area where you can purchase a special ticket of 8 Euro for the entrance on the private visitor days including free train rides. Enjoy and see you in Cologne!