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February 28, 2017

Inspiring spaces and a new style at home

Call me crazy but I really love the pictures of the raw space below that has to become the new home of Nobis Hotel in Copenhagen. I guess it is the blanc canvas and the promising light coming through the windows that made me fall in love. I am curious to see what the future will bring and if those beautiful ceilings will remain intact, I truly hope so.

I am getting so inspired by these spaces and can see a beautiful Parisian like space, I miss Paris and would love to wander a few days through the city again. With about to lay a dark floor at home I think a lot about Paris these days, because even the few meters I am looking at now at home remind me of Parisian apartments and the stores I love.

I showed a lot of Parisian apartments on the blog over the last ten years, I especially loved the home of Daniel Rozentroch I recently saw at Marie Claire Maison, it is a bit the same kind of home of Paola Navone in Paris, have a look in the sidebar of the blog to see her home(s). I just really love this style, although the Parisian apartment of Daniel is a bit to full for my taste.

I love my home to be more minimalistic, the picture above seems like the perfect blanc canvas, it is hard to find beautiful homes with really dark floors, I would love to see some more to get inspired, but most I found were all over decorated. I guess my goal for the coming months will be to find a new style, what to leave out, what to bring back and what to bring in new to create something I feel comfortable with together with the dark floor I recovered from my stand at imm.

  pictures tornqvistm and nobis hotel

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February 27, 2017

A Frama installation at Stockholm Dry Studios

If you are a lover of metal objects, beautiful marble and stoneware like me, I am pretty sure you will love Copenhagen based Frama who operates in various creative fields and directions from furniture, lighting, apothecary, books, apparel and free standing kitchens. All Frama pieces focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency.

This month they launched a new website with an online store where you can see their whole range of products. I have been browsing the store for some time and have a whole list of favourites and especially like the objects and small marble tables.

For those going to Stockholm any time soon there is a super beautiful installation by Frama at DRY Studios till the end of May showing a selection of Frama products. At the blog of Pella I found some pictures she made while visiting to give you an impression, more pictures at Stil Inspiration

pictures © Stil Inspiration
February 24, 2017

Leather table goods | Slow shopping at Lechaperon

I recently came across these leather table goods by Belgium designer Björn Verlinden, owner and founder of Double Stitched. Since 2009 he has been designing leather handbags and accessories and recently in collaboration with Lechaperon a table wear collection in black buffalo leather consisting of large round placements, glass coasters and napkin rings.

is a slow shopping platform in a fast moving world where selected designers are offering timeless and sustainable everyday objects. More Belgian design I discovered can be found here: Limburg desigtour by Comosie

pictures via lechaperon

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February 22, 2017

Island life | New Nordic Photography by Foto Factory

Witch March approaching I had to think of last year's day trip through Iceland, I still haven't post any of the pictures I made and I think it is time to sort them out before the snow is melting... I have never seen Iceland not covered in snow and I really think I should...soon!  I feel attracted to the raw landscape of Iceland,  I loved the Fjords of Norway and I think I will love the Faeroe Islands as well.

I had to google the exact location of the islands after discovering a serie of posters by Foto Factory that showed a beautiful barren landscape. Maria and Martin, the photographers behind Foto Factory are both passionate about nature and want to bring nature into our homes through their photography.

Recently they launched a series of posters from the Faeroe Islands to their portfolio of photo art, earlier they made a serie of photo's in Denmark and Scotland, rural area's, beaches, quiet inlets, steep cliffs and green forests are the main theme of their posters. The landscape and the climate on the Faroe Islands is raw, untamed and many also unknown, and it is the special Faroese nature in all its drama and poetry that is central to the new Föroyar series.

pictures ©vosgesparis | last picture Foto Factory
February 20, 2017

A black and white house in the Surry Hills

How do you like the latest project by one of my favourite Australian interior designers Pamela Makin! Another apartment in striking black and white in Surry Hills, Sydney. If you have seen earlier projects of Pamela you will recognize the styling with different furniture and objects from Pamela's studio and store Les Interieurs.

Photographer Felix Forest @felix_forest | Interior design by Les Interieurs. 
February 17, 2017

A state of transition and bringing in colour with Elvang

With a home in monochrome tones and replacing lots of white an greyish furniture by darker pieces lately, my home seems in a continuing state of transition. Maybe it is because of creating a space where I could experiment with colours but I feel attracted to darker earthy colours lately, nothing spectaculair as I am playing save with some browns, cognac, like the leather chair I added to the living, and greens but I feel I am drifting away from black & white only.

I guess I accepted that inner struggle inside of me between light and dark and dropped the idea I have to decide what I love most. I will just go with the flow by adding more earthy tones, it is something I want to try out at home and see where it brings me and if I can find a balance. And beside of that I just love to create and play with furniture, objects and accessories.

Easy when it comes to textiles and paint, with throws and cushions you can quickly create a different mood and even a new colour on the wall does the trick. At ShowUp a Dutch trade show, I got to know Elvang Denmark, and going through their catalog I found some really nice pictures of their 2017 home collection, a short impression with some colour combinations that caught my eye, next to a good dose of black and white of course.

pictures via Elvang Denmark

February 16, 2017

A restaurant in a former factory | Mama Kelly - The Hague

I had to think about my dad who used to smoke Caballero cigarettes and the small brown package with wood print and cowboy on it when visiting Mama Kelly this last summer. I was asked by Bolia to write some blogposts about The Hague, like I did for Amsterdam, when Bolia opened the new store last year. With a changing format the posts have disappeared from their website but I still have the pictures and thought they were to nice not to show.

Mama Kelly is a restaurant in the former caballero cigarettes factory, although I am a a bit finished with the hipster brick walls I still love the real industrial thing! Restaurant Mama Kelly is definitely the real thing with huge walls and industrial windows letting in lots of light. Tables with white linen, black chairs and accent walls with copper tiles. At the entrance a bar covered in copper and comfertable benches and a sunny terrace for Summer.

Mama Kelly, named after Status Quo-album ‘Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon! is open from morning till midnight, find them at Saturnusstraat 100, The Hague website:
Mama Kelly

pictures © vosgesparis
February 15, 2017

ShowUp Favourite | Regen by Wendy Andreu

Spending some time at ShowUp the other month I discovered 'Regen' a collection of products, bags, hats and raincoats made out of a beautiful waterproof fabric developed by Wendy Andreu, a French student based in Eindhoven. The Graduation project is made without any sewing or cutting patterns, is double-sided with water-repellent latex on one side, and cotton rope on the other.

Regen products are made by coiling the rope around a laser cut steel mould and covering it in latex. Where the dark latex seeps between the light rope it creates shading and textural detail that make each item unique. Have a look at the video at the end of the post to see the process. 

Photography ©Ronald Smits | last picture ©vosgesparis | video Wendy Andreu
February 14, 2017

A second look at the concrete Antivilla in Berlin

Last week I showed the 'Antivilla' on the blog and as I loved it so much I looked for some more images of the actual living space of Brandlhuber's villa, a look into the kitchen and the bathroom, and at Freunden from freunden I found a video of the architect and his project, enjoy! And here is another post I made about the villa: A brutalist concrete villa in a former factory

Pictures: 1 Architonic 2-3 Baunetz 4 Uncube 5 Freunde-von-Freunden 6 MD mag 7Sharpmagazine 8The Face design 9Uncube 10-12 Archdaily