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May 31, 2017

Trine chair by John Makepeace

"My passion is to create masterpieces that enrich people's lives and the language of furniture" This is what the in 1939 born British furniture maker John Makepeace explaines in short about his creations, and I can only agree these chairs are real masterpieces. I found out the name of the dining chair is Trine, not sure about the chair with the elbow rest.

"The design of this dining chair has been developed through several iterations. Its apparent simplicity arises from a radical approach both to its structure and to its anthropometric qualities. The back leg gives excellent lumbar support, and the back gives lateral stability. The seat is built up from many layers of burr oak, and these are expressed by the sculpting that draws the body into the chair." Text Crafts council // Photographer unknown

May 29, 2017

Warm Moroccan style and natural colours for your home

I am enjoying a small holiday this week, it's great to have a few days off, waking up with the sun and having a quiet coffee outside and long summer evenings outside, the weather is amazing these days and I hope you are having some sun as well. I took the time to enjoy some time with my son and his fiancee and help my daughter moving houses. Online I am enjoying the amazing pictures from my friend Karineon her Instagram stories she shows her visit to Morocco and some beautiful places. I have never been to Morocco but her pictures make me dream of visiting Marrakesh.

More dreaming away with  the pictures Couleur Locale sent me last week from their latest shoot in the new Berber lodge hotel in Morocco with an amazing view on the Atlas mountains. The pictures show a perfect mix of Couleur locale products that are all sourced by Ruth and her husband during their travels, and beautiful tadelack walls. All products in the pictures can be found at the couleur locale stores in Belgium or online. You can also find Couleur Locale at Vivre Côté Sud next week in Aix en Provence.

pictures ©Jeroen van der Spek
May 26, 2017

Ilse Crawford for Artifort | GIVEAWAY Lilla 2.0

It' has been some time since I had a giveaway on the blog but today that is gonna change as I have a beautiful design gift from renowned Dutch company Artifort for you in this post and on Instagram.

You might remember my visit together with Suus, Anki, Theobert and Marloes at the Artifort factory and showroom Artifort factory and showroom visit | Dutch design. After our tour I got to choose my own Artifort product and being a fan of the industrial stools by Studio Ilse it was not a really difficult choice, although I did had a little doubt and almost choose the same chair Suus did for her home but with a new leather chair in the pipeline I went for the stools.

Beside them being really beautifulI land totally fitting my home, I love my furniture being flexible, as it gives me the chance to use it everywhere around the home. I have different tables and they would as easy fit my dining table, workspace or on the patio. Perching has hand-stitched leather saddles over a simple wire frame and come in different colours. 

Giveaway - Lilla 2.0 stool by Artifort
At Artifort I not only got to choose my own piece but may also give away an Artifort Lilla 2.0 stool by French designer Patrick Norguet, The stool is upholstered with a dark green fabric Artifort Selecte 980  with a black leather handle as pictured below.

Simply leave a comment under this post or let me know on Instagram that you would like to win for an extra chance. I will announce a winner in the first week of June. Good luck! 

first two pictures taken by Anki / last two by vosgesparis

May 24, 2017

Outdoor collection by Alessandro Isola

I was completely blown away when my eye caught the outdoor furniture line designed by awarded architect and designer Alessandro IsolaSimple cubic volumes create different seating elements, storage and shelves within a wireframe outline. Functional and modular pieces of furniture that can be arranged to suit the user, a contrasting combination of rough timber and smooth metal is used to bring a sense of warm tactility to the simple modular forms. 

"With his creatively like-minded team Alessandro Isola works internationally, with current projects in England, Italy and Russia. Alessandro’s work spans small and large projects, focussing on bespoke interior architectural solutions, inclusive of developing furniture systems and product pieces as an integral part of such a brief, or separately for large scale production." Text Alessandro Isola

pictures Alessandro Isola
May 22, 2017

A new modular storage system for your home by Dutch Functionals

The first time I came across Functionals was at a Dutch interiors fair where they presented their Lloyd tables and benches, ever since I have been following the brand and digging through my folders I came across some pictures I made at Dutch Design week where they presented their new collection. In a former post I showed you the beautiful Miller chair  by Functionals and how I use it at home, have a look at the post here: Functionals| Miller chair 

They expanded their collection by introducing a new storage system 'Ossa', designed by German design duo Geckeler Michels. Ossa has a Berlin vibe and is actually named after a street in Berlin, hometown of the designers. The duo got inspired by cardboard moving boxes, that can easily be folded and stacked. Modules are made of steel and come in different colours, on the side you can see a cut-out referring to the moving boxes, which make the module easy to carry around and create different combinations. 

There are no tools necessary to stack one module on top of another, giving you the freedom to frequently change your cupboard and create new combinations. I think it is great to be able to make a low cabinet against the wall for example and a few months later a bookcase or a freestanding room divider or block to showcase your collection of treasured objects.

New accessories
As seen in the detail shot above which I made at Dutch design week and in the picture below, the system will soon be expanded with accessories from felt, leather and wood, these will not only add an acoustic value but will also give you the possibility to personalize the modules even more.

I thought the combination above with the dark module and cognac leather looked really beautiful. Use 'Ossa' at home or like in the last picture at your office or workspace and create different cabinets depending on your needs.

pictures by vosgesparis // functionals

May 19, 2017

Shield by Wieki Somers for Kinnasand

Although Milan Design week is over, it is never to late to show beautiful design collaborations. For Salone del Mobile 2017 Kinnasand invited award-winning Dutch design duo Studio Wieki Somers to create a special installation 'SHIELD' and of course we went to have a look at the Kinnasand flagship showroom. Wieki Somers created a mobile made from textile shields inspired by Kinnasand's latest collection ConstructureStretched within various circular and square frames, the textiles float as kite-like shields beneath the ceiling or are placed on the floor as lamps.  

I especially loved the panels made out of semi-transparent textiles with embroidered patterns and movable wooden strips. SHIELD allows the light coming through the different layers creating ever-changing patterns of illumination. Allowing the user to decide the needed level of transparency by the number of wooden strips, the panels can be used as window screens or placed as room dividers. Available in four different designs, SHIELD will be sold in a limited edition. A video about the process of making SHIELD can be found at the end of this post.

Pictures © // video by Kinnasand

These pictures were made during Milan design week 2017, find all my posts on the blog under 'Milan design week' and have a look at this Milan design week Pinterest album  

May 17, 2017

Bazar Noir | Handcrafted and hard-to-find goods in Berlin

Located in the heart of Kreuzberg between Bergmannstrasse and Viktoriapark Bazar Noir offers handcrafted and hard-to-find goods from local and international brands and designers. I came across the store after reading Dutch label Wdstck will be available in Germany exclusively through Bazar Noir. I my former post I showed you the House of Wdstck, have a look at it in case you missed it.

May 15, 2017

House of Wdstck | New showroom and workspace

Honoured to give you the first impression of the 'House of Wdstck', the new workspace and showroom by Dutch label Wdstck in Amsterdam. Last year I visited their showroom in the woods of Naarden, have a look here: A Limited series of burned by WDSTCK | Gallery visit and recently they moved to this beautiful building in the North of town, where separated by huge steel doors both workspace and showroom are located. Partners of Wdstck can use the 'House of Wdstck' as an extension of their own showroom, which is especially interesting for interior architects and retailers with a relatively small retail space.

Wdstck offers a range of multidisciplinary objects that each tell a personal story. Objects travel... trough boutiques, art-fairs, conceptstores and museums until it finds a way to its future owner. In the showroom stacks of wood are waiting to be handpicked and become the next Altar table, a table made out of steel and wood. On one of the last pictures you can see one of them including the Memento chair, which you might recognize from my own home.  

Both are designed by Jesse Sanderson who's work can be recognized by its natural forms, uneven textures and subtle shades of color. In 
2017 WDSTCK will launch a new table with unpolished bronze and pressed bamboo and a reproduction of a Kodak factory chair from the 20's. This summer the terrace will be transformed into a real Wdstck area with acacia tribes and in collaboration with Chiel Kuijldesigner of the Floating Divan, a bridge over the water towards the Ceuvel will be created.

Pictures ©