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June 30, 2017

A monochrome home | Private Residence of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Buying foreign and especially Scandinavian magazines is one of the things I really love when travelling, and when I recently visited Copenhagen I brought home different interior magazines. In Nytt Rom I found a great article about the home of Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and back home I did a little search and found a series of pictures of his private home.

If you are a lover of Scandinavian interiors and designers you will recognize most of the furniture, lighting and accessories designed by Norm architects for amongst other Menu and &Tradition, unfortunately the article is in Danish and I slightly understand what it says but I will let the pictures of this monochrome home speak for themselves. 
Pictures via Menu
June 28, 2017

An office designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis

Vincenzo de Cotiis has collaborated with Italian furniture companies like Ceccotti Collezioni, Rossana Orlandi and Busnelli but prefers to work alone and craft unique pieces, often in a series of no more then ten. The designer and architect uses recycled materials, reclaimed leather, fiberglass sourced from shipyards and salvaged wood.

In the picture above a sneak peek in the office of a private home in Brescia... pretty amazing if you ask me and a big contrast to his own elegant Milan apartment filled with unique objects and furniture pieces: Palazzo Milanese from Vincenzo de Cotiis

Pictures courtesy Vincenzo de Cotiis
June 26, 2017

FRAMA Studio store in the former St. Pauls apothecary

Earlier I showed you the The Frama Studio Apartment and private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment  In the afternoon I visited the Frama Studio store located in the former St. Pauls Apotek in the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder. At the entry the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is beautifully showed in the original 1800’s cupboard of the apothecary. 

Just like in the apartment, the 
different rooms in the store are sparsely furnished with the permanent and Studio Collection. The backroom with a round round table filled with the stoneware collection was one of my favourites, throughout the hallway different object and light objects, industrial furniture, an amazing metal window divider art objects and light objects.

One of the rooms shows the 
award-winning kitchen design and serves as a small cafe. Visit Frama in Copenhagen, New York or Oslo.  

pictures ©vosgeparis

These pictures were made during 3 days of design 2017, find all my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album  
June 23, 2017

Perspective Studio | A new Concept store in Stockholm

Recently I was contacted by the founders of Perspective Studio, a relative new concept store in Stockholm by Robin Klang who worked in the fashion industry and Ejub Bicic, a designer and working with digital products. 

Perspective Studio wants to surprise it's customers with different and carefully selected products, and therefor only a few of each item is brought into the store where you will find a mix of art, furniture, antiques, high-end objects and lifestyle products like perfumes and plants from international known brands like Cinnamon Projects, Oliver Gregoire, my favourite Mad et Len, Workstead and Gubi, mixed with brand new creators. 

The store's studio also produces their own furniture and artwork and recently launched Hem, a family sofa with a removable cover in cotton Linnen.  For more inspiration follow Perspective studio on Instagram or visit them at Sankt Eriksplan 15 in Stockholm. 

pictures courtesy Perspective Studio
June 22, 2017

Kinfolk Gallery visit

At the dinner night for the opening of the new Menu Space, I got to meet Nathan of Kinfolk and he kindly invited me to drop by at their workspace and gallery, and being in Copenhagen a few days later me and Maaike who I met at Frama had a little bike tour to the gallery. There was a photoshoot that day and the whole place was kind of turned upside down but luckily there are some great pictures at the site of Norm Architects, the designers of the Gallery.

The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of Copenhagen 
Co-created in partnership with some of the world’s leading interiors brands, The Kinfolk Gallery is available to host a variety of events, such as art exhibitions, visiting pop-up shops, guest lectures, fashion showings, workshops, dinner gatherings and photo shoots like you can see in the picture below. 

June 20, 2017

Art by Nina Holst in a Swedish show home

Coming across the picture above, made at a showhome at the Solna garden district designed by Pella Hedeby for JM, I immediately recognized the work of Nina Holst of Stylizimo on the walls, I think if you start recognizing someone's work it means the artist has developed a strong personal signature. 

It makes me happy as Nina is one of the loveliest persons I met and travelled with together during our first blogtour years, and it is great seeing her work in a project like this. I love the colours Pella Hedeby used in her design for this home from the overal grey tones, the beige for the bedroom and even the small hint of pink in the living.

concept & Styling Pella Hedeby | Photography Kristofer Johnsson
June 19, 2017

Dark Edition | New prints by Therese Sennerholt

After almost a two year break from having a webshop and creating graphic prints Therese Sennerholt relaunched her webshop and made a new collection of limited fine art prints called Dark Edition. A collection with a few items only, six different motifs in two sizes, made in a very small edition, have a look at the webshop and this new collection here Therese Sennerholt 

Dark Edition is not only a collection of fine art prints, it's also a creative collaboration between Sara Medina Lind of Melo and Therese, have a look at some of the earlier work of Melo I showed on the blog before here: Pella Hedeby for Melo | New collection. Together they created two separate collections with the ambition to aline one another in an intriguing way, a meeting between Melo’s minimalistic furnitures and the graphic and characteristic prints of Therese.

Therese: "Dark Edition is my eight collection of graphic fine art prints. This time I have created a graphic collection with a 70's look in saturated tones inspired by the feeling of being free which for me means being close to the ocean, watching the sunset on a beach, listening to the soothing sound of the ocean waves, observing flying birds that are heading to a new continent without any given destination."

photography AnnaLeena Leino Karlsson/ styling Amanda Rodriques 
4-6 Photography Sara Medina Lind / styling Therese Sennerholt