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July 31, 2017

A concrete and white home by Berlin based Loft Kolasinski

Berlin based Studio Loft Kolasinski recently sent me these images of a newly build 155 sq meter home in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin where they have done the interior design for and used furniture designed and made by Loft Kolasinski: a bed, a chaise longue, a table, a bench and hangers.
Loft Kolasinski specializes in finding and acquiring exceptional furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints and vintage rugs but also do unique carpet designs which are hand woven in Nepal.

In addition, the project uses unique furniture, lighting and vintage carpets from the 50s, 60s originating from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Poland, and the unique graphics of the Polish artist Stanisław Dawski dating back to the 1950s and the painting by the Brazilian painter Aecio Sarti.

Interior and funiture design: Loft Kolasiński 
Design of built-in elements of interior: designyougo 
Photo credit: Karolina Bąk
July 28, 2017

Loof X Not only white | Bathroom design

Some time ago I showed you some of the pictures I made with the Piled benches by Loof on my Instagram and I love to show you the latest collaboration of Loof together with Dutch design label Not only white.  Not Only White aims to provide distinctive and flexible sanitary solutions for both the residential and the pro­ject markets.

July 26, 2017

On the other side | New work by WDSTCK

Excited to be able to show you the work of Miriam Knibbelar for Wdstck I earlier saw when I visited their new Showroom and workspace, if you have missed my post about it please have a look at the pictures I made that day, you will love them! House of Wdstck | New showroom and workspace

The work of Mirjam is made out of different material wit a wax layer...something I did not realize when noticing the moose from a distance. It felt so real I didn't want to approach it at first, so soulless and vulnerable I thought it was a taxidermic baby moose. In her work Mirjam explores the area between insanity and emotion, commonality and mystery. Through her images she highlights the unimaginable, questioning the mystery of life and death.

Wdstck: ‘What if a majestic moose lays in total surrender, with its head hanging heavy and low? What makes some of us want to conquer and others want to admire?’ We are proud to present our latest piece that arose from these questions.‘On the other side’ (OTOS) is a co-creation with Miriam Knibbeler, an upcoming Dutch artist. This summer, Miriams work is exhibited in several museums in the Netherlands.

Exhale light
Also new is the Exhale light that after careful sourcing and experimenting now is blown in crystal glass. The profound clarity of the glass emphasizes the tense play between the materials. On the picture above the result and final product, below some images I made during the experimenting process.

pictures ©vosgesparis | picture 3 & 4 by wdstck
July 24, 2017

Light X Dark The story of my life | Masterplan 2.0

I have always loved a few small wooden items on display to bring in some softness, a small brush, a bamboo cup or like I used to use a lot some years ago canvas frames that I turned around like in this old post Easy decoration for your living | my home.

Although I am more into a darker pallet at the moment, I kind of miss the light and my cupboards along the wall as they were such an amazing backdrop for different styling fun. I packed up the dark wooden floor this week as I have to clean and prepare the rooms for it properly... and oh happy as I was with the dark wooden floors as happy as I am to see back the light and soft grey floors, although I have to admit the difference in quality is huge and my dark floor is way better quality and of course it is real wood and has a different feel and sound.

The story of my life
Been torn between dark and light is the story of my life I guess!
I did learn something though during the process... 
The dark floors are way more alive and stylish and I think after some proper laying with bright walls and decluttering even more they will look beautiful and stylish.

A lounge sofa in a light coloured fabric will look better with the dark floor then the black one I have at the moment, have a look here to see what I mean: 
MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal storyMcute bronze table from Pols Potten looks way more special on a dark wooden floor as well. 

After picking up the floor I build a five meter something side board out of the planks, and the wood looks amazing stacked on each other. It will give me the possibility to find out how it looks and feel to have a sideboard along the nearly six meter wall in my living, something I have been thinking of for a long time.   

I might make a combination of wood and concrete, or change function of some of the rooms in my home to be able to also work with a light floor, or maybe I will just leave it like this for some time. Like always changing and decorating my home is an ongoing process and I must admit I love this atelier kind of look where I am in the middle of a process and let's face it a home all ready and finished is quite boring for interior freaks like us isn't it.

first picture source unknown, please contact me if you know who made this picture | last pictures ©

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July 21, 2017

Spokes by Foscarini | Lamp design

During the Milan Furniture Fair last April Foscarini presented its new colours for 'Spokes',  a lamp based on observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel generating an object of great iconic force, with a lighting concept that plays with the contrast between full and empty, inside and outside, shadow and light, to bring out the matte finish that enhances the form.

The particularly elegant blue and a warm copper tone transform the presence of Spokes and open up a world of decor possibilities, creating new visual sensations when the lamp is on or off. In Amsterdam the lamp is available through Mobilia.

pictures courtesy Foscarini
July 19, 2017

Artist Residence curated by Frama in Italy | Negative Capability

When in Copenhagen, I was pretty blown away by everything around Danish Frama, visiting the Studio apartment of Niels Strøyer Christophersen during three days of design and the Frama store in the former Apothecary were certainly a few of the highlights of my visit at 3 days of design. Now Frama is bringing their aesthetics to my beloved Italy where in partnership with the Scaroni-Monti family they realised the Frama Artist Residence in Palazzo Monti.

Located between Milano and Verona in the Italian city of Brescia, the 13th Century Palazzo complete with frescoes, will be welcoming artists from the Frama network throughout the year. The first artist to create and present his works in the beautiful surroundings, is Leonardo Anker Vandal with the exhibition "Negative Capability", a term he choose to describe beauty as a perception, experienced through the emotions and senses.

I am excited to follow the different exhibitions and of course I would love to see the Palazzo with my own eyes this summer. Follow the Frama Artist Residence on Instagram at framabrescia At the end of this post the Frama collection photographed in the Palazzo.

pictures courtesy Frama
July 17, 2017

Mae Engelgeer X Fest Amsterdam | CRUSH Collection

FEST Amsterdam was founded in 2013 from a personal need for well designed furniture without the high-end prices and has quickly become a brand known for its Dutch design with a fresh twist and a pop of colour. When visiting the store in the Pijp area for my city guide my eye caught the new collaboration with Mae Engelgeer, you might remember her as one of the designers who's work I choose to present at the Trend stand I designed on commission of IMM Cologne earlier this year. No need to say I am a huge fan of her work! 

July 14, 2017

Norm architects X Paper collective | Moebe Copenhagen showroom

For my home I recently ordered a couple of frames including one by Danish Moebe, have a look at it here, and I am really happy with them, actually they were on my wish list for some time! During 3 days of design Moebe organised a release party for their new print collaboration with Norm Architects and Paper Collective. For the occasion Moebe transformed their back garden in a pink painted fern garden, see some images at the end of the post. 

Floating Leaves is a transparent print specially made for the Moebe frame. The new prints create the illusion of a real leaf floating in the frames, which is what makes the prints so unique.
 Expect them in stores from next week! 

Picture above and below made at the Moebe showroom in Copenhagen 

pictures courtesy Moebe & Rasmus Rønne Studio

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July 13, 2017

Apartment Stories | A new Swedish brand

Apartment Stories is a new Swedish Interior brand that caught my eye after seeing a few of their images on Instagram. The brand offers a small selection of highly decorative objects: round mirrors, velvet pillows in muted and deep blue colours, and different paper weights and floating stones. Curious to see what else will be added to their collection. Have a look at their collection at Apartment Stories

Pictures courtesy Apartment Stories
July 11, 2017

New wall art by Desenio and a 25% discount for you

If you read my blog for some time you might know I love to bring in and decorate my home with more natural colours for Summer, and especially with a darker floor I am looking for even more contrast then ever. Inspired by choosing softer colours for my home Desenio came in handy with its wide variety of posters and frames.