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November 29, 2017

Bespoke objects by Arno Declercq

Arno Declercq is a Belgian designer and art dealer who makes bespoke objects with passion for design, atmosphere, history and craft. Previously working as an interior designer he opened his own gallery for ethnographic art and design but closed the store after a year and started his own brand of rough bespoke items which he launched in May 2017. 

If you read my blog for some time, you know I have a love for distinct objects, for the raw and unexpected, and though materials like steel and dark wood. Realizing there are too few interiors where they no longer have the big and static vases and candlesticks that the people had in big houses over 100 years ago.

Arno now creates unique pieces made of tropical hardwood called Iroko which he discovered after a trip to West Africa combined with Belgian Oak and treated with a Japanese technique where the objects are burned to protect the wood from weathering and subsequently fixed to get a patina look as long as possible. Strolling through Instagram and his pictures I realized I saw his work at Oliver Gustav and on my pictures, as showed below on the table. More info at Arno de Clerq

picturesby Arno Declercq with thanks | second picture ©vosgesparis
November 26, 2017

Modern potpourri and stylish bathroom ideas in muted colours

It has been a few years I have been searching for probably some of the last first versions of the Lava potpourri boxes by Mad et Len, until last week when I spotted the large black metal box in a picture on the Instagram account of Bad in Form.  Call me crazy but I immediately went to their website to contact them and see if they could sent me that special box! Bad in Form is the leading Antonio Lupi distribution partner in Austria. Their showroom in Vienna let you capture the fascination of perfect Italian bathroom design and a range of different bathroom products.

Talking of bathroom potpourri makes me think of ugly dried flowers that has lost both their scent and colour and therefor I loved to see how Bad in Form presents Mad et Len as a potpourri that can also used in the bathroom. I have a growing collection of Mad et Len at home and use the scented oil, that can be sprinkled over the stones, also in my bathroom together with some lava stones from Iceland. Pictured below one of the smaller boxes, I will make some picture of the large potpourri box later.

Minimalism is key
Although my bathroom is really tiny and far from stylish I do love to use dark colours and have a crush for beautiful and stylish bathroom items. I think the bathroom is the place at home where minimalism is key and only a few items, next to those you use on a daily base and can't hide in a cupboard, should be on display. And why not use something unexpected, a marble vase as seen in one of my latest blogposts to carry your jewellery, a small tahini from Morocco for your soap. Also if you like materials like marble and stone have a look at the beautiful Salvatori bathroom line. For some bling use the Darkly mirror in brushed brass or the smaller Norm collector by MENU.

Use the beautiful boxes by Nomess, if you have space then use the larger Balsa box or a smaller version from the matchbox series, as seen in the collage and in my designer cabinet at imm last year. Something I also really love from Nomess is the small Konjac Sponge It is made from the Asian Konjac-plant which has been used be the Japanese for decades for skin care. Beside looking great in your bathroom it is a handy sponge to take with you when travelling as it takes up hardly any space and becomes perfectly soft when soaking in water. 

Miscellaneous store X a new collaboration
Choose refill bottles in a colour you love to create a clean look, I have a few the same bottles in brown bought a Muji for shampoo and things. Many brands sell beautiful bottles that look great in your bathroom. Handsoap is another thing I have a crush for, on top of my wish list the new line by Frama that we recently got to style and photograph at Amsterdam based store Miscellaneous more about that and my new collaboration with BeeldSteil later.  

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written in collaboration with Bad in form
November 20, 2017

101 COPENHAGEN X NORR11 Pop up Store in Copenhagen

While being in Copenhagen earlier this month I had the change to visit the pop up store of 101 Copenhagen and Norr11 and make some quick shots with my IPhone to give you an impression. You might have seen me writing about the new brand and collection in this blogpost earlier this year 101 Copenhagen | New Scandinavian brand to launch at M&O 

November 16, 2017

Dutch designer Jan Janssen X Studio Oliver Gustav

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant with a focus on aesthetic development, art, interior and exterior design. He creates spaces that convey a quiet and yet dramatic atmosphere, where the stark and modern are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities. 

Last week I showed some of the rooms at the new showroom and boutique and today some more pictures I took. It was such a beautiful experience to wander through the different rooms where the work of different designers is combined with art, smaller accessories and objects.

Different outstanding pieces and a beautiful mix of materials are the main ingredients for the showroom, linen sofa's, antic wooden furniture pieces from China, great pieces by Rick Owens of who I wrote many blog stories lighting by Apparatus, and different pieces by Dutch designer Jan Janssen. I am sure you are familiar with his stool No1 shown in the picture below. His latest work is the 'Extrusion Coffeetable No1 in casted aluminium shown above.

Pictures ©vosgesparis
November 13, 2017

Oliver Gustav studio visit in Copenhagen

When visiting Copenhagen recently a few things to see and people to meet were on my wish list and visiting the new showroom and boutique of Oliver Gustav was high on my priority list. The historical building on Kastelsvej has a longstanding relationship with the arts and the morning I visited everyone was busy preparing the different rooms for the official opening party that night. It was such a pleasure to finally meet Oliver in person, have a chat with him and get to learn more about the amazing building and the collections. 

Also Jan Janssen a Dutch artist of which the work can be seen at the showroom dropped by, more about Jan's work in a next post! Above a sneak peek into the beautiful room in the back of the building. One of the rooms that isn't painted in the beautiful grey like the rest of the rooms and filled with trees, plants, books and one of the sofa's from Oliver Gustav's own collection. The home collection of dyed hemp or linen sofas and armchairs is available made to order.

From his studio, showroom and boutique and gallery in New York City, Oliver Gustav offers unique and limited edition pieces, from a carefully curated edit of international designers and artists, I loved seeing pieces of Rick Owens and the scent of the many Mad et Len products. Visiting the showroom was an exceptional experience, there was so much to see, room after room and the atmosphere was totally serene. At the end of the post some pictures of the entry and the first room with the huge pink sofa which you might have spotted here on Instagram already.... more of the collection and the amazing studio coming soon.

pictures ©vosgesparis
November 10, 2017

Dark and stylish kitchen inspiration

Showed you some rooms and kitchens with a darker palet in the last few days on the blog and Instagram, the picture above perfectly fits the autumn mood I am in. It shows a beautiful kitchen scenery with dark grey walls and a stainless steel modular kitchen on wheels that will work both inside and out with a rough table top from Boform. The industrial lamp over the bench is from Studio Sammode while above the table a simple white dome lamp from Louis Poulsen is bringing some light on the table.... how do you like this mood ?

Published with thanks to Bo Bedre | styling Lene Ostenfeldt | Photo Anders Schonnemann
November 8, 2017

Visiting the VIPP Hotel in Copenhagen

Last week I was in Copenhagen for a few days where VIPP invited me to attend the opening of the VIPP Hotel. You might think the VIPP hotel is a traditional hotel but instead the hotel consists of three different rooms on three different locations! The first room is the VIPP shelter and I am pretty sure you saw the all black and industrial shelter before on many blogs. The second room is the VIPP Loft which I attended the opening, while the third room is in the make.

The VIPP Loft is a 400m2 open space located on the upper floor of the VIPP offices in a former printing factory in Copenhagen's Islands Brygge area. Studio David Thulstrupof designed the space that was totally covered in white paint. Beams were undone from the white layers bringing back the natural colour and walls were painted in a soft grey perfectly matching the natural colour of the wood.

The Shelter is all black but in the Loft some colours are used, in the huge black kitchen vintage bottles are combined with the mostly monotone VIPP accessories, and brown Kvadrat curtains can be closed to create a cozy dining area. In the living a fireplace surrounded by two By Lassen chairs  and green couches.

The spiral staircase leads to the mezzanine where a study and library and a cozy dark bedroom at the end of the small bridge, from where you have a magnificent view on the kitchen area below, is located under the roof. With it's two bedrooms there is place for four people in the loft, have a look here on how to check in into the VIPP Hotel.

pictures courtesy VIPP | last picture by Vosgesparis
November 6, 2017

NLXL Timber Strips launch party with Paola Navona at Piet Hein Eek

Before showing you some of the things I discovered while being in Copenhagen I love to write one last blogpost about this years Dutch Design week where next to discovering new design we also had an amazing dinner to celebrate the launch of the Timber Strips wallpaper collection at the Wonder Chamber of Piet Hein Eek, the next morning we enjoyed a tour through the different area's at the store and factory with several exhibiters of which I already showed some in a previous blogpost, see below for some links and find more pictures made at Piet Hein Eek and Dutch Design week in my DDW Pinterest album.

Back to the dinner..... Paola Navone cooked a wonderful risotto 
Milanese for us, there was a wall covered in Timber strips, huge pots and pans, prosecco, olives and a group of people all enjoying the cozy atmosphere, talking and getting to know each other. Also another Milanese icoon I am following for years, Rossana Orlandi showed up at the dinner, more Italians means talking Italian, which more or less is my second language, and I really love. Parties with Paola Navone and NLXL are always fun, informal and Italian style, just the way I like it. Thanks so much Ester and Rick for another great evening and see you in Milan!

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Piet Hein Eek Store and factory
TIM-07 Scrapwood on Teak Chevron used on the booth of NLXL at Piet Hein Eek with a custom made display by Piet Hein Eek for his watch collection for leffamsterdam On the blog you can find a lot of pictures from the store, factory and my collaboration with Piet Hein Eek here Below some pictures from things that this year caught my eye like the nicely presented collaboration with IKEA and some copper work, as said more in my Pinterest album.

Pictures by vosgesparis except for pictures -3-4-6-8 by Casper van Dort and NLXL