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June 29, 2018

Velvet, suede & fringes by New Danish brand NTER

Some years ago my daughter bought a huge red chair for her room in a second hand shop near our home.... it had fringes and it reminded me of the velvet chairs my aunt had at home. I wasn't a fan of the chair or velvet furniture in general and I am still not a fan of the retro vibe that already several years is going strong her in the Netherlands. Over the years though, with velvet coming back in contemporary sofa's and poufs I kind of developed a love for velvet. Actually I have seen some really beautiful prototypes this week I hope to show you more of soon!

Meanwhile I received an email from NTER, a new Danish brand that will launch their first collection this coming August. The colours black and grey characterizes NTER's style and tone, but colours like blue and red are consciously implemented to support and embrace their differences.

The collection consists of several boxes in velvet and suede in different shapes and sizes for both decoration and storage and in various colours to mix and match. Soft signature cushions, vases upholstered in suede, a small slender pouf and a big voluminous pouf decorated with fine fringes completed by an rigorous cocktail chair in a berry colour reminding me of that chair from years ago! 

pictures via NTER
June 26, 2018

Home of a Collector by &tradition in Copenhagen

with a project coming up and another in the pipeline I can't stop looking at kitchens like the one above. It has been a few years now I changed my own kitchen, it was a bit of a budget job then and I am sure if I could do it all over now, I certainly would have a total different kitchen from the one I showed you on the blog over the years. Don't get me wrong I love it, but I am up for something else... already. Do you recognize this? I learned so much more about materials and colours and my taste is certainly more minimalistic and refind then it was seven years ago.
June 22, 2018

La Cabra X Frama Pop-Up Cafe | Amsterdam

For the occasion of the World of Coffee festival, taking place in Amsterdam this week, Danish La Cabra Coffee Roasters teamed up with Frama  and opened a pop-up coffee bar at the Amsterdam Pijp area In the store next to some great coffee, I had my first ever cup of coffee from Burundi! selected furniture and lighting from the Frama collection and cups by KHWürtz especially made for La Cabra. 

World of Coffee is Europe’s largest coffee trade show where thousands of coffee industry buyers and influencers meet within a unique mix of exhibitors, educational opportunities, social events, and the 2018 World Barista Championship. The pop up cafe will be open from till 23rd of June at Quellijnstraat 80 I made a few Iphone pictures... find them here in my city guide.
June 20, 2018

Kitchen inspiration | Smoked oak and stone

With Summer officially starting tomorrow I am enjoying every bit of sun and to be honest its hard to find the time to keep up regular blogging or read any blogs myself, we have some projects to finish before Summer break and I decided to just go with the flow. I am a lot on Instagram like many of you and it is a great source to find beautiful projects and homes.

My next home project is to finally finish the kitchen wall, which seems to be taking ages. I want to try out something new and will use my Summer break next month to hopefully finish this project. The kitchen in this minimalistic villa located in Copenhagen is designed by Norm Architects who restored and rebuilt the historic villa after a devastating fire is certainly a great inspiration.

Smoked oak is definitely one of my favourite materials, this kitchen in smoked oak with bronzed brass handles was designed for Danish kitchen manufacturer Reform and is on my wish list for ages, I am not the owner of a method kitchen which is the base of this beauty but one can dream and get inspired.  

pictures © Norm Architects
June 15, 2018

Manifest Cabinet | Studio apartment visit | 3 days of design

How did you like the pictures of the building in my former post Købmandsgården tour with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen are you up for more raw and unpolished? Last year I showed you the minimalistic Frama studio apartment already, this year the apartment formed the backdrop of the Frama collection and was it the Manifest Cabinet that caught my eye!
June 13, 2018

An all new Menu | Købmandsgården tour with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Last year I showed you some images made during the opening of the 
MENU Space During the dinner that evening some plans were revealed about the new to build showroom, store and hotel rooms, just around the corner from the current Menu Space in the area that will become the new heart of N
June 10, 2018

Bonden | Nordic Naturals found at 3 days of Design

Those who follow me for some time know I have a soft spot for Finnish design. Of course there are the big names like Alvar Aalto and brands like Artek, Marimekko and Iittala but this post is not about one of those. The different designers I met over the years are all passionated craftsmen and women with a love for Finnish nature.

During 3 days of design I visited Design Werck where several Finnish designers presented their work and it was great to finally meet Kati Hienonen the creative mind behind Bonden. It was such a sunny day and a wonderful quiet spot far away from all the busy showrooms downtown. Seeing the amount of places I still wanted to visit I stayed way to long of course, but you have to agree with me it is nice to sometimes just sit and enjoy the moment and really talk with people! 

Quiet luxury of north
Kati: "We have a heritage of nomadic lifestyle where multi-usability, natural aesthetics and practicality were essential properties to make the living possible in harsh conditions. With limited resources it was vital to create everything in a respect of nature. These same properties, with the easiness and longevity of style, we would like to bring to Bonden living products" 

"By the materials and the textures used in the collection, we connect our senses to the Nordic nature: from the rough cliffs of the archipelago to the smooth texture of moss growing in the Finnish woodlands"
The Bonden Living collection consists of a series of home accessories: cushions, shawls and module boxes all made by local artisans and skilled manufacturers from the materials with Nordic traditions.

believes that natural- and non-treated materials are not only eclological but they contribute towards the greater wellness of us, the consumers. In the collection the most natural, non-toxic and purest materials are used, such as wool from the Finnish sheep combined with natural, non-dyed linen or GOTS-certificated (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton.  

- some of the new collection - 

 ©Vosgesparis // made with I Phone

June 6, 2018

Embrace Melancholy | 3 favourite objects by Nel Verbeke

Yesterday I showed you the BRUT installation I visited in Milan BRUT | A collective of Six Belgian designers  and I could easily dedicate a post to each of them, as a matter of fact I wrote a blog about the work of Ben Storms  four years ago. Today I love to point out three favourite works by Nel Verbeke, one of the six designers mentioned in my last post.

Nel Verbeke
With a background in visual art and a specialization in design and design research, Nel Verbeke is primarily a concept designer. Balancing between arts and design, her vocation will always be the emotional potential of shape and space. Fascinated by conceptual thinking, she shies away from the obvious focus.

Throughout her conceptual design practice, Nel Verbeke searches and formulates new arrangements of our material and immaterial surroundings. Her  works and collections are alternative compositions of time, space, motion and acts. On the one hand, they question our relation to the ambivalence of our emotions. On the other hand, they suggest that the emotional states of mind could be habitable spaces: shelters for a deepened moment of introspection and contemplation.... more about Nel Verbeke's design and ideas at Nel Verbeke


Mounted on the wall, a fragile instrument reflects its surroundings, slightly obscured. It is as if the mirror is itself asking for time to gradually process what is in front of it. It seems to question us on the transience of our being. In an equally hesitating way, the circumambient light is scattered through speckles, fragmented and nearly unreal.

Attached to the round mirror is an elongated glass tube, partly filled with black sand. When the instrument is turned around, the sand slowly travels to the other side, seemingly unaware of the standardized units of time. See more 
The Mirror | Hourglass

A human-sized, dark-wooden structure stands like an entity unto its own. Its sculptural, monumental presence pauses the surrounding light and sound and nearly negates any known time and space. Approaching it, it seems to absorb you into a state of contemplation, more personal and private than before.

The work is a result of a quest for a material place for melancholy. An inviting refuge of stillness and seclusion, at the same time real and divine. A place where one can fulfil an act of melancholy in privacy and reflection. See more The place of Melancholy

At undisclosed intervals, a small amount of black dust travels slowly through the air, delicately collected on a copper plate. As a relic of what used to be, of time and time gone by, the collected dust reminds us of our own vulnerability, vanity and contemporality, and by doing so, it reminds us of life. See more The relic of time

Last picture ©vosgesparis  | Al other pictures courtesy Nel Verbeke 
June 5, 2018

BRUT | A collective of Six Belgian designers

Guess I am saving the best for last with this exhibition I visited in the Solari district in Milan. Hidden in a small street a white space formed the perfect backdrop for this exhibition by a group of six Belgian designers. Objects were placed on different shaped 'islands' connected by coal chunks representing the Belgian area they are from. It is no secret I am a lover of objects, sculptures, the raw and unusual, for me personally this was one of my favourite installations.

In my world, interiors and decorating revolve around forms and the use of materials I feel connected with, there might be a bit much to steel involved at the moment but I am definitely working on that. I can feel totally happy looking at a trunk of beautiful wood that has a special shape as much as looking at a million dollar object with a great design history. I will show some more of the personal work of this new group of six in the coming weeks. Let me know on my Instagram if you love this kind of installations as much as I do.

BRUT is a new collective of the six emerging Belgian designers. The junction of their practices is a natural consequence of the apparent similarities in imagery, concepts and vision. The six represent a young generation of Belgian designers which values the significance of collaboration and collective involvement within the contemporary design landscape BRUT has a dedicated attention for the architectural, sculptural and emotional potential of (contemporary Belgian) design. On the one hand, this focus is a result of the personal sensibilities of the participating designers – the corresponding characters of their practices. On the other hand, it creates a common ground and motive; it realizes and defines an environment where the designers can show, strengthen and challenge each other.

pictures ©vosgesparis
June 3, 2018

Salt Water Amsterdam | A little store & café | Amsterdam Next

A mix of the Far East and France probably discribes Salt Water Amsterdam, the store of Malaysian born Wanting Choo, best. After having lived in different places around the globe she is now combining her passions for art and design and her love for the ocean and natural products in Salt Water Amsterdam - a city she now lives in. 

At Salt water Amsterdam you will find a selection of well-made clothing from independent designer brands that use only natural fabrics and produce in small quantities. Organic, handmade and well-designed home goods, vintage objects collected from her travels.

Wanting: "We discover inspiration where we may. We provide a space where you can come have a coffee, browse unique items we found around the globe and get inspired to create art in any forms. Be it a sketch, a photograph, or even a beautifully written love letter. Why not?"

Newly added to my Amsterdam Next city guide app
more info and pictures can be found at Amsterdam Next

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. ― Isak Dinesen
June 1, 2018

A favourite Milan fashion store | Rick Owens Milan 2018

There are a number of stores I never skip when I am in Milan, and although most of the furniture was shipped to LA because of a Birckenstock collaboration I still enjoyed my visit to Rick Owens' store. I guess the large furniture pieces, as seen in this exhibition I showed on the blog before: Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman | An installation by Rick Owens will never make it to the store, so unless I go to New York I will never see them in real life, Rick Owens New York City store 

That said I do not own one single piece of his collection, let stand of the furniture collection, but I love the world he created in Milan. It is a refined minimalistic highly aesthetic environment where I feel at home.

pictures ©vosgesparis