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August 30, 2018

A first look at the new MENU AW 18 News

I am still on holidays and enjoying as much sun and sea as I can before heading to Scandinavia next week, beside posting some stories on Instagram and two or three pictures in my feed I am not really doing much online. And to be honest what else do you need when you are surrounded by beautiful nature and the sea at your doorstep. In the evening however I scroll a bit around before going to sleep and I can't help noticing the many new collections that are being released on the first fairs again.

released a brand new brand book this week and I really love the lifestyle pictures all shot in a more lifely setting then we are used too, I think a big part is shot in real home instead of a studio showing perfectly the many new looks and items of the collection. I downloaded a few pictures to give you an impression of how it looks and a sneak peek into the new brand book.

TR Bulb shiny opal | Afteroom stool
 Afteroom stool | Carrie

Androgyne side table

Harbour chair | Snaregade table | Cyclade vase
 Afteroom chair | PLUS Snaregade table | Hubert Suspension
August 28, 2018

NORR11 X DENHAM | 10 years of DENHAM the jeanmaker

Those who follow me on Amsterdam Next have come across Denham the Jeanmaker and maybe visited one of the many stores throughout the Amsterdam city centre. Next to being known for their fashion label they are also known for their collaborations with other creatives in the industry. For their 10th anniversary Denham teamed up once more with one of my favourite Scandinavian brands NORR11

Jason Denham, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker: “Scandinavians are famous for their interiors, and NORR11 shares my love for contemporary design, premium quality, and icon-inspired pieces. We had such a great reaction to the first indigo mammoth chair we made, that we decided to create a 10-piece collection for DENHAM’s 10th anniversary.”

A 10-piece collection including bar stools, dining chairs, a daybed, lounge chairs and ottomans will be available soon at Denham stores worldwide including Amsterdam, Hamburg, Shanghai and Tokyo. Especially for this collection a unique indigo leather has been produced by the Danish textiles brand 
Sørensen, I showed a few of Sørensen's earlier collaborations on the blog and they are truly amazing in what they do, actually I hope to show you a new picture wall with some images of their work we previously used in our apartment shoot after Summer. 

pictures courtesy Denham the Jeanmaker
August 24, 2018

Could brass shutters be the next big thing | Metalworks

Brass is still some of my favourite materials and I love to see new furniture pieces and lighting design hitting the market. What I really wonder though... could brass shutters be the next big thing? With the soft greys in my bedroom and a white ceiling lamp... see my last  post for a selection of lamps I want to choose from! I might add a touch of brass to the room for a bit of a shiny touch, it would really fit the colour scheme of greys and wood don't you think.  

I see brass used in great ways, including window shutters, I first noticed some really cool ones at the Frama store, see pictured below and also in the apartment designed by Dubrovska studio, I saw beautiful brass shutters used in the bedroom and bathroom. 

Frama store - Copenhagen

Metal is definitely trending and I couldn't be happier. Designers are working with metal plates with different structures and patterns, the Manifest cabinet is another good example and so is the cabinet by IKEA, we used in our shoot for Quickstep, pictured above. And how about the amazing cabinet I spotted at Oliver Gustav?

When painting the bedroom I said goodbye to my big industrial locker and I am thinking of what next. I simply love how Pernille Hell spray-tanned an IKEA cabinet into an eye catcher: Private home visit | Pernille Hell of Sacrecoeur Looking forward to go on the look for something new to store my clothes and bedding, any tips are welcome! 

Back to brass and an all time favourite, the brass lamps by Frama CPH, I often wonder if there is anything I don't like from their collection. Anyway it would be a nice simple and elegant feature. Alternatively a small brass table would do the trick I have a real beauty in my living but wouldn't mind a small round one in the bedroom, like this one from HAY, again spotted in the apartment by Dubrovska Studio.

pictures 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

August 22, 2018

Five lighting ideas for your bedroom | My home

After plastering the ceilings at home this Spring I still need to find the right lamps for my hallway, kitchen and bedroom. And after the small update of my bedroom this week I have been thinking of finding the right lamp for the bedroom first! 

I have a few options in mind including the lamp I initially had in my bedroom, it was a huge round paper bulb called Regolit from IKEA and I still have a brand new one in my storage ready to use. Pictured above a series of almost identical lamps at the Noguchi Museum in New York taken by Fino Prydz, check out my previous post to see one of his artworks in my home.

2. Formakani by &tradition
The Rice lamps designed by 
Jaime Hayon for &tradition, here captured in a Copenhagen apartment designed by Dubrovska Studio, for those who did not already saw this apartment online I will show more of that on the blog.

3. Miira by Nuura
For my hallway I have been thinking of the Miira light by Danish Nuura as seen in our latest shoots for bulthaup on the blog (more on 
bulthaup b Solitaire at homeunfortunately there are some doors making this impossible. It would look really cool and minimalistic in my bedroom though don't you think!

4. Gregg Suspension by Foscarini
This is such a dreamy lamp, and would perfectly fit the bedroom because of its organic and poetic shape. The lamps are made of hand-blown glass, for a family of lamps that includes various sizes, which can be used stand-alone or in multiple compositions. Pretty sure there would be one to fit the size of my room.

5. Pendant TR Bulb by MENU
The TR Bulb is a clever solution for modern city living and designed to be taken from apartment to apartment – installed by simply screwing it into the pendant sockets hanging in ceiling, and no electrical expertise required. I showed this lamp during The New Scandinavian tour I developed for IMM earlier this year where we visite the Menu stand The new Scandinavian|imm 2018 Although I might not change apartment very soon, I do love to change things around at home, which makes this a perfect choice too! 

The Standard, Table Lamp
Staying with Menu...a different approach would be a table lamp, and I particularly love The Standard table lamp designed by one of Belgium’s most talked about young designers, Sylvain Willenz for MenuIt would allow me to think of a new furniture piece to place the lamp on too, a challenge that I really love!

Next time some lamp inspiration for my kitchen! 

pictures courtesy  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 & 6
August 18, 2018

Choosing art and a bedroom update | My home

I must admit I am not really an art connaisseur and I never really search for the perfect wall decoration. Like with most things I listen to my feelings and just do or don't like things, there is not something in between I guess, which is good as in that way only the things I really love will remain. I often just come across a picture or poster at places I visit, like at an exhibition or museum store and sometimes I hang my own pictures on the wall.

The Greige series by Fino Prydz immediately caught my eye after seeing them on Instagram. I wrote about his work earlier on the blog: Minimal Art by Fino Prydz. I think I may say that although there is a difference in background, country and age we share a common interest and it is great to find and follow like minded people and exchange the things you come across.

You might have noticed some blog silence lately as we went to Spain where we got to photograph two amazing hotels in Barcelona. Coming home from a short break always makes me want to move things around and back home I found a beautiful present from Fino on my doorstep. Thank you! 

I wanted to try out my Frama bench next to the bed for a long time, and seeing it today I decided I 'need' a second one as it looks perfect in my bedroom. Also the new bedlinen from Aiayu looks great, no need to say it sleeps as good as it looks and I think I will buy some extra pillow cases in Midnight blue.

Framing artwork
Most artwork I hang for a longer period but I have one spot in my hallway where I added these very handy Magnetic STiiCKs that enables me to change prints very often without having to find and hang a new frame every time. This is also the place where I hang prints that were sent to me to view, or from collaborations.

pictures & styling by me. 

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August 11, 2018

Atelier AM | Rancho Santa Fe Villa

Atelier AM was founded in 2002 by Alexandra and Michael Misczynskithey have designed a large range of city and country homes, historic estates, modernist villas and seaside retreats. I thought this home fitted perfctly the home I showed last week on the blog. I would love you to show more homes like this as they perfectly fit my Summer mood. More about this design duo can be found on their website: Atelier AM 

found via Veranda
August 9, 2018

Inspirational design in black & brass by X + l

I recently discovered the work of x+l based in my hometown Amsterdam and I love to show you some of their work. The concrete table was love at first sight, and I think the the matt black concrete surface and its little irregularities are just perfect in my opinion. The legs of the table are made in wood.

x + l
 stands for Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel, two designers with a background in theater and art, through the years they worked for several disciplines: photography, advertising, stage design, fashion and exhibition design and in addition to this commissioned work they focus on interior design working closely together with artisan friends.

in 2013 x+l launched 'parfumobscure', a perfume made with pure and natural ingredients, collected on their travels to India, Japan, France and Italy.
In their online store they sell a small amount of self designed single objects and small furniture pieces in limited series, alongside handcrafted finds from their travels.

Really unique and organic are these gourd pendant lamps, the gourd is a natural material therefor the lamps can show irregularities and varying sizes what separates them from industrial light fittings. The brass table collection consists of different small tables made out of solid patinated brass (3mm) and mounted with brass screws onto a wooden partition, covered in distressed ragged velvet.

August 7, 2018

Blomus MIO collection | w/ Style photo shoot

For every photo shoot we are always on the look for different props to complement and fit the atmosphere we have in mind, and recently we got the opportunity to work with 
Blomus. When working for the Ambiente fair earlier this year I visited several stands and we filmed the different Trend area's where some of Blomus new home accessories already caught my eye. Next to using the brand's planters in our last shoot, we also got to photograph their new dinnerware collection MIO.

The MIO collection, designed by Nina Thöming of Flöz Design, consists of plates, bowls, mugs and pitchers in three different powder shade colours. Next to the beautiful colours, Mirage Grey, Moonbeam white and Agave Green which all mix and match perfectly. The dinnerware comes in different sizes and is also stackable, giving you more space in your cupboard or being creative with on your diner table. What I really love is the matt exterior surfaces in combination with the shiny interior glazing. 

We immediately fell in love with the grey PLANTA planters and I especially loved the bigger black-brown versions which are perfect for planting large houseplants or small trees. They can be used both inside and outside as they are frost-resistant and weatherproof which I love because I tend to change and use pots and plants both indoors and outdoors depending on my mood or needs.

Durable Accessories

Blomus is a market leader in the field of interior design and durable accessories since their start in 1961, and derives from the German tradition of exceptionally good quality and excellent craftsmanship. At Ambiente I already saw some of their extensive collection of brand new basic items, including pottery, smoked cork, linen, concrete and wood, all materials I really love. This new collection shows their ambition to develop and keeping the brand relevant and ready for the future while sticking to their original Blomus DNA. 

We loved working with Blomus and styled and photographed the collection staying close to our own design aesthetics and taste, be sure to check out the new collection at Blomus

This post is written in collaboration with Blomus | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal

Thank you Paper collective for the posters and Aiayu for the bed covers.

August 4, 2018

A renovated minimalistic home in Milan

Beautiful colours in this recently renovated eighteenth century home in Milan that once was the residence of a wealthy Milanese family. Casa AG is a ground-floor apartment that was brought into the present by Due Architetti while respecting the past of the building and its imperfections. I love the picture above and the beautiful colours, the table really looks a lot like the one I designed myself, don't you think. 

Polished concrete surfaces alternate with wooden floors, and wood is used to contain the volumes—separating the entrance from the open kitchen by a thick wall-like storage unit, and shielding the bedrooms from the social spaces with a similar divider. The whole atmosphere is just beautiful and minimalistic with the concrete floors and the rustic wooden beams painted white along with the rest of the interiors.

Photography by Simone Bossi