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October 31, 2018

Couleur locale store visit in Knokke

Although I love design, and all things raw and black maybe even a bit more, there is also a side of me that loves to add some natural touches to my home, but most of all I want items to tell a story. A beautiful basket or pot sourced abroad, a lamp that shows clearly the material it is made off and ceramics you can imagine the artisan shaping it into the right form.

We do not all have the opportunity to travel around the world but luckily some people have made it their job, sourcing for outstanding pieces often coming from different craftsman. Ruth and her husband Hendrik of Couleur Locale are passionated 'light travellers'   

Ruth: "Departing for travels and still having to pack my luggage an hour before the taxi arrives has become a habit. We have truly adopted the concept of “light travelers”, very handy for the outbound trip however for the return trip “heavily loaded burden animals” is the more applicable term for us.

Packing this late definitely isn’t recommended. It’s just the consequence of combining 3 stores, 2 web-shops, a blog, a wholesale, 5 children, 3 cats… It remains a source of stress although, luckily, I can shrug it off in the taxi and laugh about the situation afterwards."

Couleur Local - Knokke
The Couleur Locale location in Knokke I am showing you a sneak peek off on the blog today shows a mix of vintage and design from all over the world and stands for 'globetrotting inspiration for your home'. Next to the brick stores there is also a webshop where you can find a lot of the items Ruth and her husband personally selected during their travels. 

The fact that Ruth takes little with her when travelling she could recommend to all of us. You actually need a lot less than what you would think when traveling, something which actually also holds true in everyday life as well.

Surrounding yourself only with the things you really love and with objects that actually tell a story from the maker or its country is therefore something I still believe in. The store is beautiful redesigned by Henrik who is  an architect and breaths their travels and the colours from the different African countries they love to travel to.

Find the store at Lippenslaan 275,8300 Knokke-Heist in Belgium.

Couleur Locale also has a large childrens collection and I couldn't ignore this beautiful scenery.... the wall and that baby bed are just amazing don't you think! I earlier wrote about the Couleur Locale bed linen in my latest bedroom makeover and I could really recommend their bedlinen, have a look: Bedlinen in different shades of grey from Couleur Conceptstore

This post is written in collaboration with couleur locale who is a sponsor of my blog, more info about sponsored content can be found here: advertising
styling Cleo Scheulderman | photography Jeroen van der Spek
October 29, 2018

The Architecture Collection | Paper Collective news

On our way back from Sweden we had a quick visit at our favourite Danish poster shop Paper Collective  to see their new Architecture Collection, a series of photos consisting of fourteen motifs, all demonstrating the scope of architectural photography today. The series is captured by five photographers from around the world, including Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects, who has also curated the series. Jonas' contribution to the photo series is based on a long-time fascination of concrete. 

Jonas' “From the time of the Roman empire to present day, concrete has been one of the key materials of man made constructions. It can take many forms, shapes and shades – and whether experienced in the dome of the Pantheon in Rome, in Brutalist architecture of the mid-century modernist buildings or in contemporary polished concrete buildings, it is always a fascinating sight to see what architects can create out of concrete.” 

Pictured above is the work of Norwegian photographer and self-taught illustrator Joakim Heltne who's contribution to the series consist of minimal shots of architecture and people interacting with it.  

Other contributors are Rich Stapleton among others, Rich is a UK-based photographer and artist working as Creative Director at CEREAL Magazine. His contributions to the series are classic examples of his work: details presented in a calm and subtle way.

I love the magazine and no wonder his signature style is described as 'calm and quiet elegance' something you can see back in the magazine and in his work pictured below and maybe my favourite from the series, the colours are really amazing. 


More soft colours in the work of Guilherme da Rosa, born in Lisbon where he studied Architecture. I actually love both the soft colours captured in the photo above as the raw concrete captured by Jonas below.  See the whole Architecture collection at Paper collective

The good Cause
We love working with Paper Collective and their products in our shoots, you might have seen their posters popping up here: Quick -Step laminate NDSM apartment shoot. At Paper Collective they believe that good design can be more than the sum of it aesthetics and its functions. In collaboration with their contributing artists part of all sales of the art prints goes to a good cause somewhere in the world. I think it is great that every time you buy a poster you play a part in their projects.

October 24, 2018

Living in a gallery called home

The other day I read an article on Nya Rum on how the border between homes, jobs and public places has been blurred nowadays: "Restaurants feel like the kitchen at home and the living room is filled in like a gallery of paintings and sculptures" I couldn't agree more as also at home I am constantly looking on how to expose the items I love most, including adding a bit of drama which I love. 

A recent example might be the iron frame that ended up in my bedroom carrying just a candle and an object. As you can see on the picture the frame was just there to show the newly painted wall, as I really loved it I kept it and later added some objects.

I believe our new way of decorating has to do with our longings for a more structural and calm environment at home, a kind of back to base with fewer but carefully selected items. Not only in my own life but also around me I see people declutter their homes and I think when not surrounded by tons of junk and clutter every single piece you do keep is more important, and some deserve to be literally put on a pedestal. I even think those are the items that really show who you are. 

Side tables have always been the place where we add a few selected objects and at home, I have a small one in my living. And as said I 
really think the things we love to put in the picture are the items that really show who we are at that moment. 

I remember a few years back having an old bistro table I found on the street, in front of  the opposite concrete wall that was filled with zinc objects as I was totally into them at that moment in life, even my blog had the subtitle 'A story in concrete and zinc' If you remember this you have come a long way with me through different phases of decorating, and believe me 'minimalism' was not always in my vocabulaire! I don't regret having sold the table and most of the zinc, okay maybe only that one part of a French rooftop!

Anyway what I am trying to say is that nowadays I am happy with this really slim table and the only object it carries, which is just a candle display by Ester & Erik.

This is my bedroom and living but I do know this is not the only side to me, I was actually having a conversation about this the other day with an interior designer and friend of mine, that sometimes we feel to be thorn into different directions. Don't get me wrong I do love a minimalistic approach at home, but as for the kitchen I do love a more messy feeling of family dinners and long talks and I am gonna try and put this feeling to life this coming winter and find a balance between minimalism and my semi Italian roots.

I have been writing different posts about displaying your items on pedestals among others. Matti Carlson's pedestals as pictured above are made in concrete and mdf and show just a few items in a reddish colour that, while I was looking for a nice chocolate brown, can be seen in most fashion stores at the moment.

Pedestals have become an object in itself and I love it, maybe mostly because of it clean lines, I tend to love straight lines, clear details and a minimalistic approach to things. A pedestal can be used as you prefer and wherever, the possibilities but also the material made off are endless I'd say. 

Below a picture made by Wen, my partner in crime at w/ Style from my stand for imm where I used small wooden pedestals by Janua. More about them here: Stefan Knopp edition for JANUA | imm favourite and more about Matti Carlson's work here 

Earlier posts about pedestals:
Home inspiration with pedestals | Pedestals and new resolutions for the home 

Pictures & styling vosgesparis | Third picture by Andy Liffner

Last picture by BeeldSteil - styling by me for imm 

October 22, 2018

A Belgian furniture makers collective |vormen|

When it comes to choosing furniture, material is one of the first things that have to really appeal to me, concrete steel, leather and wood will always win over plastic surfaces, although I do appreciate a strong form in plastic, it is just not something I would buy personally. Next to material, the shape of things is most definitely important for me. It was the little detail pictured in the table base that caught my eye in one of the pictures by 'Vormen' in the first place, and I have to admit I love spaces like pictured above and how furniture stands out when photographed like that.

|vormen| is a young Belgian furniture makers collective with a passion for design and craftsmanship. In a design world that is strongly focused on design houses and names the collective of young designers, who all come from different disciplines chooses to communicate as |Vormen| Dutch for objects. 

Design objects are formed at the intersection of idea and matter, with respect for their specific strengths and origins resulting in a small collection of different tables, chairs, a bed and lamps. Lamps look stripped of the non-essential. The form follows the idea: sober, minimalistic and skeletal, which I think is to be found in most of their objects. Find out more at the |vormen| website.

pictures courtesy |vormen|
October 19, 2018

Autumn cooking & spices | w/ Style

Mid October already and we still have lots of sunny days here in Holland, something that makes me really happy. Although out of all seasons I love Summer most, also this moment between Summer and Autumn has its charm. With interior fairs coming up, new collections and feeling creative and full of energy after a beautiful Summer it is time to do more indoors again and prepare and restyle my home for winter.

Fall also means a change of what we eat, don't you think? While on warm days I love to wok a quick meal with fresh herbs, mushrooms and lemon grass, in Autumn I love to take some more time to prepare a meal. I can really enjoy a big pan of pumpkin soup, and the smell of fresh bread and potatoes out of the oven this time of the year. I also tend to use different herbs, during Summer fresh mint and basil are favourite, at the end of the year I use more dried herbs like thyme and oregano.

bulthaup spice jars
With my kitchen undergoing a small update I loved to try out the different bulthaup accessories we got to style and photograph, just like we did with the bulthaup Solitaire. When it comes to storing spices bulthaup offers a set of six small glass jars. I personally do not have a really big counter top and love to keep it a bit organised and have enough working space. Therefor I store a lot of my daily cooking necessities in the drawers under my cooker including my spices.

Through their shape the spice jars are easy to store in the drawer under your cooker if you do not have a place to display your everyday cooking necessities like me. If you are the lucky owner of a bulthaup kitchen you can use the
functional Prisms to custom-equip drawers and structure your drawer with the freely movable dividers according to your preferences, the spice jars will fit perfectly. 

 This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup Nederland
Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal
Pictures © w/ Style

October 17, 2018

Pure Minimalist collection by Ameé Allsop

Pure Minimalist is a minimalist furniture collection created by Australian born and New York-based  architectural designer Ameé Allsop. The collection is about calming the senses and enticing a poetic change, much like her recent move from Brooklyn to the beaches of the East End. The 2018 collection is handmade in New York with select travertine and solid American ash. More information on this collection can be found at Ameé Allsop.

       Searching for the essence, this collection of furniture explores 
the balance between form and purity of material
Ameé Allsop -

Photography by Glen Allsop and Nicole Franzen
October 15, 2018

Minimal light design by Vibia | Tempo

Minimalism is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Barcelona, Vibia might be a beautiful exception though! Next to the small kitchen update I am planning, my home is in need of a new lighting solution, As you might have read I find this really difficult, continuously coming across to many options might be one of the main reasons. 

Founded in 1987, Vibia is a design-oriented lighting manufacturer based in Barcelona. With 'Tempo' Vibia presents three designs in two sizes in this collection of pendant lamps. I especially love the wall mounted version and I could easily see this next to my bed. The collection is inspired by degrees of luminance and the interplay of opacity, translucence and transparency. Have a look at the Vibia website for all different sizes and options of Tempo and many other lighting solutions.

pictures via Vibia
October 12, 2018

The Five Seasons by Marcel Wanders for Alessi | w/ Style shoot

October already, I can hardly believe Summer is slowly ending! On the other hand I am looking forward to the new season and redecorating my home for Autumn. I love to bring in some darker colours, maybe paint a wall, bring in some carpets and light the candles around the home a bit earlier to let their fragrances fill the home.

I don't know about you but I love my candles to be more than just a candle, I like to see them as small accessories for my home and I want them to fit my interior. No surprise you won't see any colourful candles or scented candles other then just simply black, white or a muted brownish autumn colour at my home.  

Finding new scented candles, room sprays or diffusers that fit my taste can be hard if you love them to look as good as possible. When we got the opportunity to work with Alessi and create some images of 'The Five Seasons' collection I was happy to find out their new collection would perfectly fit our homes. Not only from a design point of view, also the use of plant based wax and fragrances as bergamot, vetiver, cedar wood and moss to name a few, are really the kind of fragrances I love.

The Five Seasons
The idea of the home fragrance and its possible reinterpretation through the language of design has fascinated Alessi since the mid-1980s and this new chapter dedicated to home fragrances is now written by our very own Dutch Marcel Wanders.

A collection of organic formed objects is created, using precious materials like porcelain and mahogany, we see a perfectly shaped ash wood tray, lava stones, and other elements inspired by nature. The scents were created with the advice of one of the most important perfume makers in Grasse, the world’s perfume capital known for its cultivation of flowers and sophisticated production techniques. 

The personalities of the five new fragrances are suggested by their highly evocative names referring to the four seasons: “Brrr” mature, fresh and bright as Winter, with notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk. 
“Ahhh” young and delicate like Spring with the freshness of a mystical garden and with notes of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver. 

“Hmm” stands for Summer, warm and inviting with a bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed woods. Complex, dense, smokey and sensual “Grrr” has a mix of incense, cedar wood and moss like a perfect Autumn day. 

Sardinian Lava stone fragrance diffuser
The lava stone fragrance diffuser was a bit special to me, not only because I love lava in general but the black lava stone chosen for “The Five Seasons” comes from my beloved Sardinia. A small ash wood tray accommodates the lava stone and an essential oil and dropper. This composition is offered exclusively for “Shhh”, the most intriguing collection that is mysterious, spiritual, obscure and enveloping, with hints of eucalyptus, rose and patchouli.  

Leaf fragrance diffuser
According to Alessi, the Mahogany leaf fragrance diffuser is perhaps the piece that best captures the spirit of the collection. The porcelain bowl, white for the four seasons and black for the season of transcendence, is circular with a slightly rounded base.

The leaves used to diffuse a different scent for each season, are made from sapele mahogany, chosen for its porosity and colour, which enhances the silhouette of the design. There are five different leaves to choose from, each one paired with a different fragrance, six leaves can be used in the diffuser at the same time, we loved to use two of the 'Ahhh'. 

The Scented candle come in two different sizes in black or white porcelain bowls, last for around 40 hours. Each candle is closed with a decorated ash wood lid made by artisans from the Valle Strona, an area of Lake Orta close to Alessi’s headquarter. The lid can also be used as a base. 

Last but not least, instead of burning candles I often use Room spray, and I personally love it. The Five Seasons Room spray, pictured in the first picture evokes memories of the original glass perfume bottles and its atomiser produces a perfect puff of perfume. The use of Room spray comes from an age-old ritual to treat oneself to a wonderful moment of calm, something still relevant for many of us these days as well.  

This post is written in collaboration with Alessi | Pictures © w/ Style 

Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal 
October 10, 2018

A concrete house by Whispering Smith architects

Let's talk concrete! One of my personal favourite materials and to be found in almost every room of my own home. I love the raw feeling of concrete but could never live in a complete concrete box, I always need a good dose of white and wood combined with it to soften the concrete. This minimalistic home located in Perth, Australia has the perfect mix of materials and the outside of the home shows how beautiful soft the use of concrete can be as well.

Whispering Smith: "We are a staunchly feminist architecture firm working across both residential and commercial projects. They specialize in working with clients on innovative approaches to delivering architecture and we are champions for millennial housing, sustainable architecture, local craft and friendly minimalist architecture. House A is the first of three carbon neutral dwellings in Scarborough made from high recycled content concrete panels and whitewashed recycled brick. The house is 3 storey mini tower with a garage underneath and a loft on top. Minimal land, minimal house, minimal life"

Photography Ben Hosking