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December 30, 2019

Minimal art by Nina Holst

For those who love to read interior design blogs, I am pretty sure you know Nina Holst, a fellow blogger, travel partner and friend for years. This year however Nina followed her passion and opened Gallery Nina Holst where she sells her own art. Today on the blog some of her art beautifully captured at her own home.

December 21, 2019

An exhibition at Tokyo gallery 'Objet d'art' by X and L Amsterdam

Although I love clean and Scandinavian minimal style images there is something about the dark and moody atmosphere in the picture above I really love. X and L kindly sent me some images made at their first exhibition at Objet d'art gallery in Tokyo which I love to show on the blog. 
December 9, 2019

DOMOTEX 2020 moodboard | Sustainable flooring

In 2020 I will be visiting DOMOTEX, the world's leading trade show for floor covering. Together with the team I was part off for the last two years we will work on some projects and have a panel discussion. See last years DOMOTEX content on the blog here in case you missed it! From 10-13 January the trade show will welcome thousands of exhibitioners and visitors in Hannover and our team will be visiting the fair on Saturday!
December 4, 2019

In Dialogue | Ark Journal x Fredericia exhibition

Being introduced to Ark Journal first in Milan earlier this year, the magazine has quickly become one of my favourites of the moment. I have to admit that their beautiful covers are certainly helping as well, the latest issue had several covers to choose from. I love how the magazine collaborates with different brands, for the release of their second issue they collaborated with Studio Jung and Frama. Find the beautiful images of the NY launch at the blog here: Launch of Ark Journal volume II & A selected by for Frama.
November 26, 2019

The Slow Beirut by Frama Studio

After opening the Frama studio store in Mexico, Frama brings their interior design ánd collection to Beirut, Lebanon where they designed The Slow, is a new café and concept store. In close collaboration with its commissioner, the location has been transformed from an old traditional café to a new contemporary concept store.

November 19, 2019

Minimal bathroom design in bronze | Elance by Paulina Neiser

“Elance” is a design of bathroom fittings designed by Paulina Neiser, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. And I think it is one of the most beautiful tap and shelf in one I have maybe ever seen! Also a shower head and taps are part of the collection, all to be found at Paulina Neiser
November 16, 2019

My Interior moments | imm Cologne 2020

Weekend is here and before I am off to buy some groceries and lots of candles to conquer these cold and early dark days. I love to tell you a bit more about a new campaign I am working on with imm Cologne. Next to Milan Design week, imm Cologne is the yearly Design fair I am most looking forward to, and I am really happy to be invited to work with the fair again in 2020.

Towards the actual fair I will share some #interiormoments with the imm Instagram account, and of course I will be at the fair ground for some days sharing my finds on Social media. imm will share different moments from a selection of creative minds from the Design world, see them here under Interior moments

In the first picture I shared,  a small setup with my friend AnoukB at her Amsterdam boutique showroom. Did you see the behind the scenes? I had a sneak peek at her collection and as always it was a pleasure to meet up. We always have lots to talk about, especially now concerning the small remake of my home we are doing.

Wishing you a happy weekend!

©vosgesparis | Written in collaboration with imm Cologne | #interiormoments #immCologne2020
November 13, 2019

A minimal collection by ignore Amsterdam | AMS NXT

After discontinuing my Amsterdam city quide app, I do kind of miss also working on my Amsterdam City blog. A blog I started long time ago to collect Amsterdam based interior hotspots, but with my focus on Vosgesparis and w/ Style and a serious lack of time I had to set priorities for myself.  I do love to stroll through my city though and as on Vosgesparis the focus is on design I though of a new blog category and show you a few times a month an Amsterdam based designer brand or fab location. Amsterdam Next, my Amsterdam city guide is also still online and might be handy to understand the different area's. Hopefully one day I will have the time to pick this fully up again and add all addresses to the blog.
November 11, 2019

Michael Del Piero | Hamptons Design studio & shop

It's about two years ago I first mentioned Lukas Machink on the blog in this post: A minimalistic idea for your wardrobe corner and since then I have been following him on Instagram. For me Instagram is a great source finding new designers and great places. That if you are curious enough to click through once you come across something that looks interesting. Blogging is like journalism, you have to take an effort in looking around and connecting with people to understand the images that caught your eye.
November 8, 2019

un:divided - exploring the relationship between form and material

un:divided: New York exhibition by Fino Prydz
In case you are in the New York area I have something really nice to share with you today! 
I want to tell you about the first exhibition in the US by one of my online friends who lives in New York. If you visit my blog because you share the same taste and love for things like me, you have to have a look at his work, and if you ar lucky the exhibition of Fino Prydz. You might have spotted his artwork at my home: Choosing art and a bedroom update 
November 5, 2019

Aesop opened their first location at Amsterdam

I plannend to show you some images made at the brand new Aesop Skincare store in Amsterdam for some days! It is actually the first Aesop store in the Netherlands and I am so happy Aesop choose the historical former Jamin candy store at Utrechtsestraat to be their location. Jamin used to be a really wel know candy store with different locations and the in 1911 renovated location at Utrechtsestraat is known as the best preserved Jamin store. Both the exterior and interior in neo Lodewijk XVI style are original including the mosaic floor.
October 31, 2019

bulthaup inspiration space in Eindhoven | DDW favourite

We recently visited Dutch Design Week and the inspirational project space by bulthaup. For the occasion of Dutch Design week bulthaup furnished Torenallee 80 in their well know signature style. b Solitaire tables, made out of solid oak and inviting Solitaire benches with matching leather covers, formed a centre point, and inviting backdrop for their Table Talks. During Dutch Design Week different conversations took place that were recorded and shared as a podcast.
October 27, 2019

A metal kitchen by KeukenMeyt & 10 reasons why to work with them

- English summary at the end of this post -

Terwijl ik bezig was met het eerste idee rond een nieuwe keuken kwam ik, al kijkend op allerlei sites, in contact met KeukenMeyt. De keukenbranche is vaak gericht op snel resultaat en sales en ik ben misschien wel het tegenovergestelde! Ik heb wat meer tijd nodig, laat dingen graag bezinken en kan soms moeilijk knopen doorhakken. Als fervente DIY’er wil ik vaak ook nog eens begrijpen hoe dingen in elkaar zitten en logisch dat niet iedereen altijd evenveel tijd heeft om allerlei vragen te beantwoorden.
October 24, 2019

An all new Houz Oslo store

I have been a fan for Houz Oslo for some time even though I never had the opportunity to visit the actual store. Back then owner Linda was about to leave her job and opening an interior shop wasn´t a life long dream finally being realized but more an oppurtunity she grabbed. Linda stumbled upon a location for rent close by where she lives. From experience in product- and concept development, project management and sales, and foremost a passion for design Houz was born. Houz Oslo offers quality furniture- and interior, norwegian design mixed with unique and classic design from abroad. 
October 21, 2019

A music experience at the Harman Kardon Suites | Citation series

There are a few things that help me through the home makeover I started some months ago: the newly painted walls that are almost finished, the actual kitchen that is starting to take shape, a few styled corners, candles, a nice house perfume... and music!
October 18, 2019

Five characteristics of a minimalist kitchen

The other week I received a request to team up with Hausera who wanted to share their ideas on a minimal approach in the kitchen with me. We all know Minimalism is about keeping things simple and I am a huge fan of bringing only the things necessary into my home and this is no difference for the kitchen. No wonder I totally agree with the idea of Hausera to only deposit in your kitchen the items you need to cook and serve the food, but nothing more! In this guest post I would love to share some more ideas and five characteristics you should use to build a minimalist kitchen according to Hausera.
October 16, 2019

Kinuta Terrace by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design

Emerged from shared design values, the collaboration between Tokyo-native design studio, Keiji Ashizawa and Copenhagen-based Norm Architects takes its root in mutual admiration and a love for material richness and timeless appeal evident in both design traditions.
October 14, 2019

Headboard tapestry & wall hangings by Alexandra Kohl

As a child I grew up in the South of Amsterdam, with the famous Vondelpark around the corner and On the edge of the neighborhood the Amsterdam forest. I used to go horse riding every week, and while most kids of my age went to a manège where they learned how to ride properly, how to add their helmets and their special boots, I went to a stable in the forest near my home and learned to ride a huge black horse wearing my willies and no helmet.
October 10, 2019

A private residence north of Copenhagen by Norm Architects

Norm Architects have completed the interior refurbishment of Sandbjerg Residence, a charming country house north of Copenhagen. The house is located in the idyllic landscape of Northern Zealand, Denmark. Surrounded by meadows and forests, the house sits intimately secluded in a nook of trees that open up to a park-like garden that brings light and air to the residence. 

The exterior of the house is a tribute to traditional Danish country houses, featuring a matte-rendered chalky taupe coloured façade, paned windows, thatched roof and granite stone settings. Inspired by the family’s lifestyle and frequent traveling, the home also contains elements characteristic of hospitality interiors.

The overall mood and colour scheme of the exterior is translated into the interior with a raw, tactile material palette of wood, stone, natural fibre textiles and leathers dominating the open space plan of the house, combining farmhouse appeal, exclusive refinement and elegant, sculptural features. Resulting in warm, balanced spaces with roughly textured surfaces, thoughtfully in-built and bespoke details.

The bench designed for the main entrance of the house is made from sawn smoked oak and Royal Nubuk Leather from Sørensen Leather... I could bring this straight into my own home as it has this Japanese look and feel and beautiful sawn smoked oak surface.

In the bedroom section of the house, all walls are juxtaposed between lightly toned, bone-coloured walls and white oak. Some of the oak-panelled walls contain hidden or open storage as well as niches next to the bed and in the bathroom, serving as storage compartments or displays. In the master bedroom, large oak doors similar to those of the bedroom cabinets and wood panelled walls open up to the bathroom, featuring bespoke cabinets and basins, as well as a walk-in closet, elegantly resembling the layout of a hotel suite.

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

October 4, 2019

Launch of Ark Journal volume II & A selected by for Frama

Ark Journal recently launched their second issue 'VolumeII'  at Studio Zung in New York with an installation from Skagerak curated by Pernille Vest and Objects NYC. My favourite Norwegian artist living in New York, Fino Prydz [see also here on my Instagram] was there and kindly sent me some of the images he made.
October 2, 2019

Basic essentials and easy Autumn dishes

Fall has definitely kicked in and although I adore Summer, I do enjoy this time of the year. Once accepted there is no way back, I can fully embrace a warm sweater, candles and shorter days. Autumn is also the time I love to prepare more warm dishes. Italian food is always a favourite in any season

If there is anything I learned from the Italian kitchen, the best dishes are simple, need little seasoning and just a few essentials like good oil, salt and pepper. These essentials are always on top of my countertop, I love good oil and often bring a bottle with me from a vacation in the south. A nice looking bottle is certainly something that I fall for, as are the salt and pepper mills we got to capture as the latest accessories in the serie of pictures we made for bulthaup

The salt mill is made from oak, the pepper mill from walnut and I think their design is beautiful and a simple functional way of adding a bit of a natural touch to the countertop. 

Curious to see the other accessories we styled and photographed for bulthaup? See all our work for bulthaup on the blog here and a selection of pictures in our w/ Style portfolio.

This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal

September 30, 2019

Sharjah Totems Collection by Pepa Reverter

A surprising press release from London Design fair in my inbox last week. I love these unexpected treasures and the work of Pepa Reverter is no exeption. Pepa Reverter's participation in the London Design Fair 2019 with her collection of outdoor ceramic pieces made in collaboration with Abdalla Almullacomes from the hand of the Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council and Barcelona based Cultural Agency 'Creative Dialogue', within a choral project that is pure craftsmanship, in dialogue with contemporary design and Arab and European culture. 

Pepa Reverter has been living in Barcelona for 25 years and has a Studio in Poblenou where she loves working with clay, and other materials that may carry in their essence some soul. Pepa Reverter: "Travelling is the best way to understand how globalization affects us socially, culturally and economically. The fusion of art and design has always interested me, and I believe this project is a good example of the coexistence of the two worlds." 

Depending on how the pieces are arranged, different results are achieved. Stacking the pieces on top of each other, two sculptures made up of two totems can be made. Taking apart both of the totems and place the pieces next to each other, the clay pieces transform into stools and tables.

pictures courtesy Pepe Reveter
September 25, 2019

24 hours in London with Graham & Brown

September is almost over and I must say it was hard to focus again after Summer, I find it difficult to find inspiration and new design(ers) that really make my heart jump at the moment. So if you are a designer and think we are a match, don't hesitate to write me! I love to travel and luckily I had a few really nice press trips this month to stay in vacation mood, including a trip to  London on invitation of Graham & Brown.

Each year, the UK’s leading wallpaper and paint specialist Graham & Brown announces its Wallpaper of the Year and Colour of the Year. Drawing upon over seventy years of design and manufacture experience in the field, the in-house design studio identifies key design shifts in the interiors sector and forecasts the future trends that will shape the Graham & Brown collections for the coming months.

It is only a few years the UK’s leading wallpaper manufacturer has expanded its collection to include paint, murals, wall art and soft furnishings. And while listening to their story told by Graham's grandson among other, I realized I used the company's paint a few years ago in my stand for imm and I was told a selection of colours of the collection by Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen are added to their permanent collection.

Above you see my mood board with the Graham & Brown colours used by then, which seems like ages ago. I am happy to have been able to work every year with the fair ever since and will be back in 2020, I am so grateful for our friendship.

Back to the press event in London ....For 2020, the studio has merged an archival design and a contemporary colour palette to create the Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the Year: Bloomsbury Neo-Mint and Colour of the Year: Adeline, showcasing the vibrant leaf green tones as complimentary colour partners. 

You can find all information of the new colours and different Bloomsbury wallpaper colours and prints here at the website. And at Graham & Brown's Instagram account you find different pictures also where the wallpaper is used. At the event I could appreciate how the company used one of the complementary colours to paint a cabinet  and the wallpaper at the inside.  

It was such fun to be back in London, last time I visited was in 2015 and I was forgotten how much I used to love the city. After the presentation we only had little time before heading back, and I was happy to pop in at some of my favourite stores including Muji and the Aesop store I showed on the blog already: A minimal Aesop store | Covent Garden London.
A real surprise was a dinner booked in one of London's most trendy restaurants Sketch London...what an amazing place, thanks so much for the invite!   

More images of the event and Sketch in my Pinterest albums here and here and here 

September 24, 2019

Fall Inspiration with terracotta design by Faina

The new images by Faina Design I received today showing their latest Ceramic Design collection have everything for a cozy fall with beautiful terracotta colours you could wish for. I already got tons of inspiration by their previous collection I showed you on the blog, not to mention their presence in Milan, have a look here if you love ceramic and sculptural design objects and furniture as much as I do: Faina returns to Italy for Venice Design

The new Ceramic furniture collection 'Terracotta set' by Victoria Yakusha, consists of 'Toptun' chair, 'Strikha' pendant lamp, table 'Ztista' and a set of vases called 'Kumanec' inspired by traditional festive pottery. Material used are next to clay, willow, cellulose, ash and felt. Together with the soft clay walls a dreamy terracotta fall image is created that makes me maybe for the first time after Summer holidays think of big sweaters and cooking delicious winter food. 

September 19, 2019

An all new Ceramic lamp collection by Moebe

When visiting ShowUp earlier this month I had the pleasure to have a sneak peek of the latest addition to the Moebe family, a brand new handmade Ceramic collection of lamps. The new collection consists of two pendants and a table lamp. The simple pendant lamp allows you to illuminate directly or to an angle. Its shade, whilst circular at the base, is rectangular at the top and sits freely to the cord. This allows the shade to angle left, right and completely rotate around. Changing its expression between cone and cylinder as you do so. 

The pendant can be used as a single piece by the side of a bed or sofa or used in combination over a dining table or an entire room. I especially loved the unglazed, matt and fine-textured surface. The body is handmade, therefore, every lamp slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making every pendant unique. You will find the new collection in stores from end of October.

Ceramic table lamp is a lamp with a sculptural form, that can illuminate in all directions. With a simple touch, pivot the lampshade up or down and rotate around, concentrating the light to any one direction. Position on a shelf, window, side table or bench and use as a backlight or a direct one. 

The lamp is constructed from three independent parts, a ceramic body, a ceramic shade, and a white glass bulb. The conical shape of the body allows for the bulb to be secured in place whilst giving the shade the freedom to be completely adjustable. The ceramic parts are handmade, unglazed and left raw, with colour pigment blended into the porcelain itself.