November 26, 2019

The Slow Beirut by Frama Studio

After opening the Frama studio store in Mexico, Frama brings their interior design ánd collection to Beirut, Lebanon where they designed The Slow, is a new café and concept store. In close collaboration with its commissioner, the location has been transformed from an old traditional café to a new contemporary concept store.

November 19, 2019

Minimal bathroom design in bronze | Elance by Paulina Neiser

“Elance” is a design of bathroom fittings designed by Paulina Neiser, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. And I think it is one of the most beautiful tap and shelf in one I have maybe ever seen! Also a shower head and taps are part of the collection, all to be found at Paulina Neiser

During her studies, she discovered her passion for metals and their color reactions within the oxidation process. The bathroom fittings are designed to be touched by the user and the water, in order to create color changes on the material. Water flows through the angled slit in the shelf and the same angle and curves appear in the taps and shower head, uniting the collection, emphasizing the flow of water and inviting users to touch them.

Nowadays consumers want to change or replace broken items quite often. This creates a huge amounts of waste, which then mostly cannot be fully recycled. In order to prevent waste of both the consumer and the industry, Paulina Neiser designed a bathroom fitting made from sustainable and recyclable material, such as copper, brass and bronze making each object unique and personal due their changing colours over time. The personal touch of individual changes of color makes every piece unique and makes it become more beautiful and vivid over time and through touch.
Text: Paulina Neiser

Picture Femke Reijerman | Design Academy Eindhoven

pictures via Paulina Neiser with thanks 
November 16, 2019

My Interior moments | imm Cologne 2020

Weekend is here and before I am off to buy some groceries and lots of candles to conquer these cold and early dark days. I love to tell you a bit more about a new campaign I am working on with imm Cologne. Next to Milan Design week, imm Cologne is the yearly Design fair I am most looking forward to, and I am really happy to be invited to work with the fair again in 2020.

Towards the actual fair I will share some #interiormoments with the imm Instagram account, and of course I will be at the fair ground for some days sharing my finds on Social media. imm will share different moments from a selection of creative minds from the Design world, see them here under Interior moments

In the first picture I shared,  a small setup with my friend AnoukB at her Amsterdam boutique showroom. Did you see the behind the scenes? I had a sneak peek at her collection and as always it was a pleasure to meet up. We always have lots to talk about, especially now concerning the small remake of my home we are doing.

Wishing you a happy weekend!

©vosgesparis | Written in collaboration with imm Cologne | #interiormoments #immCologne2020
November 13, 2019

A minimal collection by ignore Amsterdam | AMS NXT

After discontinuing my Amsterdam city quide app, I do kind of miss also working on my Amsterdam City blog. A blog I started long time ago to collect Amsterdam based interior hotspots, but with my focus on Vosgesparis and w/ Style and a serious lack of time I had to set priorities for myself.  I do love to stroll through my city though and as on Vosgesparis the focus is on design I though of a new blog category and show you a few times a month an Amsterdam based designer brand or fab location. Amsterdam Next, my Amsterdam city guide is also still online and might be handy to understand the different area's. Hopefully one day I will have the time to pick this fully up again and add all addresses to the blog.

Today I love to introduce you to ign_re Amsterdam Founded by Julien van Hassel, ignore is an Amsterdam based design studio who design and develop furniture and interior accessories with a minimalist character. All products are developed with full focus on the designs itself. This enables us to encourage people to make conscious interior choices. Would we make the same decisions if we ignore all the incentives around us and focus only what we really like?

For product information please visit Ign_re Amsterdam All products are designed in the Netherlands, 90% is produced in the Netherlands as well.
Thanks for visiting Julien! 

November 11, 2019

Michael Del Piero | Hamptons Design studio & shop

It's about two years ago I first mentioned Lukas Machink on the blog in this post: A minimalistic idea for your wardrobe corner and since then I have been following him on Instagram. For me Instagram is a great source finding new designers and great places. That if you are curious enough to click through once you come across something that looks interesting. Blogging is like journalism, you have to take an effort in looking around and connecting with people to understand the images that caught your eye.

This is also how I found Michael Del Piero and her shop and design studio in the Hamptons which I would love to give you a sneak peek of today on the blog. Michael Del Piero founded Michael Del Piero Good Design in 2007 Del Piero is known for her accomplished eye and uncommon knack for a serene and simple mix that bridges generations of style. 

Her distinct aesthetic fuses rough with luxurious and ancient with modern and fuelled by her global finds and an appetite for all things beautiful, Michael opened her eponymous shop in Chicago in 2008. Ten years later Michael expanded her east coast presence with a shop and design studio location in the Hamptons. Showcasing sculptural furniture, unusual objects and abstract art, the venue bows to her "never precious" style. 

Hamptons Studio & Shop, 372 Montauk Highway, Wainscott New York

Pictures courtesy Lukas Machink - Michael del Piero Good Design
November 8, 2019

un:divided - exploring the relationship between form and material

un:divided: New York exhibition by Fino Prydz
In case you are in the New York area I have something really nice to share with you today! 
I want to tell you about the first exhibition in the US by one of my online friends who lives in New York. If you visit my blog because you share the same taste and love for things like me, you have to have a look at his work, and if you ar lucky the exhibition of Fino Priydz. You might have spotted his artwork at my home: Choosing art and a bedroom update 

Showcasing his work for the first time in the US, Prydz will present seven new paintings made specifically for this exhibition. Inscribed with his minimalist vocabulary and abstracted forms, Prydz's paintings display a sensibility towards color and a subdued palette is used to focus on the natural materials such as lime, plaster and graphite. Together they lay the foundation for an exploration of the relationship between form and material.

Prydz arrived at the title of the show, un:divided, because its syntax echoes his process of splitting up forms and reconnecting them through mark making and compositional tension. He uses these formalist tools to investigate the themes of nostalgia and transience. 

The forms are derived from memory and visual observations of dimensional space, outlines and shadows. He is recreating textures of his youth; school yards, local architecture and sites visited while living in Scandinavia, contrasting the urban textures of his adopted New York: asphalt, concrete and metal.

Victori + Mo Contemporary Gallery 242 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011
November 5, 2019

Aesop opened their first location at Amsterdam

I plannend to show you some images made at the brand new Aesop Skincare store in Amsterdam for some days! It is actually the first Aesop store in the Netherlands and I am so happy Aesop choose the historical former Jamin candy store at Utrechtsestraat to be their location. Jamin used to be a really wel know candy store with different locations and the in 1911 renovated location at Utrechtsestraat is known as the best preserved Jamin store. Both the exterior and interior in neo Lodewijk XVI style are original including the mosaic floor.

I discovered Aesop some years ago and have been a fervent user ever since. No need to tell you I am really happy we finally have our very own Amsterdam store! Have a look here to see the different Aesop stores I covered on the blog before.

pictures ©vosgesparis