September 16, 2020

Three favourite design lamps by Danish Anour

Anour design lighting

Being a huge fan of Anour for years I was really happy to add one of their beautiful Divar lamps to my kitchen recently. Since then you probably have seen the three meter wall lamp in a beautiful browned brass several times pictured on my blog and Instagram. Anour is a well established design label by designer and architect Arash Nourinejad who started the label in 2007 to show his work.

It was after introducing the I model made as an accessory to compliment a bed he had crafted at his home during a renovation back in 2012 the brand really took off. With many leftovers from producing the I model, and demands from customers asking for different shapes of suspension lamps above home and office tables.

Arash started exploring the whole lighting range and fulfilling customers dreams thanks to new unique materials, variety of sizes. He opened his own workshop in Copenhagen where the company works until today and designed different models resulting in a carefully curated collection.

Anour Design lighting

I am curious to see what the future for the brand will bring as I really love their unique approach and the place they have in today's design industry. Collaborating with skilled craftsmen and professionals and production close to home enables them to create beautiful handmade Anour lights, work on new products and introducing new materials such as wood. I am also really excited to hear the brand started to develop their very first furniture piece recently! 

One of the things I personally love most recently is finding beautiful Design lighting for my home and I love to show you some favourites from the Anour collection that I wouldn't mind purchasing next. Anour table lamp

T Model Table Lamp is a design by Arash Nourinejad and their first table lamp. I have always find it super stylish, love the minimal look of it and can imagine it at my desk adding a soft light on my work or on one of my sideboards. The lamp also has my most sought after detail whenever looking at any newlamp: an integrated dimmer on the fixture. The lamp is made of metal with an alloy of brass that is polished, tanned or brushed by hand in Anour's workshop, making every lamp unique.

Anour table lamp

Anour I model

The Anour I Model Pendant Lamp is a design from 2012. With this lamp, the Danish lighting brand achieved real fame in the design world for the first time. It is a super slim and minimalist design that stands out for its sophistication. Due to the sleek design and use of materials, the design adds elegance and beauty to any space.

This lamp is available up to a length of 3 meters and various smaller lengths up to a minimum of 100 centimeters. In addition to the variant with textile cord that can be connected directly to a power point in the ceiling, there is a "wireless" option without a textile cable, which includes an external driver. Like most lamps, this one is also available in various finishes.

ANOUR X lamp

The Anour X Model Pendant Lamp is a variation on the I Model Pendant Lamp, the minimalist design concept is - as the name suggests - placed in an X-shape. If I would have a round table this lamp would definitely be an option!

The pendant lamp that almost seems to float in space is made of copper or brass that can be finished in various ways with matching color textile cord. Also this lamp is equipped with integrated LED that can be dimmed via a small button on the top of the fixture. After having followed the brand closely over the last few years, I really believe that, partly due to the many variations in finish and model, an Anour lamp fits in every type of home. 

ANOUR X lamp

ANOUR X lamp


Anour lamp

  Written in collaboration with MisterDesign // Pictures by Anour 

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September 14, 2020

Reform Launches New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects

New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects for Reform

As a very happy owner of a Reform kitchen designed by my favourite Scandinavian designers, Norm Architects, myself. I couldn't wait to show you their new kitchens designed for Reform! My own kitchen, called 'Surface' has fronts in sawn cut smoked oak with a countertop from Cosentino and I love how beautiful it blends in my home. You can have a look at it here and here 

'Profile', the new kitchen features a modern take on the classic integrated handle as its functional center piece. The integrated handle is no stranger to Scandinavian kitchen design. Norm Architects’ variation on an established theme doesn’t seek to reinvent the honoured design; rather, it evolves, tweaks, and breathes new life into the well-known functionality. Made from durable aluminum available in three different tones, the integrated handle features a slight but noticeable extruded and rounded profile. Profile is available in different colours and materials.

New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects for Reform
Profile in dark oak

Profile by Norm Architects for Reform
With 'Profile', Reform asked their valued partners at Norm Architects to design a kitchen archetype; the perfect kitchen with an integrated handle––an optimized design widely thought of as the best within its category. Instead of exploring uncharted territory, the Danish kitchen company looked to the market, examining what works and what doesn’t, to provide the best experience for the customer. Both the integrated handle and the kitchen fronts are available in a rich and varied array of colours and materials, carefully selected by Norm Architects to let you choose the perfect fit. 

Reform offers extraordinary kitchen fronts, countertops, cabinets, drawers and other high quality interior storage solutions at a reasonable price. Made from rich and varied materials, our carefully curated collections are easily combined with Ikea’s Metod modules. My own kitchen fronts are used with white Ikea cabinets and appliances and if you have an Ikea kitchen you can upgrade with the many different fronts. If you are building a new kitchen you can upgrade to wooden Reform drawers and their patented, new cabinet system. 

New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects for Reform

New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
Profile in natural oak
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
Profile in dark grey

New Kitchen by Norm architects for Reform
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
Profile in grey
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform
Profile in sand

New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform

Profile in white

New kitchen design by Norm Architects for Reform

// Images courtesy Reform // 

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September 11, 2020

Vipp Cabin Series | All new wooden furniture by Vipp

I am pleasantly surprised by the news about Vipp's first venture into solid wood furniture! Famous and loved for their metal kitchens, you might remember the pictures we made when I traveled to Denmark and Sweden to shoot and try their kitchen in real live in two of the three rooms of the Vipp Hotel? It was such a fun trip from Copenhagen into the woods in Sweden and the shelter at the lake. A small travel report can be found here: Travel w/ Style
September 9, 2020

A beautiful shaped table in wood and stone by Zanat

Koba table by Zanat

Working at imm I already noticed the beautiful craftsmanship of Zanat a few times. A designer furniture brand, founded upon a century-old family generation of heirloom-quality furniture making, known for its hand-carving techniques known as the “Bosnian Konjic style.” The quality and uniqueness of the work has garnered global acclaim, and several pieces are under state protection as part of Bosnia’s national cultural heritage.  On Instagram, follow me here, I recently noticed their new table Koba and as I know many of you love sculptures furniture pieces like this too, time to tell you more.
September 7, 2020

Textile sculptures by Mary Little at the beautiful Estudio Persona Space

Mary Little textile sculptures

For some years I had a beautiful hand made piece of paper on my wall, I remember touching it often as it felt so soft, it had small imperfections and reliefs and almost felt like textile. It is probably why I had to find out more about the  textile sculptures by Mary Little. Trained as a furniture designer at London’s Royal College of Art, she has always approached her work as sculpture. 
September 1, 2020

An untra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly home with black details

Even though for myself I lately prefer to bring more balance in my home combining softer materials with the industrial and black details, brick walls and industrial steel windows are still a favourite of mine. What really caught my eye in this home was the splash back in the all black kitchen. It is some years I use no more than a lick of black paint in my own kitchen, but I do love the tiny black penny round tiles used in both the kitchen and the bathroom here in this home. 
August 26, 2020

A new project | it's all in the details when working on a masterplan


Anyone else love to focus on smaller details when working on a new project or buying a larger piece of furniture for your home? I bought these two cushions, and hidden in my cabinet they help me set the tone and coming in the right mood for the next step in my own masterplan! The idea on how to shape your house into the home you always dreamed off, which I called my masterplan years ago, was really loved by so many readers over the years. It was not about quickly buying stuff and settle down but on creating along the way. And it is still very much alive ;) 

Masterplan 2.0 was bringing me in a different direction, away from the former homes I created in black and white and more mature and rich in material use. A beautiful dark kitchen, different flooring, all walls painted in soft colours, lots of new lights and more to come. And the latest the beautiful doors by KOAK design for my Pax cabinets. Have a look here if you missed it Minimal IKEA Hack with KOAK design | Pax cabinets upgrade 

Today it is chilly and windy and it almost feels like autumn even though it is still August, the month which for me means Summer holidays normally. I am slowly thinking forward and how to make the living more cozy as we will be staying a bit more at home I am afraid and I have some ideas taking shape already. 

pillowcases bought at Archivestore - full oak doors by KOAK Design

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August 24, 2020

Casa M by Pietro Franceschini

Casa M by Pietro Franceschini

A country house near Florence that once belonged to a popular Italian painter was transformed by Pietro Franceschini to become the perfect residence for its new owner. Concrete floors and a unique selection of one-of-a-kind items found place next to the old charm of the wooden beams and cracked doors. Thank you for sharing your work once more on vosgesparis! 
August 19, 2020

Minimal IKEA Hack with KOAK design | Pax cabinets upgrade

Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis

Having stored most of my possessions to make room for plastering and painting, I was in no hurry to put things back. Like many of you I decluttered even more than I already did these last months and with things put away for so long it was a great moment to reflect and think again what to keep and what to give or throw away. I started with all the different furniture pieces, a small table, a locker, stools, some drawers. Over the years I collected different furniture pieces and the first thing I did was selling all these and keeping only the pieces that I really love. 

Next I decided to build 2 ceiling high cabinets of a meter wide each and use my studio space, which I am not really using at the moment, for storage. One cupboard serves as a linen cupboard and wardrobe and the other provides space for my papers, camera tools, photo books, printer and other 'office' stuff and some accessories to exchange. My goal is to make everything I don't use every day fit into these two closets, while continuing emptying the last bit of my storage room.

A Pax cabinet upgrade with KOAK Design
Being a true believer of only surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and you really love, I decided to give the two cabinets a beautiful upgrade. While working at Beurs Eigen Huis earlier this year I got in touch with KOAK Design, a Dutch company born in 2009 out of the urge for smart and affordable interior solutions with real materials. After finishing their own home the couple behind KOAK Design realized their idea was applicable to many more houses.


Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis

I luckily made a picture of the material and finish that caught my eye at the fair and by chance I ordered 4 solid oak doors with a black finish, as I had seen on the 20x20 test panel. KOAK Design works a lot with solid oak wood. Each front has a unique drawing, the oak wood can be very light in color when finished with whitewash or very dark brown to black if treat with a stain. I chose for the last option the doors are even more beautiful than I could imagine. 

As you can see in the pictures, the base is made with simple PAX cabinets with shelves and drawers. I also bought the hinges, the doors made by KOAK Design are ready for installation, which is just as easy as with the regular IKEA Pax doors. Not only does KOAK Design apply this concept to the IKEA Pax (wardrobe) cabinet and IKEA Godmorgon bathroom furniture. They are well known for their different kitchen fronts

Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis

A peek in the wardrobe I use for textiles and some of my clothes that aren't on my clothes rack.Below a look into the other cupboard, which now function for all things work and office. 

Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis


On the other side of the room I have kept the picture rail for now and I also painted the whole room in 'Tusk' by Little Greene, glad and I left the concrete wall exposure, have a look here how it looked before. The industrial cart now functions as the place where I keep my books again, and the good thing is I can always exchange it again with the kitchen cabinet I styled in this Reels video definitely one of the advances to invest in less but multifunctional furniture. As for the cabinet doors, I might add some handles or leave it like this, I actually love the minimal look for now.  

Sustainable materials
All doors are made in their workshop in Abbenbroek, Netherlands and I was happy to read that KOAK Design mainly works with European oak and bamboo. Both natural materials that are already very beautiful untreated. Earlier this year I made a moodboard for the Domotex fairground and wrote an article for the blog about sustainability in which I mentioned Bamboo being a good alternative for hardwood. Bamboo grows very quickly,  and selective felling means there is by definition no deforestation. Bamboo has a high hardness, stability and durability, read more about it in my article here.  

Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis

Minimal IKEA Pax cabinet hack with KOAK Design at the home of vosgesparis

Written in collaboration with Koak Design
Pictures ©vosgesparis

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August 17, 2020

A new dining table | HAY Result & Pyramid collection


Especially these days with a beautiful kitchen I am really happy with, I dream a lot of people around my kitchen table, having dinner, laughing, good conversations and drinking a glass of wine together. I really miss these moments and it has me made think of how important certain people are in my life and the joy of sharing meals around a table. I love my self designed all metal kitchen table, but lately I do think a table with a wooden top might be more inviting and cozy. I don't know what I will decide but I am looking at different options. 
August 11, 2020

Scandizzo House, Toorak by Studio Kennon

Scandizzo House, Toorak by Studio Kennon

A beautiful kitchen on the cover of Australian Elle decoration and some research... Writing articles for the blog about beautiful products and spaces after finding a picture I love, is often a lot of searching, reading captions and stories and finding the right credits. Happy to show you some images about Scandizzo House, in Toorak by Studio Kennon, a Melbourne-based practice creating architecture from private homes to grander civic gestures, each project is considered for what it will contribute to the human experience, and how it will fulfil our need for connection. 
August 3, 2020

Pietro Franceschini first furniture collection | Olympus

Pietro Franceschini furniture collection Olympus
Bling Bling Ottoman // Photography Angela Simi

Pietro Franceschini is an architect and designer based in New York and Florence. He was educated in Italy, Portugal and United States and after receiving his B.Arch cum laude from Università degli Studi di Firenze and his M.S.Arch with 1st class honour from Pratt Institute. He worked as an architect until a year ago when he started a new project: PF | STUDIO, an interior and furniture design practice. 
July 30, 2020

New mages from my kitchen & a lamp made by ANOUR


Although you already saw some pictures we made in my kitchen for our w/ Style shoots, I made a few more to show you my latest treasure, the 'Divar' lamp from Anour. With a worktop extractor, which I would highly recommend in case you are building your kitchen, I had to think of how to illuminate the worktop and this part of my kitchen that is painted in black.

I love to keep the wall free from kitchen cabinets or cluttered shelves and with a relatively low ceiling already I didn’t want to lower it any further in order to build in some spots. After seeing a picture on Instagram off a kitchen with a likewise 3 meter worktop and the Divar lamp by Anour I had to have a closer look at the different materials and possibilities. 

Anour collaborates with specialized craftsmen called “brazier" [workers in brass] at their own workshop, which I showed on the blog last month: A new showroom for Danish lighting brand Anour With their own workshop the brand has the opportunity to create very specific material finishes and turn copper, brass, steel, aluminium, wood and marble into custom lighting for customers and bespoke projects. 

Anour Divar lamp in my kitchen at

Initially I could have chosen a matching brass finish, I loved to see the material with my own eyes though and see how the different finishes would match with the rest of my kitchen: the wooden cabinets by Norm Architects for Reform Copenhagen and the black Kelya worktop by Cosentino. I think it is important to see and feel materials and what finish you are most attracted to once you have them in your hands, for me decorating my home has all to do with emotion and what makes my heart jump.

After looking at the different samples, it didn’t take me long to go for 'Browned brass'. A finish that looks sophisticated with the black wall painted in colour ‘Amsterdam’ by Studio AnoukB and adds a sparkle at the same time. Besides perfectly made and finished I love the minimal look and soft light that shines both up and down and of course the dimmable function which I love. Also the finish of the lamp is versatile enough to also fit a lighter painted wall beautifully.


Sustainable & honest handmade products
The recent pandemic that we are in made it even clearer that we need to return to a simpler and more sustainable society. Honest handmade products, skilled craftsmen and professionals and production closer to home. Also in my own house I try to take this into account as much as possible and prefer buying a handmade product over mass production.

The fact that Anour collaborates with craftsmen in their own workshop is something I really appreciate, according to an interview I read, only a handful of official material finishers (braziers) are left in existence in Denmark. The finishers are the heart of Anour – They are the ones that shape the materials to obtain the perfect patina, suiting the lamps and light, to give the best look to blend with a specific room – And it’s all done by hand. Limiting the number of lights made, preserving the authenticity of the product and the story that comes with

For me personally it also meant I got all the answers to my questions and help including understanding the electricity connections needed and the option to adjust the length, good and clear communication is certainly something I love.

This however is not the only way they set themselves apart from the rest, for Anour, it has been important to work with materials that allow the buyer to enjoy their product for a lifetime. It is a showdown against the ever-hungry consumer society that buys, consumes and discards. It's about the tactile approach to materials. And embracing the ageing process of materials as value rather than a negative. 


Minimalism and trends
I feel lucky to have added this lamp to my kitchen and the fact I didn’t make quick decisions but chose a well thought design made by hand. It felt rather special to receive an email saying they started making my lamp. Anour produces to order – which means that no material will be wasted on stocking up a product which might never sell.

I personally love minimal design and Anour as a brand perfectly fits my ideas on how to decorate my home. I like simple lines and shapes without (to many) unnecessary features. Loving minimal spaces with only the bare essentials for me always go hand in hand though with the longing for friends around the table filled with plates and bottles, good food and the warmth of candles and soft lighting.

My taste developed over the years and it is no secret I love metal furniture, as it is timeless, I believe that only pure and natural materials can age with me over the years. And as Arash, founder of Anour says: “Design trends are often temporary, and they usually come at a high price for our planet’s material resources. That is why we rely on evergreens within our material library. Consciously working with simple forms in order to allow the materials to shine.”

“These precious materials don’t come cheap, and some of our lamps can seem expensive – but our uncompromising approach is based on high standards, we exist to create lamps that are so simple in design that they become timeless Icons. Carefully manufactured and constantly improved to get better and smarter “ Great design is about eliminating the noise, by reducing objects to their absolute essentials. I’m constantly searching for the source of purity and perfection in my work.” 

kitchen with Anour Divar lamp

The story
Reintroducing the value of simplicity is the first thing you see when looking at the website of Danish Design lighting company Anour and I couldn't agree more. I have been following Anour for a few years and wrote several blogs about them before, never this personal though and funny thing I discovered, in my very first post back in 2016 I selected the Divar as my favourite of the collection. 

Founder and Architect Arash Nourinejad graduated in 2007 and launched to showcase his portfolio while working as an architect for kitchens. The first ‘I model’, now a fundamental part of the Anour brand, was made as an accessory to compliment a bed he had crafted at his home during a renovation back in 2012. After showing the lamp at a furniture fair in Copenhagen Arash started exploring the whole lighting range, fulfilling customers dreams thanks to new unique materials, variety of sizes and opened his own workshop in Copenhagen. 

With many leftovers from producing the I model, and demands from customers asking for different shapes of suspension lamps above home and office tables, the company designed different models resulting in a carefully curated collection. When introducing the first table lamp in 2017 also wood was introduced as a new material for the I model, currently available in Oak, Black Stain Oak and Walnut. Recently also a new table lamp was introduced which I showed you in my home here for the first time. 

I love how my kitchen is coming together finding the perfect details over time and cooperating with beautiful brands and Studio AnoukB for the first floor and wall choices and as a perfect sparring partner and friend. Next I will be working on finishing some small details, and finding a beautiful carpet and new window coverings and maybe even a 'fire' place or different table to make the kitchen even a more cozy part of my home.

kitchen of

Written in collaboration with Anour
All images ©vosgesparis

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July 26, 2020

At home with Kinfolk | Dosan exhibition

kinfolk dosan

Kinfolk Dosan is a lifestyle and community space in Seoul and the world's first Kinfolk location - delivering the exact values from the Kinfolk magazines into reality. Built around a sunny courtyard in the heart of Gangnam, Kinfolk Dosan houses a bustling Tartine Bakery, concept store and florist on the ground floor, with a private loft, outdoor terrace and pop up event space upstairs. Currently the space is used for the first in a new series of experiential exhibitions. 
July 22, 2020

New plans and collections by Frama

While the team at Frama is preparing an all new experience at the Frama store for the next season, I thought of showing you the latest additions to their ever expanding collection. I have always loved the industrial character of the Eiffel lamp and need to confess I have one in a box for a long time waiting for the right place and time. If you love seeing more of Frama and their different projects have a look here at all my previous blog stories and styling.