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December 27, 2020

Design tables by Swedish Asplund

Round Design tables by Swedish Asplund

With no fairs to go any time soon, or shops to visit due the lockdown in Amsterdam, I am happy to stroll online to still keep up with design news and interior design in general. This year I regularly partnered with Dutch online store MisterDesign writing a monthly article on the blog. Not only do I love to shop at their store to satisfy my latest lamp addiction, it is also the place where I discover new design brands.

December 23, 2020

Behind the form | New works by Fino Prydz

Behind the form | New works by Fino Prydz

For those who follow for some years know that one of my most beloved artworks at home is made by Norwegian visual artist Fino Prydz. Inscribed with his minimalist vocabulary and abstracted forms, Prydz's paintings display a sensibility towards colour and a subdued palette is used to focus on the natural materials such as lime, plaster and graphite. Together they lay the foundation for an exploration of the relationship between form and material. Recently he found himself a new studio in New York ├índ released a new serie of paintings... Behind the form. 

December 21, 2020

A new Side table in American Walnut by Arno de Clercq

Made in American Walnut the Bunker Side Table is the latest addition to the collection of Belgian designer Arno de Clercq.  For those who are not familiar with his work, Arno's first collection has come to the idea that there are too few interiors where they no longer have the big and static vases and candlesticks that the people had in big houses over 100 years ago. By focusing on architecture, ancient arts and design, after war buildings, defence buildings (bunkers and fortresses) and tribal arts, he created a collection that has been found in international galleries and shops.

With each piece being unique and entirely handcrafted at his amazing atelier in Zaventem the collection expanded over the years, showing new furniture pieces and objects in different wood and bronze.

December 18, 2020

A new home by Pamela Makin of Les Interieurs

Maybe it comes with age or staying at home a lot lately watching a bit to many diy and redecorating shows, but I am developing a slight hang to interiors with a bit of grandeur, a bit like the huge Parisian apartments I used to show on the blog in the early years... houses with beautiful fire places and lots of light and a single piece of green in large vases. 

December 14, 2020

An electric fireplace for my home | Dimplex Optimyst

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Living in an 80ties apartment with central heating I have missed the focal point of a fire place from day one! I grew up with a coal fireplace, and had a gas fire later on, until moving into my current apartment. Of course I can't deny I love the luxury of central heating but especially in winter I missed the flames and the the sound of a crackling fire. It is something that gives me an ultimate peaceful and comforting feeling and a cozy and warm home feeling.

Earlier this year I spotted the Dimplex Cassette at Beurs Eigen huis, a Dutch fair I got to visit the weekend before the first lockdown. In the stand of 'Top interieur ontwerpers' the Optymist Cassette was build-in in a small construction and I was surprised by the illusion of the life-like fire. It all came back recently when Dimplex asked me to review one of their electric fire places. After some thinking on how to integrate a fireplace in my home I started with a new diy project where I could combine one of their cassettes and my wish to build a bench along the long wall in my living again.

I have some other ideas on where, and how to use the Dimplex Cassette 500 I chose. As this Cassette perfectly fit my idea of multifunctional use and is easy to move, I will show you some more in the next months. On Instagram stories I will add some images in a Dimplex highlight on how I build the long bench, a diy of mine I designed with the original idea of the bench I made for my television and inspiration I found in an image of Kelly Wearster and my visit to the Showhome of Studio AnoukB

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex is a leading producer of attractive electric fires, and has many unique designs to its name. Although Dimplex fireplaces are electric, they offer more by creating the illusion of a life-like fire: from a fascinating flame effect, glowing logs and the crackling sounds of wood to little sparks that seem to fly.

The Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500 I chose, produces flames made of pure water vapour and LED light. This model does not give of heat, and you can even touch the flames while creating that cozy feeling including the sound of a real fire. Suitable for installation projects and designed to fit into a custom-made frame or fireplace. 

The bench I made along the wall is around 5,50M including a small 70CM part where I build in the Cassette, including an open space to allow fresh air to circulate which is needed in order to produce the flame effect. I painted it in the same colour as the wall, have a look here about my wall colours. Literally all kind of build in ideas are an option, making this fire suitable for any room in your home. 

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Cassettes of different sizes can be linked for a see-through, three-sided, or fully open concept you envisage – in any length. You can to choose a fire for any occasion, or location from built-in, to wall-mounted, inset or freestanding and in different shapes.

The Cassette has an easy-fill water tank, I show you in my stories, that offers around 8-10 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required, also a quick-fit IEC (kettle) connection for an individual fireplace is one of the possibilities. Have a look here for all technical specifications on this particular model. The Cassette has a steal black top, and the log fire is available as an accessory.

Written in collaboration with Dimplex 
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Images © vosgesparis

December 8, 2020

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Earlier this fall, the award-winning Juno the Bakery opened the doors to their new location in Copenhagen, with site-planning and interior design by Frama Interior Architecture, a division of Frama.

With a holistic design concept that seamlessly brings together bakery production, service area, guest seating, and an urban garden, the new Juno retains the friendly neighborhood spirit of their original bakery but now features expanded space for guests to dine in, relax, and gather together. Additionally, the new Juno features large windows that provide opportunities for guests and passersby to observe the Juno team at work.

The successful partnership between Juno and Frama Interior Architecture was informed by a set of shared values. From the very beginning, Frama’s spatial concept was guided by the same values that have made Juno the Bakery a beloved local institution and a globally-recognized pioneer in artisanal baking: quality, authenticity, and an uncompromising attention to detail. More about the concept can be read here

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Juno the Bakery by Frama Studio

Pictures via Frama 
December 4, 2020

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone


If you have been watching me painting my home over the last year you know I have used lots of paint from the Gray colour card collection by Little Greene throughout my home. I mostly used Tusk and in the living I used Mortar, as you can see in the picture above. Also really curious to try out one of my other first choices: Limestone. Earlier I also wrote about the process of choosing colours for my home: A new colour moodboard for my home including a new Pinterest board filled with inspiration and ideas for a new colour scheme: New Colours | New home

Now Little Greene present a new colour card "Stone", a new, versatile palette of natural tones that radiate warmth, tranquility, timelessness and harmony. "Stone" is a coordinated collection of 36 neutrals, comprising 22 new additions to the Little Greene palette and 14 shades, judiciously selected from the Little Greene archives. To be next month, Januari 2021! 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

The new Stone collection consists of six color families, organized by undertone and based on the naturally occurring pigments Red Ocher, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. The Stone color chart is conveniently organized into six columns of the graduated color families. 

The wide range of colours represents the individual stone tones. The card is designed to make color selection easy. Colours in the same column can easily be used side by side within tonal color schemes. Shades from the individual color families can be combined to create a more dynamic, contrasting combination. Just like the Grey colour card I used really useful as a guide to choose the right colours for your home.

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

Colours with a story

"Stone" brings together a harmonious palette of colours, collected from an eclectic mix of grand and modest sources; from striking walls of prestigious entertainment halls to delicate tones of more modest rooms, to colours of decorative elements such as woodwork, plasterwork, stonework, upholstery, ceramics and wall coverings.

Eleven of the new colours in the Stone collection are the result of Little Greene's ongoing color research in the portfolio of National Trust properties. With this, the cataloging of original colours from important periods of interior design has continued. Not only paint colours have been explored, but also architectural elements, tapestries and even stone. I really love the historical aspect when it comes to the launch of a new colour card. 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

New neutrals

This capsule collection of warm neutrals offers a welcome turnaround after the ever-popular decade of gray! The transition to soft, more natural colours, often referred to as the "new neutrals," makes earthy, stony hues increasingly popular, offering a soothing alternative to cooler choices. The Stone colours can be applied in all areas of the home and add warmth, calm and simplicity as well as a sophisticated complementary decor for a variety of fabrics, wall coverings and furniture.

There is certainly a shift from cooler grays to the warmer neutral tones that the Stone palette offers. These colours are perfect for creating calming living spaces, while also achieving undeniable elegance in both a modern and classic setting. This is not about a return to the colour beige or magnolia. It's all about creating elegant and inviting interiors with these new neutral colours. 

A new collection of colours by Little Greene paint company | Stone

first image ©vosgesparis All other images courtesy Little Greene 

December 2, 2020

A black timber house by Norm architects

After reading about the new black timber house designed by all time favourite architects Norm Architects my attention was triggered and I love to share what I found out about the home called: The Fjord Boat House!

Located close to the water’s edge on the border of Denmark & Germany, The Fjord Boat House is used as a guest house or peaceful retreat when needed. Built on a raw concrete foundation with green, growing vines and black timber cladding, the exterior architecture of the cabin effortlessly compliments the surrounding nature. Handmade, ceramic brick stairs lead down from the main house and onto the terrace area, continuing into the interior and becoming a beautiful, rustic and distinctive characteristic of the space exclusive to the seaside abode. 

Organic shapes, tactile materials and artisanal ceramics add a softness to the space, complimenting the solid timber planks for a Skandijapanese aesthetic, and overall sense of beauty and purpose. With stunning views directly out to sea, a sense of serenity is overwhelmingly present, a perfect spot within the cabin to slow-down, unwind and be in the moment.

A neutral colour palette consisting of muted tones creates a warm and welcoming space for outside elements to become of focus from within. A combination of soft furnishings and elegant design enhances the subtle interior both tactilely and acoustically. 

With a built-in timber kitchen and wooden panels containing hidden storage, clutter is minimised and space is optimised. A selection of furniture with notes of soft-minimalism have been chosen in high-quality materials with elegant form, creating a sense of subtle luxury within the cabin Small design details are inspired by Japanese fishing harbours, adding a maritime aesthetic to the interior. 

Text & images courtesy Norm Architects 
November 30, 2020

A huge chandelier by Neptune glasswork

With a background in both Engineering and Fine Arts, Uri Davillier began Neptune Glassworks in 2000 with the goal of building a brand that exemplifies thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail. Trained in glass, ceramics, and sculpture, Uri has honed his craft over the last decade and continues to produce both functional designs, as well as sculptural pieces. 

He has worked and taught in studios across the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. Now based in downtown Los Angeles, Uri has assembled a team of artists, designers, and fabricators to help render his vision. Together they are producing innovative designs that are a reflection of the ambiguous line that has always existed between art and technology. Both organic and highly ordered, Neptune Glassworks' designs seek to challenge the false dichotomies of logic and free-association; masculine and feminine; transparent and opaque; old and new // text and images Neptune Glassworks // 

On the website you will find a variety of different and unusual chandeliers and lighting projects. 

November 27, 2020

Styling white ceramic pendant lamps above my kitchen table

Moebe ceramic lamp

I always love to see how a product I love looks and feel in real life and experience how it fits my own home. The ceramic pendant lamps by Moebe tick all the boxes, not only do I really love ceramic, the shape of the pendant lamps is really beautiful too and I was happy to get the chance to see and play with the design at my own kitchen. 

Due to all the restrictions lately we sadly were not able to travel and for this w/ Style collaboration, Wen and I decided to each style and photograph the items in our individual homes. Which also gives you an idea how the lamps fit in two different styled homes at the same time. 

The possibility to illuminate directly or to an angle opened gave me lots of different options on how to hang the lamps. I think they look really pretty placed in a row above the table, and I can see endless options to vary with the shades throughout any home. 

Moebe ceramic lamp

The shades I used are circular at the base, and rectangular at the top and sits freely to the cord. This allows the shade to angle left, right and completely rotate around. I love how the pendant has been left unglazed, and raw. Burnt at over 1100°C,  a final matt and fine-textured surface was created. The shade is handmade and therefore, every lamp slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making each pendant unique. Recently Moebe also released new colours: Terracotta, Olive and Light Grey. 
As said, we have a kind of double post with our friends at Moebe today, one here on Vosgesparis and at the same time Wen shows a different lamp from the collection and styled the new Moebe storage boxes at her blog at BeeldSTEIL. The way the boxes are assembled remind me of the famous picture frames by Moebe we used in the Hoxton apartment. Minimal and very clever at the same time if you ask me like most of Moebe's design! 

Moebe ceramic lamp

Moebe ceramic lamp

Written in collaboration with Moebe 
Styling and photography vosgesparis // photo editing BeeldSTEIL

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November 25, 2020

Nomad | A furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel presents her first furniture collection, 'Nomad'. Handcrafted in Belgium and made of solid oak or walnut with subtle details in brass. 

The idea for the collection started early in 2020, when Nathalie Deboel's life tilted from being constantly on the move to a period of home working and reflection. She immersed herself in the habits of nomads and the wooden sticks they carry and which they use to create temporary homes and furniture. The Nomad collection is built around the concept of this rounded wooden stick as a basic, utilitarian element.  

Nathalie Deboel’s quest for the essence results in a collection that consists of a library, a rectangular and a round table, a daybed, and an armchair. The collection will be further expanded in the coming weeks and months with new designs.

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

photography Thomas Debruyne / Cafeine

November 22, 2020

Cosentino City Amsterdam | A new Cosentino inspiration center

Cosentino city Amsterdam

First of all I wanted to thank you for your nice words about my black kitchen corner over the last few months. I was so happy to finally have been able to add the Reform fronts designed by Norm architects to my kitchen. And as you might have seen also I went to the Dutch Cosentino headquarters together with my friend Anouk from Studio AnoukB who helped me to decide on the countertop. For the backsplash I used 'Amsterdam', one of her own studio paint colours available through Studio AnoukB. I finished the wall with my beautiful brown bronzed lamp by Anour. I will provide you with all links and blogs I made at the end of the post. 
November 20, 2020

Marble sinks for all interiors


After meeting each other earlier this year, I was happy to collaborate with antoniolupi on a monthly base. With all the outstanding design and bathroom furniture, accessories, mirrors and products for the living space it was a pleasure to write a series of monthly articles about the company. Maybe you looked at the images or read every letter of the different posts, but I am sure his work must have impressed you.