July 2, 2020

A new kitchen with Dekton by Cosentino and Reform Copenhagen | w/ Style shoot

Dekton by Cosentino countertop Keyla

Some time ago I wrote about my kitchen remake and visiting Cosentino
, and you might remember how after looking into the many options, I choose a beautiful countertop from the Dekton 'Natural series' I wrote a long blog about it here: A kitchen remake with Cosentino. Countertop 'Keyla' which I chose has an industrial and chic look with elegant white veins. 

It has been finished some months now and I am fully enjoying my new kitchen. For Cosentino we made a few images with w/ Style. I styled the countertop using props from our friends at Serax and Wen came to my home to make the pictures. It's so great to be able to work together again after all the delay and restrictions. 

Working with a Dekton countertop on a daily base is a pleasure I can tell! Previously I could worry about scratches or accidentally placing a hot pan on my countertop... with Dekton I now have a professional countertop that 
has an excellent resistance to high temperatures and a highly scratch-resistant surface. I love the look of it and how it is only 1,2 cm thick which gives it an elegant appearance. The smooth edges the stoneworker made are almost brown and perfectly fit the wooden kitchen fronts by Reform Copenhagen. 

Dekton by Cosentino Countertop

A new kitchen  

The first kitchen I replaced the original with around ten years ago was an all white kitchen with RVS details, and a imitation wooden countertop. This one is different and of higher quality! A kitchen designed by Norm Architects for Reform which was on my wish list ever since I first saw it in Copenhagen, and I love how it matches with the Cosentino countertop. The brass handles fit so beautiful too. The kitchen is build with Ikea cabinets and Reform offer many different options to customize your kitchen to your own needs and taste.

One of the best appliances is the new Bora Pure, a cooker with built-in extractor hood, I bought at Werkbladafzuiging.nl, a site specialized in cooker solutions with built in extractor hoods. The wall is painted with colour 'Amsterdam' from the new paint collection by Studio AnoukB, to be launched very soon! 

So what's next... A new lamp for the backsplash is coming soon and a new lamp will also be hung above the table. I have a few more ideas for after Summer I will discuss with Anouk of Studio AnoukB, so glad she helped me making some major decisions for the kitchen design so far. In case you would like to read more technical specifications on Dekton by Cosentino, I added those at the end of the post. 

Dekton by Cosentino Countertop

Dekton by Cosentino Countertop

Dekton by Cosentino Countertop

Dekton by Cosentino Countertop

Keyla countertop - Dekton by Cosentino 

Dekton’s Industrial series, were created to pay tribute to the beautiful imperfections of the metals and stone in all their different stages of ageing. Organic processes that are reflected in the richness and complexity of oxidation and the authentic beauty of maturing stone

Dekton can be used both inside as outside and is offered in large-format slabs of varying thicknesses that open up all new kinds of possibilities that you can imagine and had previously been unthinkable. A real plus for the kitchen also is that Dekton has an excellent resistance to high temperatures and a highly scratch-resistant surface. In my previous post there's a video also that explains the concept behind Dekton industrial.

This post is written in collaboration with Cosentino. 
Concept w/ Style, Photography by Wen van Woudenberg, styling Desiree Groenendal
Kitchen design Studio AnoukB

June 30, 2020

A new showroom for Danish lighting brand Anour

In my previous post I wrote how I love brands create a space where work and showroom go hand in hand. Danish lighting brand Anour goes even a step further in their all new showroom where next to office and showroom even the production is under the same roof, giving the opportunity to visitors to get a holistic experience of Anour. Located just outside Copenhagen in a 300m2 warehouse from 1970, straight lines, cracked flooring, brutalist architecture influence and "desaturated tones", form the setting to complement the different metal finishes of the products.  

"A creative space to experiment and test new products and constellations" says founder and architect, Arash Nourinejad. "A lot of planning went into the renovation of the building to make it suitable for our purpose. Basically, we had to tear down 70% of all the walls and redesign the entire layout. My architectural background was helpful, and I got to realize an ambitious remodelling." 

I have been following the brand for several years and admiring their work at the different trade fairs. The label stands for the highest level of craftsmanship and continuing in the footsteps of Danish design traditions. Each piece is made with a focus on sustainability in design, production, and technology. Individually tailored for each customer, and I am happy to tell you the team is making a lamp to finish off my own kitchen at the moment and I can't wait to show it to you! 

Photography Jeppe Sørensen
June 26, 2020

A tour through the new home of Ferm Living

Earlier this month I gave you a sneak peek of the new Ferm Living space. I love brands combining work, office and showroom, where as a customer you can find inspiration and shop at the same time. Somehow buildings like that look more alive, you feel a buzz rather than being at a big silent showroom.

The building at 
Kuglegården 1-5 is a historic building that dates all the way back to 1777 and will be a universe of all things ferm LIVING, open to private consumers as well as wholesale clients and the press. A milestone for the brand and as Trine Andersen says: “It has always been a dream and a goal for us to have a space in which we can welcome the public into our ferm LIVING universe. To be able to do that in such a beautiful, historic location in the heart of our beloved hometown is very exciting for us.”

June 24, 2020

Blomus 2020 collection | w/ Style Photoshoot

Living in two different cities in a lockdown situation, it took some time to be able to do what I love most… styling and photographing for w/ Style. As soon as it was possible again, we teamed up to work with the new 2020 collection of blomus. After shooting a previous collection in the Amsterdam apartment, see here, we love following the German family-owned brand. Their minimalist, and functional design perfectly fit our aesthetics and we love how the brand sticks to their belief in honesty of materials and the purity of shape. 

blomus 2020 collection 
The 2020 collection is of course much larger than the few items I can show in one blogpost but I love to give you a sneak peek. More images can also be found on my Instagram highlight and in this Pinterest album. 

Additionally this season marks the introduction of products by talented young international designers lending their imagination, dedication, and unique sense of shape to the aesthetic world of blomus. Find their collection and story here: Behind the scene - from a design perspective 

blomus 2020 collection

2020 Blomus collection by w/ Style

When choosing the items for our shoot and with a dark kitchen as a backdrop in mind, the ceramic SABLO tableware line, designed by Frederike Martens, immediately caught my eye. It takes its inspiration from natural materials – sand, clay and water. Soft shapes and round edges. A few subtle colour variations give the collection a crafty feel which I personally really love. 

The 2020 Blomus collection includes a lot of new products for the kitchen and table, including everything for a good glass of wine or a cocktail, and beautiful table textile, runners and napkins in natural colours as well as more earthy. I am a fan for years of their table textile made out of super soft linen.

We collected our favourites in the cabinet below, where you can also see different bowls from the REO collection in combination with Sablo plates in different sizes, including a larger bowl. Both collection offers a wide range of coordinated sizes while REO is also available in different colours for mixing and matching in the kitchen or anywhere else at home. 

2020 Blomus collection by w/ Style

Subtle colours also in SALTI, the Salt- & Peppermill here pictured in the Colour Nomad - Moonbeam a colour that perfectly fit my favourite mushrooms don't you think. We choose the REO storage tray, made of powder-coated steel in the colour “Rustic Brown”.

Blomus 2020 collection | w/ Style Photoshoot

New also is the AROUND studio stool, available in warm sand beige and in two different grey's, is reminiscent of the classic piece of furniture from old factory halls. The combination of solid wood and solid steel accentuate its authentic industrial style. The height can be continuously adjusted to different purposes. We loved to see the 2020 collection with our own eyes. Be sure to check out the new collection at Blomus 

Blomus 2020 collection | w/ Style Photoshoot

This post is written in collaboration with Blomus | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal
June 19, 2020

All new images from Oliver Gustav Copenhagen store

With borders slowly opening for selected country's, and for a minimal stay of six nights only, according to the email I just received from Visit Denmark. A visit to Copenhagen is not within reach for me any time soon... and that is okay although I would have loved to travel to Denmark for 3 days of design. I love the city, the stores and all the beautiful showrooms of our favourite Scandinavian brands.

Oliver Gustav is one of the places I always try to visit when visiting Denmark and when talking with them recently I was happy to receive a few new images of the Copenhagen store. For me it is the perfect store with many sculptural and unique pieces, some antique, some made out of metal and always surprising and a store decorated with a good dose of drama.
June 15, 2020

Meet Italian brands online in our Salone del Mobile Special

For a while we had hopes up to fly to Milan for a postponed Salone del Mobile this week. The rest is old news … it just didn’t happen. One of the things I love most during Milan design week is discovering new and unknown brands. Milan Designweek is a combination of work and pleasure with scrolling through the city with the little group of friends I share an apartment with for years and meeting designers and fellow friends from all over Europe and abroad. 

June 12, 2020

A raw and minimal home by Michael Falgren | frama stories

Danish photographer Michael Falgren opened his house and went in conversation with Frama at his 1970’s house in Hornbæk. Together with his family, Michael decided to leave the busy Copenhagen-life in the spring of 2018 and started an in-depth restoration where sustainable materials were key elements while respecting the soul and history of the house. 

June 11, 2020

New tableware by Sergio Herman for Serax

When it comes to ceramic tableware, Serax is one of my favourite brands. Most of my dinnerware is from Serax and I am really happy to be able to work with their collections for a few years now in our different shoots for w/ Style.  Sergio Herman, not a stranger on the blog either is one of the top chefs Serax created new collections with over the last years, I was so happy to receive his cooking book when visiting Serax a few years ago where Sergio cooked for us all. The pictures and recipes, his risotto is my favourite, are amazing! Together with Serax Sergio now created Inku.

June 6, 2020

Beautiful metal finishes and built-in shower-head design

Antoniolupi is known for their outstanding design and bathroom furniture, exclusively bathroom accessories, mirrors and products for the living space. In a previous post I introduced antoniolupi and their minimal bathtub collection in Cristalmood, a resin developed by antoniolupi. Antoniolupi uses various materials in its collections, next to Cristalmood we see Flumood, marble, wood and stone among others.

June 4, 2020

A new boutique and showroom for Ferm Living in Copenhagen

If you love Copenhagen and are able to travel safe, here is some news for you from Ferm LIVING. Nestled between picturesque canals, houseboats and the untamed freetown Christiania, Ferm Living will open the doors to their new boutique and showroom. Kuglegården 1-5 is a historic building that dates all the way back to 1777, and whose uncompromising façade creates a beautiful contrast to its unpolished backdrop. The building will be home to Ferm Living's offices and a 450m² combined showroom and boutique – ferm LIVING’s first.
May 29, 2020

Arno Declercq | New collections and website

It has been almost 3 years I first introduced Arno Declercq on the blog and I have been following him ever since. Being an admirer of his work from the first hour, I really enjoy his journey and growing collection after starting his own brand of rough bespoke items in May 2017.

May 25, 2020

The Nieuw apartment in Amsterdam by Jurjen van Hulzen

I received a new project in my mailbox the other day, located in my hometown Amsterdam: The Nieuw Apartment.  A beautiful city apartment in the heart of Amsterdam, on one of my most loved  canals the Prinsengracht. Designed by and for design lovers offering its visitors to relax and disconnect while being in the heart of town.

May 19, 2020

TLight colllection by Michaël Verheyden

The first time I saw the work of Michaël Verheyden was in 2012 while visiting Maison et Objet, I wrote a blogpost about the mix of materials of the likes of Michaël and Rick Owens.

May 14, 2020

Ambient and soft light for the home | Donya by Anour

Really happy to be working together with Anour on a next project for my kitchen to perfect the lighting. As most lamps by Anour are handmade it will take some weeks before I can show you the result, but I know it will be worth the wait and look amazing! I have been following and admiring the brand for the past few years and love their minimalistic approach on design. 
May 11, 2020

A new vase at home | Studio Piet Boon for Serax

I am not an impulsive buyer and are quite selective of what comes into my home, hence I have some things for years. But these days when spending more time at home and missing visiting my design stores downtown, I get really happy with some new accessory for my home. Some weeks ago I joined a press breakfast at Grand & Johnson at their studio and store. It was a lovely morning and a great opportunity to have a first look at the beautiful new design and products.
Among their collection a series of five vases
May 7, 2020

A one of a kind collection by Anestis Michalis | Lava ceramics

I would love to introduce Anestis Michalis to you, an Athens based freelance stylist who I have been following over the last years on Instagram. Working as an interiors stylist after studying Interiors architecture and working in the design industry, he was appointed chief editor of Greece Elle Decoration magazine. Over the last 15 years he has cooperated with photographers and studios on interior & concept styling as well as style consultancy for top architecture practices and property development companies.

May 4, 2020

A perfect atmosphere with Duca candleholders & a new lamp

Although it might be a slow process in your eyes, I still make small changes to my home everyday. Whether it is rearranging a cabinet or strolling hours over the internet through different catalogs and websites for the best interior items. I know what I want to achieve to create a comfortable home for myself and isn't the process of searching and dreaming part of the fun? There are still two important things though that really need my attention: window decoration, most of the wooden blinds are broken, and lighting!
April 30, 2020

Antoniolupi design | Cristalmood bringing colour and character to the bathroom

While the world seems to have come on hold, and we are mostly home between our own four walls for the last weeks, a comfortable home has become more important than ever. For several years I have been writing about the importance of only surrounding yourself with the things that you really love and to focus on a more minimalistic and multifunctional home where we choose more consciously what comes in, stays and what goes.

With all the time we currently spend at home, it seems more important than ever to look at our house and the different rooms again. In any case, with the above in mind, quality is important when we make choices nowadays. Whether you have a new home or want to upgrade the home you live in, I think it is important to go for quality products that last, learn about design and show our appreciation for designers and craftsmanship.

Italy is the country of choice when it comes to quality and design for decades. While working at imm back in January, I got to meet Andrea Lupi, art director of antoniolupi and learn more of the versatile famous Italian quality brand. I could feel Andrea’s passion for the family brand and the different products while walking with him through the stand where several bathrooms were perfectly combined with living spaces and a spectacular showcase of the different shower heads.

April 28, 2020

Plant Tribe | Living happily ever after with plants

Last month the new Urban Jungle Bloggers book PLANT TRIBE – Living happily ever after with Plants was launched. A 240 pages book by the creative duo Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaf who together with photographer Jules from Herz & Blut over the last year and a half worked and traveled around the globe to capture personal stories about how plants have a positive impact on the lives of people. They visited 17 plant-filled homes of friends of the global plant tribe of Urban Jungle Bloggers they created after initially sharing their own love for houseplants on 'Urban Jungle Bloggers' in 2013.

April 27, 2020

L. Ercolani x Norm Architects

The other day I showed you the beautiful kitchens of  Edward Collinson Design studio, today another Uk furniture maker who partnered with Norm Architects on the design of two product series. L. Ercolani, sub-brand of UK furniture maker Ercol 
represents a heritage and philosophy that Norm Architects understand intuitively and they share a humble and democratic approach to craftsmanship and the use of honest materials.  

April 24, 2020

Edward Collinson Design studio | An all black kitchen & table

Round sculpture tables are still a favourite of mine and when coming across the 'Note table', I found the account of Edward Collinson, a design studio based in London that design and build quality furniture and kitchens!

April 20, 2020

An all black home with a 19th century brick façade

Some time ago I came across this  500m² home in Brussel online and could not keep my eyes of the amazing wall finishes! According to the project website from K2a architects, the home were once 2 very narrow houses that were in poor condition. They were exploited by an owner who would rent out individual rooms to students.
April 16, 2020

Minimal photography | Kristina Dam SS20 collection

Despite waking up very early with a cloudy head again, I feel really happy today, the sun is out and we have amazing temperatures outside, what else can I wish for during these days at home. I was in the middle writing a blogpost with an amazing dark home in Brussels today, but found a few more images of the SS20 collection by Kristina Dam to post instead.

Different materials and shapes and beautiful minimal photography is what makes every new collection of Kristina a feast for the eyes. 
April 13, 2020

NORR11 Fin Side Table

During my first visit to Iceland in March 2015 I visited the NORR11 showroom and it is no secret it was love at first sight. I have to admit I still dream about their black table with brass legs and the huge black vases, how cool would that table look in my current kitchen!
April 9, 2020

A collection of minimalist interior objects | Humanhuman

Humanhuman is a collaborative project bringing together the vision of Alex Lesage and Emmanuelle Roque; a contrast of two individuals with similar aesthetic values, having a complementary approach to the design process. A collection of minimalist interior objects showing an appreciation for the impermanent nature of things, drawing inspiration from traditional techniques of diverse cultures while exploring contemporaneity through shapes and lines. 

April 8, 2020

Brutalism and minimal aesthetics | shop my style

Last year I already had the chance to see a glimpse of the new collection in Copenhagen and when recently strolling through the catalogue of 101 Copenhagen I fell in love all over again with their style and collection. Many of the new pieces I could without any doubt add to my interior as they have a both Brutal and minimal Japanese style in one. Pieces with names as Kyoto and Osaka are inspired by sculptural shapes of ancient Japanese and Chinese vases and traditions.

April 1, 2020

A specialty cafe in the oasis city of Al Ain | La Petite

Bone is a boutique interior architecture studio currently based in Dubai and designers of La Petite, a new specialty cafe in the oasis city of Al Ain in the U.A.E. I never posted a project or home from the United Arab Emirates on the blog, if you read on and look at the pictures , you will soon find out why I loved this project.

March 27, 2020

Minimal room screens for your home

The days folding room screens were just a necessary or functional solution are way behind us! Originally found in China in the 7th century they were mainly used by royalty, very heavy and ornate, and were not moved around. In the 8th century, the Japanese began using lighter, more portable room dividers for tea ceremonies, religious events and outdoor processions.