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January 31, 2020

An installation by Molo design and production studio | imm 2020

If I have to choose one thing that for me personally really stood out at imm Cologne, something I thought was so different and beautiful that it is still on my mind, it has to be Canadian design and production studio molo For the studio's first appearance at imm Cologne, molo's award-winning collection of modular space partitions formed a beautiful backdrop for their lighting, table and seating elements.

Designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, molo’s award-winning soft collection is a modular system of space partitions, lighting, table and seating elements that use honeycomb geometry to flex, expand and compress. Made from recyclable paper or non-woven textile materials paired with a patented system of magnetic panels, the collection empowers individuals to redesign and reshape their surroundings with spontaneous ease. 

January 29, 2020

Sculptural minimalism | new design by Kristina Dam as seen at imm

It is always a pleasure to chat with Kristina Dam and see her new collections, and this year at imm was no exception. I have written several blogs about Kristina Dam studio over the last years on the blog and was curious to see what was new!

If you did'n visit imm I think you will love these pictures and a sneak peek of the new collection and brand book. A few favourites as spotted at imm! Have a look at the rest of the 2020 collection here

January 26, 2020

VDM German design tour | imm Cologne 2020

After a few days in Germany last week, where I visited both Domotex and imm cologne, the two first fairs of the year. I already showed you my 3 favourites from MenuFerm Living and the new Norr11 collection as seen at imm. Covering the fair is something I love doing, it is a combination of showing all that catches my eye and overall showing what I got inspired by. 

This year I was also part of the jury in a competition by VDM- The association of the German furniture industry. You might remember my post asking you to join the competition by asking: What does being at home mean to you Winners of the competition see them here, were invited to come to imm cologne and spent a day with VDM. 

January 24, 2020

NORR11 New collection and favourites at imm cologne 2020

I was really happy to see NORR11 presenting their collection and novelties at imm 2020 again, a beautiful stand in the typical Norr11 style I love best. And what an opening shot if I may say so with the new to launch sofa, and wall lamps and chandelier from the new 'Deco Collection', one of Norr11's new light collections.
January 21, 2020

3 Ferm Living favourites as seen at imm 2020

I loved Ferm Living's approach to Low living, a laid back style in earthy colours and a sofa to never get out... while being surrounded by earthy tones and the countless new design objects at imm this year! It was a real fest for the eyes old design in new colours and many new additions to the ever expanding Ferm Living collection. I can't wait to see it all again in the new space during 3 days of design.

January 18, 2020

3 MENU favourites as seen at imm 2020 | Connected spaces

If you just as me already fell in love with the Androgyne Side table designed by Danielle Siggerud for Menu you will certainly like the latest additions to the Androgyne collection I spotted during imm Cologne among some other favourites. As always the Menu stand was one of the highlights of imm and this year we could wander through a small home, inspired by The Audo, menu's creative space in Copenhagen. 

January 16, 2020

Epic table by GamFratesi for GUBI

Continuing the long-standing relationship with award-winning duo GamFratesi, GUBI recently launched the Epic Table collection. Named after the epic poems of ancient times, the Epic Table is a sculptural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture. 

January 15, 2020

IV Residence by Studio Brent Lee

It is no secret I am a huge fan of Studio Brent Lee, an architectural & interior design studio based out of Sydney, Australia as I have been showing several of their work on the blog. The studio’s approach to an interior space or building is refined, leaving only the necessary structure and furnishings while applying finishes that seamlessly flow throughout the building or space.

January 14, 2020

Ceramics by Evi Radoes

During a 5y ceramic course at the Academie of Haspengouw Evi Radoes fell in love with ceramics. Since 2018 she has a little studio in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. Her background as an architect has contributed to her view on design.

I first came across her work through Amsterdam based Restored a few years ago and love to finally show her work on the blog. In her work she is always looking for serenity. Clean shapes, lines and soft colours that bring her peace. Smooth or rough surfaces of bare clay combined with a subtle glaze. No two pieces are exactly the same and every item is thrown on the wheel and carefully finished by Evi.
January 9, 2020

imm Cologne and new lighting by New Works

Next week I will be back at imm Cologne, my favourite fair of the year! I will join a tour together with the VDM I have been working with over the last months. And I am really happy to work with the imm on an Instagram takeover again. I really cherish my relationship with the imm fair and feel honoured to work with them for the last four years. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see my impression and the interior moments of tomorrow!
January 8, 2020

LC Project by Belgian designer Nils van der Celen

Wooden slats seem to grow as a trend in interiors and I especially noticed the use in our bedrooms lately where we see beautiful headboards. I think they look really sophisticated and seeing your reactions on my former post about the use of wooden slats at home, you love them too! Here is a previous post if you like to have a look  An amazing headboard and more ideas on how to use wood at home 

January 7, 2020

A new blog year and visiting RAW Studio and Showroom at Mallorca

March 2020 Vosgesparis will be online for 12 years and over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how 2019 has been a bit of a quiet year on the blog. It was a good year filled with some amazing work and press trips that gave me the opportunity to travel around, our work for w/ Style all next to a part job a few days a week. Vosgesparis is a personal blog, there is no team behind and I found it hard to concentrate and focus on the blog last year, something I also really missed and... I blame social media! 

January 2, 2020

Sky Ladder bookshelf by Gabriel Tan Design

I am pretty sure you saw the picture above before. Pictured at the exhibition during Stockholm Design week, where I was introduced to Ariake in this beautiful setting of an apartment under construction. Ariake became quickly a brand we all fell in love with. Previously I showed you another beautiful example: The Kumiko cabinets... how I would love a pair for my own home!

January 1, 2020

Inspiration in beautiful colours from Laurie Poast atelier

Following my blog and maybe on Instagram you must have seen I made a new colour scheme for my home and slowly drifting away from the black & white after years. I even painted some of my concrete walls over with a soft stoney colour by Little Greene Paint company. Nothing to spectaculair but it feels good to surround myself with some warmer colours and darker floors.