May 29, 2020

Arno Declercq | New collections and website

It has been almost 3 years I first introduced Arno Declercq on the blog and I have been following him ever since. Being an admirer of his work from the first hour, I really enjoy his journey and growing collection after starting his own brand of rough bespoke items in May 2017.

His first collection has come to the idea that there are too few interiors where they no longer have the big and static vases and candlesticks that the people had in big houses over 100 years ago. By focusing on architecture, ancient arts and design, after war buildings, defence buildings (bunkers and fortresses) and tribal arts, he created a collection that has already been found in 20 international galleries and shops.

With each piece being unique and entirely handcrafted by him at his amazing atelier in Zaventem the collection expanded with several new furniture pieces and Bronze objects which can be found in their own section at the new website. I still have my eyes on the AD bench above in burned and waxed Iroko wood, with a beautiful leather cushion, which I fell in love with after meeting Arno at his first Milan exhibition last year. 

"Iroko" is used in many objects, according to the West African culture, the ancestors lives in these trees, which they call "the king of the forest". Arno also combines Iroko wood with Belgian Oak, that dried for more than 30 years for his collection. Objects are treatend through the Yakusugi technique or "Shou Sugi Ban" the ancient Japanese technique where the objects are burned to protect the wood from weathering and subsequently fixed to get a patina look as long as possible. Have a look at the new website and collection by Arno Declercq

Images courtesy Arno Declerq 
May 25, 2020

The Nieuw apartment in Amsterdam by Jurjen van Hulzen

I received a new project in my mailbox the other day, located in my hometown Amsterdam: The Nieuw Apartment.  A beautiful city apartment in the heart of Amsterdam, on one of my most loved  canals the Prinsengracht. Designed by and for design lovers offering its visitors to relax and disconnect while being in the heart of town.

With the city being quiet as never before during the lockdown state we are slowly coming out, my hometown showed itself in all its glory, as I remember it from a long time ago. Born and raised in the city it still makes me so happy and proud to live in Amsterdam, which is for me the most beautiful town on earth with its amazing buildings with their unique ambiance along the canals.

The Apartment is located in one of Canal houses and the design of the apartment expresses itself through a mix out of nordic archetypical simplicity and Parisian elegance. The warm grey painted walls contribute together with the dark treated wooden floor to the unique ambiance of the space. Bringing together natural materials, design classics combined with matching furniture, fine finishes and well chosen colours the apartment turns into a contemporary and at the same time timeless residence. 

The apartment contains around 70 sqm and includes a wide living room in the front with large steel windows overlooking the canal, offering great views, much daylight and the sunset behind the opposite canal houses. A large master bedroom with access to the balcony. A big bathroom with industrial finishes including shower and bathtub by Not Only White. The kitchen which is connected to the balcony where its inhabitants can enjoy their morning coffee and an office space which can be optionally used as a second bedroom.

To finish off the design The Nieuw collaborated with the interior design studio ‘Ibiza Interiors’ from Ibiza and their partner store ‘The Modern‘ in Amsterdam which introduced an interesting selection of furniture brands in the project. No coincidence I visited and worked with several off the brands used in the apartment where a mix of design classics from brands such as Carl Hansen, Fredericia, Gervasoni and DCW and conceptual furniture brands like Frama, Menu, Heerenhuis, Fermob and Ay Illuminate. As well as Nani Marquina, TineK, Serax, Market, and Marie Stella Maris.

Behind the Nieuw stands the interior architect and creative entrepreneur Jurjen van Hulzen who lives with his wife Selina and their three children in Ibiza, after moving from Amsterdam five years ago. He works internationally on various projects and develops spatial concepts for retail, hospitality and private residences. The Nieuw Apartment is created as a showcase project as well as a rental apartment and one of the first projects of a new concept, a holistic design of a rental residence for design lovers. An opportunity to experience interior design and architecture while visiting new places around the world.   

Designed by Jurjen van Hulzen of the Nieuw and Ibiza Interiors | Photography by Ariadna Puigdomenech 

May 19, 2020

TLight colllection by Michaël Verheyden

The first time I saw the work of Michaël Verheyden was in 2012 while visiting Maison et Objet, I wrote a blogpost about the mix of materials of the likes of Michaël and Rick Owens.

May 14, 2020

Ambient and soft light for the home | Donya by Anour

Really happy to be working together with Anour on a next project for my kitchen to perfect the lighting. As most lamps by Anour are handmade it will take some weeks before I can show you the result, but I know it will be worth the wait and look amazing! I have been following and admiring the brand for the past few years and love their minimalistic approach on design. 

Donya is the new lamp collection and offers an ambient and soft light, with charm and uniqueness. A versatile piece for both home and hospitality projects and available as a pendant, table and wall lamp. 

Made from Opal glass mounted on a simple and elegant body of Gold Brushed Metal, Silver Brushed Metal or Noir Brushed Metal offering the right finish for everyone's personal taste and home. The lamp can be displayed alone or in groups to highlight a room’s architectural features or decor.  

Donya – when light touches youAnour is Farsi and means light, Architect Arash Nourinejad, founded Anour in 2007. More than a year he worked on formulating the design of Donya. Inspired by how a glass object would illuminate when light is directed towards it and how it would change and react when you move the object, his intention was to minimize glare, but retain its ambient shine.  

After spending more than a year formulating the design, without compromising on the connections or material choices, it has evolved with an innovative glass movement. In the table version it was further developed with the use of a powerful magnet to hold the glass in place. A simple, yet elegant solution that embodies the tactile properties of the Anour universe with a fresh twist. 

A few posts I wrote earlier can be found here and more information about Anour and the complete collection can be found at

Pictures courtesy Anour
May 11, 2020

A new vase at home | Studio Piet Boon for Serax

I am not an impulsive buyer and are quite selective of what comes into my home, hence I have some things for years. But these days when spending more time at home and missing visiting my design stores downtown, I get really happy with some new accessory for my home. Some weeks ago I joined a press breakfast at Grand & Johnson at their studio and store. It was a lovely morning and a great opportunity to have a first look at the beautiful new design and products.

Among their collection a series of five vases
by Studio PietBoon for Serax which immediately caught my eye because of their colour, material and shape. Staying mostly at home at the moment and impatient to lay my hands on one of the vases, I was able to purchase one of them through the webshop of their stylist Notthatstylist Now I only need to find some nice branches!

Vase Collection
Studio Piet Boon played with the different thicknesses and heights that they always saw reappearing in commercial vases. By experimenting with them, volumes of different heights have been created at the top. For the vase collection’s earthy colour palette the studio got inspiration from paintings by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.  

pictures Vosgesparis | last two pictures by Serax
May 7, 2020

A one of a kind collection by Anestis Michalis | Lava ceramics

I would love to introduce Anestis Michalis to you, an Athens based freelance stylist who I have been following over the last years on Instagram. Working as an interiors stylist after studying Interiors architecture and working in the design industry, he was appointed chief editor of Greece Elle Decoration magazine. Over the last 15 years he has cooperated with photographers and studios on interior & concept styling as well as style consultancy for top architecture practices and property development companies.

When dreaming of southern holidays in Greece I often had a look at Anestis' account to see his work of the most beautiful hotels and resorts on the Greek islands. A few ago weeks he introduced me to his ceramics which I love to show you some pieces of his collection. Lava Ceramics is a 'one of a kind' concept with unique pieces by Anestis describing the traditional forms to decorative, functional objects

May 4, 2020

A perfect atmosphere with Duca candleholders & a new lamp

Although it might be a slow process in your eyes, I still make small changes to my home everyday. Whether it is rearranging a cabinet or strolling hours over the internet through different catalogs and websites for the best interior items. I know what I want to achieve to create a comfortable home for myself and isn't the process of searching and dreaming part of the fun? There are still two important things though that really need my attention: window decoration, most of the wooden blinds are broken, and lighting!

For me creating a home I love, is all about finding the right atmosphere, which is really personal and different for each of us. Light is an important factor in creating the right atmosphere in a room, an art I am still mastering. Just like my furniture I think it is important the lamps and candleholders I choose fit every room in my home. It gives me the opportunity to switch items and to create something new every time without losing sight of my desire for minimalism. 

Creating atmosphere with candles and dimmable lighting 
I want to invest in a few beautiful and carefully selected lamps for my home. Apart from lamps that create the right atmosphere, I like to be able to adjust the brightness of the lights, depending on my mood or the time of day. When selecting the right lamps, dimmable lighting is a must-have for me! Apart from perfect lamps, there is no greater atmosphere-creator than candles! I light a few every night and have a small collection of
 Design Candleholders. My latest purchase is a few beautiful 'Duca' candleholders by Menu.

MENU’s Duca Candleholder adjusts to the perfect height
After collecting black candle holders for years I am really happy with my new candleholders. The sleek brass silhouette, available in polished or bronzed finish contribute to the new atmosphere I am after. Tactile rattan brings a homely feeling to the design. The best thing though of the new Menu Duca Candleholders is the function that allows you to adjust the height of the candleholder by extending or shortening the length of the telescopic stem as the candle burns which makes it possible to adjust the candleholder as needed.

While working with a blacksmith, the Danish design studio Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen discovered a simple mechanical detail used to extend the height of objects and it became the key element of the Duca Candleholder and I just love it! 

I already bought a few lamps I still need to place, and I got my eye on a new kitchen lamp and some other and will hopefully show you more soon. My latest purchase is the Menu Reverse lamp, it was love at first sight when seeing the lamp at imm cologne. I placed it in my kitchen on the new sideboard where it casts warm light, dimmable later on the evening but it literally fits everywhere in my home. The conical travertine base is left raw to let the light highlight its natural imperfections and the bronzed  aluminium shape is just perfect.

Written in collaboration with Misterdesign