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October 31, 2020

BRUT Depot – A permanent exhibition and meeting space by Brut Collective

BRUT Depot – a permanent exhibition and meeting space by Brut Collective

If you read my blog for some time and followed my Milan Design week treasures over the years, I am sure you came across BRUT, the Belgian collective of designers I wrote about earlier.

It was always a bit of travelling in Milan to see their exhibitions as they were a bit further away from my apartment in Tortona, but definitely one of my most loved exhibitions of 2018. Now BRUT is presenting its new steps that will allow the collective to position itself even more vitally as a shared design practice and to formulate promising opportunities for future, client-oriented collaborations. 

Challenged by the current situation but all the more in line with the philosophy and ambitions, we can now visit Brut Depot. A permanent exhibition and meeting space for permanent presentation and encounter, situated within the Haptic House in Antwerp, offering the possibility to continuously visualize and access the BRUT creations.
October 28, 2020

Manna Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects

Manna apartment  by Sergey Makhno Architects

When Sergey Makhno Architects was approached asked to design the 223m2 'Manna apartment', the main requirement of the residents was to create an apartment of which they could be proud of. According to the architects this is exactly where contemporary Ukrainian contemporary style is all about: "All you need to do is to follow the recipe: a bit of essential minimalism, some wabi-sabi flavor, several art drops and full tablespoons of natural materials. Serve with a vigorous family spirit, and enjoy every piece." 

Throughout the home Cappuccino coloured walls and wood, combined with ceramic and designer carpets. In the kitchen a large dining table and the Khmara lamp by Sergey Makhno, which is available either in ceramics or a lighter weight polyurethane foam, invites the family to gather. The ceramic wall in the bedroom is made with the Tetrapod tile, a design by Sergey and awarded with a prestigious Red Dot award! More info at  Sergey Makhno Architects

Manna Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects


Pictures © Sergey Makhno Architects

October 26, 2020

GIVEAWAY | AN.009 Shelf by Atelier Naerebout

AN.009 Shelf by Atelier Naerebout

It has been sometime I had a Monday giveaway on the blog but today I have a true Dutch design treasure for you! When Joren Naerebout asked me to have a look at his work, it might have been because I am really into brass at the moment but the Limited edition coffee table immediately caught my eye and I loved to explore his work! More about the coffee table at the end of the post, let's talk shelves first!. 

Today's giveaway is all about the AN.009 Shelf, a typical Atelier Naerebout design that combines both function and aesthetics. Clean and simple design and designed with an eye for detail, the shelf will develop a beautiful patina over time when in use. The 2mm blasted stainless steel shelf offers versatile storage options and can be placed everywhere where you need a shelf, use it for books, objects, as a bedside table or in the bathroom. 

AN.009 Shelf by Atelier Naerebout

Instagram Giveaway
For this giveaway Atelier Naerebout will give away a AN.009 Shelf in stainless steel to one of my readers and followers on my Instagram channel. 

To join be sure to have a look at my Instagram channel vosgesparis follow both me @vosgesparis and @ateliernaereboutleave a comment under the picture with the giveaway and tag two friends who you think will love this shelf too.
The winner will be notified next Monday, good luck! 
If you are not on Instagram feel free to sent me an email with the topic 'Giveaway'

AN.009 Shelf by Atelier Naerebout

AN.009 Shelf by Atelier Naerebout

brass coffee table

Coffee table in brass 
The first prototype was made in blackened steel after its first sketch in 2017 and currently produced by Fest Amsterdam in a sand and black version with a zinc coated tray. I spotted the coffee table as a limited edition in brass and I can only imagine how this table will change over time and develop small imperfections and its patina which I love so much of this particular material. 

brass coffee table

Atelier Naerebout 
Next to his work as an interior designer Joren Naerebout had the profound need to really make something with his hands and directly see the outcome. "The true beauty of our products unfolds in a simple line or surface: what light does to it, the tactility of a material or a well chosen colour." says Joren. Designs for city living and apartment life should be compact and efficient and our products should do their work in the background allowing space for the user's self-expression. Joren started Atelier Naerebout in 2011 and all products are made by local craftsmen. 

brass coffee table

Giveaway in collaboration with Atelier Naerebout | Pictures via Atelier Naerebout

October 21, 2020

New carpet and sink collections in black and white by antoniolupi

Tramato carpet collection by antoniolupi

Last month I showed you the first collection of wallpaper produced by antoniolupi and designed by Gumdesign, “Tra le Righe”, meaning between the lines, consisting of 13 designs available in positive and negative. Tramato, the new collection of antoniolupi carpets is born from the collaboration with Gumdesign and is part of the same “Tra le Righe” concept. With these carpets another lifestyle element is added to the antoniolupi collection. 

The Tramato carpet collection is made up of 16 different designs with printed velvet by means of the Tufting technique. I really loved the presentation in the webinar I attended over Summer, the contrast between white and black is clearly present, the white however is not a pure white, but an almost muffled warm white which, combined with black, creates shades of different depths. 
October 19, 2020

VENU | A lifestyle and work place for creatives and entrepreneurs


VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

Back in a semi quarantaine situation in Amsterdam since last week and with most of us working from home again, there is also some positive news to tell. For all you design enthusiasts looking for a place to work outside the home or organize an appointment on location, there isVenu.The super stylish Amsterdam-based lifestyle and work place for creatives and entrepreneurs "Designed with a difference and filling the gap between work-in-cafe culture and exclusive co-working spaces driven by membership" says Yulia Nikitina who is the brain behind the idea of Venu which she launched a few weeks ago together with her business partner Olga Konovalchuk at Haarlemmerdijk

After talking often online, I finally had the chance to visit in between working mainly outdoors and from home. I do love to meet and work outside and like most of us know the feeling when looking for a place to meet and work outside, to often end up at dull decorated spaces or busy cafes where it is difficult to have a conversation. None of that at Venu, because the design has been well thought out and for everyone who reads my blog, the space is filled with furniture by brands you also see mentioned here on the blog. Think Menu, Stellar Works, &Tradition and artists like Bram van der Beke. 
VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

Rooms and reservation options
Venu offers a range of spaces, from private group spaces, solo or one-to-one set-ups, communal areas, the beautiful mezzanine and petite terrace rooms. Membership isn’t required at Venu, except a reservation fee of 4 Euro per hour to secure your place of choice for the duration that suits you. All seats are placed with the 1,5 rule in mind, to let you work in a safe environment. Knowing Yulia as a real coffee connoisseur, excellent coffee by Single Estate coffee roasters is served, as well as cold drinks and beautiful  sweet bites.  Saturdays are reservation free 

See the different options and make your reservation HERE and keep an eye on the website and Venu Instagram account to stay updated. 

Haarlemmerdijk 138 A,
1013 JJ8 Amsterdam
Opening hours Monday - Friday 9-18, Saturday's 9-16, Closed on Sunday.

VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

VENU AMSTERDAM Lifestyle and work place

October 16, 2020

Weathered and beautiful shaped design mirrors for an autumn home

ethnicraft frameless mirror bronze

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! With the sun luckily still peeking behind the clouds some days, I also found myself turning on the stove during the first chilly evenings, a sign autumn really arrived. I personally love this time of the year to create new corners, add a bit of colour I normally don't use, buy branches and take out the extra blankets like most of us. I have to confess that every year I am also tempted to paint the bedroom in a dark autumn colour and with the new dark wooden floor I even might really try to do something new.

Something else I have been completely fascinated by is the idea of adding mirrors to my home. I think the combination of candlelight and mirrors is a golden match, it has something magical to see candlelight reflected in a mirror. I do have an old French mirror myself, high on my wish though are a few darker bronzed and weathered mirrors or a combination with brass, a material that returns in various places in my house.  

Weathered glass has a beautiful industrial look because it has undergone an ageing process. As a result, the glass is no longer completely clear, which gives the mirror the tough and weathered look I love. At imm Belgian Ethnicraft always has a beautiful presentation of their design label, most designs are made of solid wood and include not only furniture but also textiles and decorative objects. It was at the fair I first noticed their collection of beautiful clear and bronze aged mirrors. I selected a few to give you an impression and maybe use in your own home to add a beautiful industrial touch with lots of character for autumn and beyond.


Ethnicraft Frameless Mirror

The Ethnicraft Frameless Mirror in the first picture has undergone an ageing process giving it the beautiful dark industrial look I like so much. A sturdy mirror that has an extra industrial look due to the lack of a frame. This mirror has a bronze version and a clear version that has undergone a lighter ageing process. Smaller square sizes are available as wel as the tall floor mirror. I can only dream of a few mirrors like this together in a row.

ethnicraft frameless mirror bronze

ethnicraft frameless mirror bronze

bronze mirror

ethnicraft frameless mirror bronze

In my home I don't have that many round shapes and I think a round or irregular shaped mirror could add some softness. The round Ethnicraft bronze mirror is a design by Dawn Sweitzer for Ethnicraft, an American artist and designer who founded Notre Monde back in the seventies, a brand that is now renowned for its luxurious and timeless design collection of mirrors, trays and tables. The glass of the round Bronze Mirror is clouded, the result of the same ageing process. it has wooden edges making the mirror an art and functional object in one.

Muuto mirror

Irregular shaped mirrors

If you prefer a cleaner less industrial and more Scandinavian look and still something different then what we were used too an irregular shaped Design mirror is a beautiful alternative! Visiting 3 days of design, I was really impressed by the many mirrors at Muuto's rooftop terrace where mirrors in different shapes and colour gradations were used. Pictured above the Framed mirror in large and small, which comes in three different colours from grey to pink and taupe. 

Anderssen & Voll designed this series of mirrors for Muuto in different versions and sizes and a combination of powder coated material and coloured glass suitable for all rooms. The mirrors can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, or stand alone as a beautiful object, together they can be used to add an artistic design on the wall. 

muuto mirrors

Ferm Living pond spiegel

Ferm Living design the 'Pond' Mirror, featuring two individual mirrors in different sizes. I love how the mirrors are designed to be hung in more ways so you can really present the shapes how you like best. Again there are so many possible combinations to make with these beautiful organic shaped mirrors, the small brass plated zinc frame ads that little touch I love.

Ferm Living pond mirror

Written in collaboration with MisterDesign
pictures via MisterDesign & Brands

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October 14, 2020

A new Silestone Loft collection inspired by industrial design

Moodboard Silestone loft collection


I recently attended a webinar by Cosentino, a webinar that I thought was really well organised, visual attractive and informative. Although I missed the real connection with people, and the drinks and the bites that normally comes along. Cosentino is a Spanish brand after all and I always felt really welcome and got to experience their hospitality from New York to Madrid and my own city of Amsterdam, not to forget their Dutch headquarter where I selected my own countertop!

This last week Silestone introduced Loft a new collection with five colours inspired by industrial design: Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita and Corktown. The name of each color represents an iconic neighbourhood with its own distinct history and industrial style. This style originally dates from the mid-1920s when abandoned factories, large workshops, and warehouses in various New York neighbourhoods were converted into homes and loft apartments. All presented in beautiful videos that reflect the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. 

Silestone HybriQ +
One of the important new features of Silestone® Loft is the use of the new, innovative and exclusive HybriQ + technology. HybriQ + is a qualitative advance in the evolution of the Silestone® brand. It is a new production process characterized by the company's commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management.  Read more about the new colours and HybriQ + at Silestone 

Moodboard Silestone loft collection

Silestone Camden
Camden! A neighbourhood I visited frequently twenty years ago to see different bands, shop and eat at Camden market and high street and meet friends at the pub in front of the always closed Camden subway station. Punks and goths hanging on the bridge, I loved the laid back alternative atmosphere.

Silestino Camden is inspired by this neighbourhood. Authentic steel tones and the natural wear and tear of homes inspired Camden. A soft, delicate and consistent gray, with a fine grain and subtle white veins. Silestone Camden is cement gray. It is a versatile, adaptable color that can be easily incorporated into any interior thanks to its homogeneity.

Moodboard Silestone loft collection

Silestone Poblenou
Silestone Poblenou is inspired by the epicenter of the industrial revolution in Barcelona. One of the most modern and creative areas of today. Poblenou has combined a Mediterranean warmth with an industrial appearance. It's cosmopolitan, yet suburban. It is family-friendly and multicultural. 

The old industrial buildings have been transformed into fantastic lofts, surrounded by art galleries, bars and businesses. Its essence has inspired Silestone® to Poblenou. A warm shade of gray with subtle veins on a sandy background, providing clarity and a soothing finish and familiar atmosphere.

Moodboard Silestone loft collection

Silestone Seaport
Silestone Seaport reminds us of the small coastal neighbourhood of southeast Manhattan, where the past coexists peacefully with the harbor area, restaurants and shops. Worn bricks, concrete and characteristic harbor wood form a range that inspired this Silestone colour. Thanks to the effect of these shades, Silestone Seaport is very similar to dark, worn cement and its striking white tones blend perfectly with the background. Simply a breathtaking color.  

Moodboard Silestone loft collection

Silestone Nolita
Silestone Nolita is another New York inspired creation. In particular because it is inspired by a neighbourhood that was avant-garde before it was named Nolita (North of Little Italy). In the mid-1990s, Nolita found its personality and architectural identity that gave it such a unique and distinctive character. 

The streets are authentic and wild, very different from the surrounding neighbourhoods. With this historical background, Silestone Nolita was created, the white shade in the Silestone Loft collection. Nolita is cool and industrial. Mixed with whites and light grays, it creates an elegant, fine line, free from strong contrasts.

Moodboard Silestone loft collection

Silestone Corktown
Silestone Corktown is inspired by the light and shadow of a Detroit neighborhood created amidst steam and the sound of engines. Corktown was successful and prosperous until depression and decline crept in and took over. Despite this setback, a few decades ago it regenerates an interesting and intellectual old style with a renewed beauty.

A stroll through the streets or a glimpse of Michigan's iconic Central Station is all it takes to recognize its historic industrial splendor. This has inspired Silestone Corktown, the most intense, solid and deep black in the Silestone® Loft collection. The dark background combines beautifully with intense brown accents and an extra matte finish. Silestone Corktown is reminiscent of worn materials that have passed through time. Character and elegance united in color.

Silestone Corktown

October 12, 2020

TERRA - A Residence for Grounding

New works showroom Copenhagen

During 3 Days of Design 2020 New Works presented Terra in their store, an example of a grounded residence and environment for living. In the last year our way of living changed, and our home has become more important than ever a space to both escape and connect – that provide solace yet socially stimulate. What has become most evident is the value that human interactions and our natural landscapes play within our daily lives. 

It is with these connections and relationships in mind that New Works presented the concept in their Copenhagen space where their collection of furniture, lighting and objects is presented within these environments as a reflection of their materiality and tactility.

TERRA: A Residence for Grounding 
Designed alongside long-term collaborator Lotta Agaton Interiors and in collaboration with iconic Swedish bed makers Hästens, the space reflects the muted tones and warm textures of the months ahead, whilst creating a space of tranquility within Copenhagen's bustling center. 

Soft hues of dusty olive and calming grey meet natural oak, textured wool and rippled glass to communicate a lifestyle that harmoniously connects people, objects and the environment. From the depths of the forest to the open expanses of the seaside, Terra encapsulates emotions of both safety and freedom in spaces that provide the base for our lives; from the bedroom to the kitchen, living room to the study. Across an expanded space we have combined our objects for living with textures, colours and forms that will stimulate body and mind. 

New works showroom Copenhagen

New works showroom Copenhagen

New works showroom Copenhagen 

New works showroom Copenhagen