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November 30, 2020

A huge chandelier by Neptune glasswork

With a background in both Engineering and Fine Arts, Uri Davillier began Neptune Glassworks in 2000 with the goal of building a brand that exemplifies thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail. Trained in glass, ceramics, and sculpture, Uri has honed his craft over the last decade and continues to produce both functional designs, as well as sculptural pieces. 

He has worked and taught in studios across the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. Now based in downtown Los Angeles, Uri has assembled a team of artists, designers, and fabricators to help render his vision. Together they are producing innovative designs that are a reflection of the ambiguous line that has always existed between art and technology. Both organic and highly ordered, Neptune Glassworks' designs seek to challenge the false dichotomies of logic and free-association; masculine and feminine; transparent and opaque; old and new // text and images Neptune Glassworks // 

On the website you will find a variety of different and unusual chandeliers and lighting projects. 

November 27, 2020

Styling white ceramic pendant lamps above my kitchen table

Moebe ceramic lamp

I always love to see how a product I love looks and feel in real life and experience how it fits my own home. The ceramic pendant lamps by Moebe tick all the boxes, not only do I really love ceramic, the shape of the pendant lamps is really beautiful too and I was happy to get the chance to see and play with the design at my own kitchen. 

Due to all the restrictions lately we sadly were not able to travel and for this w/ Style collaboration, Wen and I decided to each style and photograph the items in our individual homes. Which also gives you an idea how the lamps fit in two different styled homes at the same time. 

The possibility to illuminate directly or to an angle opened gave me lots of different options on how to hang the lamps. I think they look really pretty placed in a row above the table, and I can see endless options to vary with the shades throughout any home. 

Moebe ceramic lamp

The shades I used are circular at the base, and rectangular at the top and sits freely to the cord. This allows the shade to angle left, right and completely rotate around. I love how the pendant has been left unglazed, and raw. Burnt at over 1100°C,  a final matt and fine-textured surface was created. The shade is handmade and therefore, every lamp slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making each pendant unique. Recently Moebe also released new colours: Terracotta, Olive and Light Grey. 
As said, we have a kind of double post with our friends at Moebe today, one here on Vosgesparis and at the same time Wen shows a different lamp from the collection and styled the new Moebe storage boxes at her blog at BeeldSTEIL. The way the boxes are assembled remind me of the famous picture frames by Moebe we used in the Hoxton apartment. Minimal and very clever at the same time if you ask me like most of Moebe's design! 

Moebe ceramic lamp

Moebe ceramic lamp

Written in collaboration with Moebe 
Styling and photography vosgesparis // photo editing BeeldSTEIL

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November 25, 2020

Nomad | A furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel presents her first furniture collection, 'Nomad'. Handcrafted in Belgium and made of solid oak or walnut with subtle details in brass. 

The idea for the collection started early in 2020, when Nathalie Deboel's life tilted from being constantly on the move to a period of home working and reflection. She immersed herself in the habits of nomads and the wooden sticks they carry and which they use to create temporary homes and furniture. The Nomad collection is built around the concept of this rounded wooden stick as a basic, utilitarian element.  

Nathalie Deboel’s quest for the essence results in a collection that consists of a library, a rectangular and a round table, a daybed, and an armchair. The collection will be further expanded in the coming weeks and months with new designs.

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

Nomad furniture collection by Belgian designer Nathalie Deboel

photography Thomas Debruyne / Cafeine

November 22, 2020

Cosentino City Amsterdam | A new Cosentino inspiration center

Cosentino city Amsterdam

First of all I wanted to thank you for your nice words about my black kitchen corner over the last few months. I was so happy to finally have been able to add the Reform fronts designed by Norm architects to my kitchen. And as you might have seen also I went to the Dutch Cosentino headquarters together with my friend Anouk from Studio AnoukB who helped me to decide on the countertop. For the backsplash I used 'Amsterdam', one of her own studio paint colours available through Studio AnoukB. I finished the wall with my beautiful brown bronzed lamp by Anour. I will provide you with all links and blogs I made at the end of the post. 
November 20, 2020

Marble sinks for all interiors


After meeting each other earlier this year, I was happy to collaborate with antoniolupi on a monthly base. With all the outstanding design and bathroom furniture, accessories, mirrors and products for the living space it was a pleasure to write a series of monthly articles about the company. Maybe you looked at the images or read every letter of the different posts, but I am sure his work must have impressed you. 
November 17, 2020

A beautiful bronze light sculpture called 'Artists Hand'

A beautiful bronze light sculpture called 'Artists Hand'

Love to introduce Niamh Barry and her beautiful first lamp in the series of pieces titled 'Artists Hand'. Niamh creates unique light sculptures predominantly in bronze and LED and is recognized as an early adopter and innovator in the use of LED technology. She attributes this technology as allowing her to ‘draw’ with light and bronze. In her artist statement you can read more about the process of these three dimensional drawings in bronze and light.

As every piece is entirely site specific, each one will be completely unique and handmade in her own studio in solid bronze. Niamh: "working further into this series at the moment and an important part of my creative process is to surround myself with sketches and drawings and look, then look again repeating and repeating the drawing process until I have captured the quality of line and overall form that expresses what I see in my minds eye. This Artists hand series is literally an exercise in drawing with bronze and capturing the quality of line that you see in my drawings on paper. The light drawing the eye and anchoring this expression". 
November 16, 2020

A Parisian apartment and a Roly Poly chair by Faye Toogood

A Parisian apartment and a Roly Poly chair by Fay Toogood 3d Render

Some designs are just so classic ├índ classy, I believe I should cover them on the blog. No matter you might have seen that one object a million times. I am talking about the iconic Roly Poly chair by Faye Toogood. It is one of those chairs I find so iconic and chubby I just want to believe it would fit my home. Looking for more softness though I know it is not the right time for me!  

While searching for a set or mirrors, like the ones above, that sadly are not available anymore at Zara home [let me know if you know any look a likes] I found the picture above, a 3d render of a Parisian apartment designed by Namo interiors and I simply loved the image, both for the mirrors and the Roly Poly chair. A design by Faye Toogood x Italian Driade   
November 11, 2020

How to spend time outdoors and still cook your favourite dinner


Don't you just love this time of the year when days getting colder and, if you are into it, a Christmas tree is in sight! I really can't wait to be honest. For me adding Christmas lights and greens is a returning tradition as soon as it is December. Certainly it will be not as cozy and with that many people as we are used too this year, but even if you live alone I think we need to make the most of it and decorate and make your home as cosy as never before.

I really love the smell of burned wood and love a good fire place. Last winter I bought a fire pit for my patio, but it wasn't a real succes as it was way to big for the space. Still I keep searching and for the upcoming season I am looking into other options to bring the feeling of a cozy fire into my home. 
November 9, 2020

Renovation stories | A new bench and lamp for the kitchen


Making plans for my home and make it more and even more the place I love, is something that is always in the back of my head. I still work on my Masterplan and staying at home more often, certainly keeps me busy. With every change at home I always think about the bigger picture and make small changes to work to the eventual idea I have in mind.  

As you may have understood by now, when it comes to the small details, my indecisiveness often plays tricks on me. Sometimes I hate my indecisiveness, often it also makes things take longer. Fortunately this is not always negative and my ideas change again and ultimately give the image I was looking for and to be honest I also love the process. 

This week I changed the layout of my kitchen and placed the table closer to the wall. I love to sit on the long bench, but with winter on it's way I am also looking for more comfort and cosiness. Placing the bench against the wall gives me the opportunity to add some soft cushions... definitely would need a few more, and bring more layering at the same time.  
November 3, 2020

WDSTCK Burned coffee table

WDSTCK  Burned coffee table
When working on my kitchen I improvised for some time with my old kitchen table, a table that I bought when I was nineteen for the first ever home I shared with the father of my children. We had wooden floors sisal squared carpet and walls painted in pale pink and blue. I remember how strange I thought it was to just paint the bare walls, little did I know about lime paint and Italian plaster. I did know I wanted an old wooden table, and so happened... over the decades it changed from natural waxed to white, to garden table, stored in the garage, back in again... cutting of the legs and painting it black till it had the Japanese feel I love nowadays.

I used it in my kitchen for some time with the grey concrete floor and sometimes miss it... I loved the feeling of this low table while sitting on normal hight. One of my favourite Amsterdam based brands WDSTCK recently launchd a new burned coffee table made from European wood and it immediately brought back the feeling I loved so much...  low and 'slightly' oversized!

The surplus wood is burned away using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, giving the table a beautiful, intense dark color in which the drawings and grooves in the wood come out nicely. Available in different sizes. The dimensions start from about 150cm and can be made longer than 400cm.