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January 29, 2021

New reeded glass door ideas for your kitchen

New reeded glass door ideas for your kitchen

As a huge lover of all things Buster and Punch I came across this kitchen I love to show you today and talk about surfaces. This kitchen designed by Annika Rowson, director and designer at Rowson Kitchens, New Zealand to share with you. Something I see as a perfect example of the use of semi frosted vertical striped glass, called reeded glass if I understood well.

January 27, 2021

New 2021 collection by Menu | Plinth Shelf

New 2021 collection by Menu | Plinth ShelfWhenever I post a picture of my living on Instagram, I always get a asked about my metal Menu shelves that so perfectly match the colour of my wall. I have always loved to combine a few shelves to display my favourite accessories or books. Looking at the 2021 news by Menu that hit my mailbox it were the new Plinth shelves that caught my attention. 

January 22, 2021

Beautiful lighting and furniture by New York Coil + Drift

lighting and furniture by New York Coil + Drift

The good thing about our design community and following like minded people online is I often come across unexpected design or a design company I didn't know or lost out of sight. Same with New York based Coil + Drift

How could I not fall in love with the Yama table lamp. This circular table lamp is comprised of an aged-brass base and a custom linen shade, which is supported by a hand-turned aged-brass cap that continues the shade’s profile, available in two sizes. Have a look at the different finishes at the site of Coil + Drift

January 21, 2021

A new Kizu Table lamp by New Works

Kizu Table lamp by New Works | Spring news

New Works welcomes spring with new editions of the popular Kizu Table Lamp Gris du Marais marble, a calm and grounded feel in a new warm grey marble variation for the populair table lamp.

The shimmering surface of Gris du Marais contrasts the clean white upper part of the lamp, while the bright streaks of the stone’s natural pattern harmoniously tie the elements together. In a play with shapes and materials, which culminates in the kissing point between the two forms, Kizu spreads its soft light as an intriguing modern sculpture. Available from March 2021
// images and text New Works
January 19, 2021

A bedroom fireplace on a winter morning

Dimplex Optymist Cassette 500

Sunday mornings... I don't know about you but I love to sleep in on weekends. A slow start with coffee, reading magazines and a little scrolling through Instagram and blogs, I love it! This last weekend with the first snow fallen in Amsterdam and that special light you only get to see peeking through the shutters when everything is white outside was no exception, it was extra cozy to stay in a bit longer.

With the current lockdown and plenty of time left, as we have no where to go really, I take it slow. Like most of us I keep myself busy with small projects around the house. I had new plans for my kitchen where I wanted to install another Dimplex Optymist Cassette 500. Unfortunately I still suffer from a shoulder injury since a fall last month and because I can barely lift or do anything with my right arm, I had to postpone that project and changed plans which I love to show you today.

January 15, 2021

Morphe table collection by Atelier STRAF

Morphe table collection by Atelier STRAF

Introducing Studio STRAF and their unique furniture line Atelier STRAF on the blog today, another superb Antwerp based Studio, and for my US readers STRAF USA -East coast in New York. Studio STRAF is known for its holistic approach, giving each interior a unique spin, creating harmony between the character of both space and resident. The products and reclaimed materials for custom-made designs, are hand-picked and carefully selected to take a space to the next level, many beautiful examples of their work can be found at their website.

January 11, 2021

Webbing shutters in a West Village Townhouse

Webbing shutters in a West Village Townhouse

A few years ago I asked myself if brass shutters could be the next big thing, have a peek here. As many design ideas I like, the construction of these brass shutters is still on my mind and by now I even think I could add these to my own home by making the existing deep window sills even deeper with a wooden frame, an idea I saw in a remodel episode on TV.

January 8, 2021

Wu Wei Cheng pottery

Wu Wei Cheng pottery

I previously introduced you the work of Taiwanese potter Wu Wei Cheng on the blog, see some of his earlier work here: Raw and minimalistic pottery by Wu Wei Cheng. Still in love with the raw minimalistic appearance of his tea pots and cups, I'd love to show you another one from the collection.

January 4, 2021

All is beautiful, welcome to 2021

Lamps curated by Studio AnoukB

Welcome on the other-side and 2021, we made it! No need to tell you it has been tough going through this pandemic for all of us and how normal life kind of was cancelled after March last year. Living on my own I have to admit there were many days I spent alone, and for someone who travels a lot and is always surrounded by people it was not always easy. I know that counts for many of us and I am glad I am blessed with a positive attitude that get me through the long days of lockdown when everyone is more or less living their own life between their own four walls.