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February 25, 2021

Galerie Philia presents 40 international designers in New York

Let's go to New York and have a look at an exhibition presented by Galerie Philia! An exceptional exhibition of art and design at Walker Tower, the iconic 1929 Art Deco building in the heart of Manhattan, and running from 15 February until 30 June 2021. Located at 212 West 18th Street in Chelsea, the exhibition space is set within Ralph Walker’s architectural masterpiece and consists of an elegant two-floor loft-style apartment, providing the perfect backdrop for the gallery’s outstanding collection of works.

The Walker Tower project is part of a programme of global temporary exhibitions developed by the gallery to present the best of 21st century European design across a variety of prime locations. I am sure if you read the list of participants, you will recognize several names mentioned and written on the blog about.

Think of Rick Owensmy favourite Norwegian artist living in New York Fino Prydz, Belgian Arno de Clercq, Dutch Mae Engelgeer and Italian architect and designer Pietro Franceschini, who in a tightly curated scenography delivered by the gallery collaborated on the exhibition that showcases over 70 works by 40 international designers, all of whom are represented by Galerie Philia.  

Thank you Pietro Franceschini for sending me the pictures.  

Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean  reductive

“The main objective is to create a dialogue between the different pieces in a set up that reflects Galerie Philia’s style. In terms of colour palette, black, white and brass set the vibe of the main rooms. Primitive shapes and hand-crafted materials bring out an ethereal character that is consistent throughout the whole apartment. Our goal is to show that minimal doesn’t necessarily mean reductive. Can you imagine this exhibition is totally up my alley!  

February 22, 2021

A new look for my electric fireplace | Dimplex Spring update

A new look for my electric fireplace | Dimplex Spring update

No need to tell you how much I enjoyed my electric fire place over the last months and seeing the many questions and dm's I received on social media you loved my diy project in the living as much as I do. For those wondering what kind of fireplace I installed, there is some more info further in this post. With a week of heavy snowfall and all frozen and white outside, the illusion of fire and the coziness the Dimplex flames made of pure water vapour and LED light gave, was even more how I imagined this little fire point to function. 

Holland at its best.... a few days later we went from winter to Spring temperatures and I couldn't be happier. Time to work out the idea I had for Spring and change the look of the Dimplex optymist cassette. The Cassette originally comes with a flat black metal plate, as an extra I got the Log set, which is available as an accessory and can be placed instead. The metal plate precisely fits the cassette, whilst the log fire is slightly larger, something to remember and measure when you make a custom made wooden casing like I did, have a look here: An electric fire lace for my home

For Spring I want to give the fireplace a lighter and Summerly look and repainted the top of the wooden box I made in the same colour as the bench and wall. I changed the wooden log for the metal plate and covered it in white pebbles I ordered online. I was actually looking for flat river pebbles and a slightly even more minimal look, but they are hard to find now all stores are closed. For now I love the result and especially the versatility of the Dimplex Optimist cassette. I still have a few other ideas on how to integrate it at home and will of course keep you posted.  

A new look for my electric fireplace | Dimplex Spring update

Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500

Dimplex is a leading producer of attractive electric fires, and has many unique designs to its name. Although Dimplex fireplaces are electric, they offer more by creating the illusion of a life-like fire: from a fascinating flame effect, glowing logs and the crackling sounds of wood to little sparks that seem to fly. In my Instagram highlight I posted a few stories where you can see and hear it in full action. 

The Dimplex Optimyst Cassette 500 I chose, produces flames made of pure water vapour and LED light. This model does not give of heat, and you can even touch the flames while creating that cozy feeling including the sound of a real fire, you can also switch of the sound in order to just enjoy the flames. 

Suitable for installation projects and designed to fit into a custom-made frame or fireplace. All it needs is fresh air to circulate which is needed in order to produce the flame effect. The Cassette has an easy-fill water tank, again have a look at my stories, that offers around 8-10 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required. Visit Dimplex for more info and many other fireplaces. 

Written in collaboration with Dimplex 
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February 17, 2021

Highgate project by House of Grey

In my last post I showed you the bathroom already of this project designed by House of Grey and beautiful captured by Michael Sinclair. Today more of this three-storey townhouse in London where House of Grey not only focused on aesthetic but also the wellbeing of the home owners, fusing their aesthetic and philosophy with Salutogenic principles in order to design a home-retreat for their clients who wish to actively invest in pursuing health and contentment. 

Plastered walls give warmth to the spaces, whilst the bathroom are made with Tadelakt, the use of sustainable and bespoke furniture make this home unique. More info about the bathroom can be found in my previous post. 


February 15, 2021

A beautiful bathroom | Studio Lo-Ho x House of Grey London

A beautiful bathroom | Studio Lo-Ho x House of Grey LondonAfter seeing the pictures taken at one of the projects by House of Grey, I fell in love with the beautiful organic sink and bathtub, and had to find out more about the work of  Studio LoHo, a Belgian design office focusing on high-end bespoke interior projects. 

February 13, 2021

New lamps and colours by Faina

Twice a year during the Winter and Summer solstice, days with powerful terrestrial and solar energy, Faina renews its collection. Victoria Yakusha: “We follow the Sun and begin our new cycle with it. Solstice is a time of regrowth and renewal” In many cultures the Winter Solstice was associated with the natural beginning of the year honoured by festivals and rituals. A sacred living fire and light are traditional symbols of celebrations reinterpreted by Faina in modern lighting.

February 8, 2021

3 brutalist altar trays by x + l

3 brutalist altar trays by X + L

Earlier I showed you the work of x+l , you might remember their inspirational design in black & brass or the exhibition at Tokyo gallery 'Objet d'art'
The Amsterdam based studio consists of just the two founders, Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel. working closely together with artisan friends enables them to maintain the very personal view that is x+l. They both embrace the imperfect and the irregularity in the products: being able to see the human touch gives it an extra.

February 5, 2021

Wabi Sabi & more interiors by Axel Vervoordt | Coffee table books

Wabi Sabi & more interiors by Axel Vervoordt | Coffee table books

If I would ever have had the opportunity to build my own house, it would consist of two separate and identical homes connected by a large entry... one house would be decorated dark and moody and the other one at the opposite of the hall, light and airy!

February 3, 2021

First issue of New Era Magazine | Styling with books Part 2

New Scandinavian magazines and books at New Mags

Part two of this weeks 'Styling with books'. As you read in my previous post: Styling with Coffee table books I love to use books in my styling at home and teamed up with New Mags, the magazine and books shown in this post are also from this cool online store. With their excellent collection of coffee table books and magazines they are really worth checking out. Next to retailers, you too are welcome to shop at the online store. Yesterday I talked about Graanmarkt 13 and gave you a sneak peek of the book, store and apartment in Antwerp. 

Today I love to show some more of The New Era Magazine, a new and beautifully crafted print publication focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft. New Mags has different of our favourite Scandinavian magazines in their collection as wel as different accessories to display your books in the best way possible.


In the first issue they visit the homes of a number of nordic creatives such as the celebrated artist Anton Alvarez, the architect Andreas Martin-Löf and interior designer Lotta Agaton. They portray a modern farm inspired by the sustainable timber dwellings of the Sea Ranch community in San Francisco and a stunning forest retreat built entirely of wood.

After a year coloured by lockdowns and travel restrictions the first issue of TNE also explores design in a time of crisis and trends and tendencies to be expected ahead. Are you curious yet?  


Styling with books

written in collaboration with New Mags
pictures © vosgesparis

February 1, 2021

Styling with Coffee table books | New Mags online store

Styling with Coffee table books | New Mags online store

If, like me, you love to style corners in your home, a number of beautiful coffee table books cannot be missed. Some books here at home are favourites and are always on my small bronze table in the living room. They are the perfect basis for a number of objects that I like to look at or use often, a candle, a lamp, beautiful ceramics. Everyone one of us has a number of favourite objects to put on the coffee table and combined with books an instant atmosphere is created in the whole room.