April 23, 2014

Inspiration for your garden | Outdoor living

After a few days in Milano and the summer on it's way I am thinking on what to do with my outdoor space... it is kind of empty and boring at the moment, as I had to take of all my ivy to get some work done on the brick walls that surround the little space next to my living... unfortunately they are not as high as the walls in the picture above. But I would love to have a small inclosed space like this one.

But the thing is I am really bad in making decisions and can get lost into details for, what seems like forever. Details as white wall versus black wall. horizontal or vertical wooden planks. Grey tiles or a wooden deck and so on... I did make one decision after seeing the pictures of the new vtwonen tiles collection I found out I probably love bamboo and grasses! What do you like most about these pictures?

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Tine said...

Thanks for great inspiration!As you have seen, I have black vertical wooden planks, and I really like the cozy feeling they create when they sorround a smaller space. But I need more green too - and these grasses looks perfect!

Best from Tine

Igor Josifovic said...

I would take any of this space. Oh I so long for an outdoor space of my own, but one can dream, right?

Lau de CASALIL said...

Ohhh gorgeous... I have the perfect "foldable table" wood and zinc for U here,... you'd love!!
Hugs from south...

Project Apart said...

I definately love the horizontal black wood walls! x Nicky