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vosgesparis is an Interior Design platform with a focus on soft minimalism and ideas on decorating with minimal colour and maximum style.  Appreciated for finding the gems in design and discovering new designers and craftsmen, the blog is visited by readers from all over the world and best known for its personal style and distinctive take on design, spaces and products. Founded in 2007 by Desiree, we launched the eponymous online store in 2021 with a new concept and products in true vosgesparis style.

We embrace the imperfection of natural materials and love to combine them with clean lines.

With a focus on aesthetic design choices, the store offers a selection of minimal decor objects, from treasure boxes and unique Japanese candles, to handcrafted ceramics. 

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Design studio and Atelier at De Hallen Amsterdam

Grand&Johnson is a Design Studio and specializes in large-scale renovation and new construction of both homes and offices. Everything from designing, customization and styling comes together at the Style rooms where Grand & Johnson shows its own collections alongside international brands such as Molteni, Flexform, Agape, JEE-O and more. An interplay of scents, colours, materials and details; everything created to let you experience what is possible and feel what suits you.

In addition to furniture and custom work and in collaboration with Stylist Rianne Landstra, the Atelier was launched. A changing Artworks collection, consisting of photography, paintings, objects and accessories selected from the collections of various renowned artists.

The space invites creative interpretation and attention is also given to passionate craftsmen; Artist-in-residence. From Wednesday to Saturday, various artists will work in the space to show how their artworks are created.


A marketplace connecting designers, architects & product makers with woodworkers

As a woodwork manufacturing service, Cutr helps get your products designed, built and delivered. Providing design support, prototyping, and serial productions next to very flexible payment terms .

They help you find the best price, lead time and quality and match you with one of their network partners based on your production needs.

Because design and production go hand in hand, Cutr is also the perfect partner for the production partners who can make what a designer creates.

As a marketplace for woodwork, Cutr helps customers find the perfect manufacturer. Cutr’s software and team do a lot of work upfront to ensure you will get well-scoped, error-checked projects ready to go. Cutr always pay upfront and provide the terms you want as a production partner.

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