September 28, 2020

Milano Design city 2020 | 170 locations including Rossana Orlandi

Faina At Rosanna Orlandi

To be honest it still hurts a bit Milan Design week was cancelled, the most beautiful and exciting week of the year, where everyone can explore the most hidden corners of Milan and almost everyone working in the world of design travels to the city including myself in the last decades. Many companies have taken the opportunity to rethink their communication on digital channels. 

Furorisalone launched the new Fuorisalone Digital platform and you might remember I collaborated with DDN to showcase some of the best Italian brands on the blog during our digital Salone del Mobile Special: Meet Italian brands online in our Salone del Mobile Special What happens digital could not fully replace what traditionally happens in Milan during Design Week, and I really hope we can visit again next year or the year after...

Milan design city 2020

Milan and Fuorisalone however are very much alive in the next weeks with Milano Design City and 2 weeks of events in showrooms and in other locations in Milan.  The event will take place from September 28th to October 10th with different events in showrooms and other design venues. Milano Design City will be an event dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with particular attention to the re-design of urban spaces, sustainability and circular economy. Make sure to visit the antoniolupi showroom to see the latest design I wrote about in my last post with your own eyes. For us at home there will be lots to read and follow online.

At Rossana Orlandi  Faina design will be presenting their latest design the 'Soniah' floor lamp. Soniah in Ukrainian means the flower of the sun. "From ancient times, the Sun was a powerful symbol worshipped by different cultures. Trypillians, the mother civilization of Ukrainians, in their beliefs connected the structure of the Universe with the flow of time — Sun's endless motion. The Sun gave life and embodied life. "Live design, like all live, is impossible without the Sun. Growing up from the earth, Soniah is a live creature which brings solar energy to a home." explains Faina.

Carefully sculptured by hand, the laconic design of the lamp acquires haptic qualities of live material 'ztista' — a unique invention of Faina. Nature-friendly material is a blend of clay, wood chips, straw, linen, recycled paper. It takes 5 years to decompose it in soil.  

September 22, 2020

New design by antoniolupi | Tralerighe wallpaper & freestanding Bolgheri sink with Cork base

antoniolupi design

Enjoying the last days of Summer while autumn is slowly approaching, can you believe it is almost October! Traditionally, October is called woonmaand, translated ‘living month’ in the Netherlands. It is the month that many people start working on their interiors, making last changes and redecorating for the coming winter months. With the current pandemic we really realized the importance of a comfortable home, including the bathroom which have become more important than ever for relaxing.

Wallpaper has always been a product to give any room an instant new feeling and setting the right atmosphere one is aiming for in a relatively fast way. I have introduced the work of antoniolupi design before on the blog, showing different architectural basin solutions, built in shower heads and beautiful basins and sinks in crystalmood.

In this post I want to show you 'Tralerighe' the first collection of wallpaper, a new challenge taken on by antoniolupi that completes the bathroom and a beautiful freestanding sink I was introduced to during one of the webinars I joined over Summer.

Tralerighe Wallpaper

Tralerighe Wallpaper

Tralerighe is the first collection of wallpaper produced by antoniolupi and designed by Gumdesign, “Tra le Righe”, meaning between the lines, perfectly completes the already well know sinks Bolgheri and Gessati designed by the couple for antoniolupi. The collection consists of 13 designs available in positive and negative.


Antoniolupi about the study behind the lines: “The designs of the ‘Tralerighe’ wallpaper collection are studied on a mathematical algorithm: horizontal, vertical and oblique lines intersect as if they were alive and constantly moving conversing with each other; so that the optical result is not of closure within a pre-established graphical cage, but of openness, designing the space"

"The wallpaper is available in two materials: TNT supported with vinyl finish - suitable for all rooms of the house (dimension: L 60 cm about 198 mq) and fiberglass supported, water-resistant suitable for areas in direct contact with water (dimension: L 90 cm about 279 mq) A few examples pictured also below, see all here at antoniolupi: Tralerighe wallpaper




antoniolupi design

I really missed travelling this Summer and the different design events throughout the year. Luckily we can stay in touch and updated through the different online activities many designers and companies organize. So also antoniolupi, who organized a few online webinars for the press presenting their new carpets, more in my October post about these, and the brand new freestanding ‘Bolgheri’ sink together with the designers.

antoniolupi design

Bolgheri sink
If you like me love Italy and the flavours and colours of Tuscany you will love the new freestanding Bolgheri sink. The Bolgheri sink is made from the combination of two antithetical materials, totally natural cork and Crystalmood. I previously talked about Crystalmood in this article: Cristalmood bringing colour and character to the bathroom. This time the versatile resin is combined with one of the most sustainable materials; cork.

Objects made from Cristalmood weigh about 30% less than those made with solid surfaces and can be combined with the most diverse materials, achieving refined color combinations. Cork is 100% natural, fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and recyclable without producing toxic waste. As an innovative and sustainable source, cork has no waste. Besides being fire-retardant, cork does not fear humidity. 

Eco friendly sink
With Bolgheri a new trend is set! The contrast between Crystalmood and cork in the design turns out in a wonderful designed sink different from all others, a feature for which the Italian bathroom manufacturer is known worldwide for the past seventy years. Bolgheri is the sink with a natural cork base and a Cristalmood sink, the aesthetic result is completely innovative. 

Sustainability is an important issue also in the design sector and of real importance to antoniolupi, a company sensitive to the theme, is working hard in this direction. Bolgheri is a totally eco-sustainable sink starting from the base which is made with recycled cork finished by hand to obtain a soft tactile effect. 

tuscany colour

The washbasin plays with materials, with colours, with textures and above all with contrasts and takes its inspiration from the 'small villages set like stones' on the hills of Tuscany bordered with cypresses The colours take over the landscape: green foliage, ripe grapes, chestnuts and mushrooms, medicinal plants, spices, bitter oranges, lemons. Bucolic references from ancient knowledge” 

In addition to the Natural Cork version, the base of Bolgheri is also available in a darker Cork version: a dark brown color with a coffee effect. I love how the photo of the Tuscan landscape above has been translated into the many warm nuances of the Bolgheri sink. A few combinations pictured in this post, have a look at antoniolupi's website for more colour and material combinations of the Bolgheri sink.

bolgheri sink in cork and crystalmood

bolgheri sink in cork and crystalmood

bolgheri sink in cork and crystalmood

bolgheri sink in cork and crystalmood

bolgheri sink in cork and crystalmood

More images can be found in my antoniolupi guestboard on Pinterest

Other posts about antoniolupi design on the blog:

// Written in collaboration with antoniolupi Pictures courtesy antoniolupi //

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September 16, 2020

Three favourite design lamps by Danish Anour

Anour design lighting

Being a huge fan of Anour for years I was really happy to add one of their beautiful Divar lamps to my kitchen recently. Since then you probably have seen the three meter wall lamp in a beautiful browned brass several times pictured on my blog and Instagram. Anour is a well established design label by designer and architect Arash Nourinejad who started the label in 2007 to show his work.

It was after introducing the I model made as an accessory to compliment a bed he had crafted at his home during a renovation back in 2012 the brand really took off. With many leftovers from producing the I model, and demands from customers asking for different shapes of suspension lamps above home and office tables.

Arash started exploring the whole lighting range and fulfilling customers dreams thanks to new unique materials, variety of sizes. He opened his own workshop in Copenhagen where the company works until today and designed different models resulting in a carefully curated collection.

Anour Design lighting

I am curious to see what the future for the brand will bring as I really love their unique approach and the place they have in today's design industry. Collaborating with skilled craftsmen and professionals and production close to home enables them to create beautiful handmade Anour lights, work on new products and introducing new materials such as wood. I am also really excited to hear the brand started to develop their very first furniture piece recently! 

One of the things I personally love most recently is finding beautiful Design lighting for my home and I love to show you some favourites from the Anour collection that I wouldn't mind purchasing next. Anour table lamp

T Model Table Lamp is a design by Arash Nourinejad and their first table lamp. I have always find it super stylish, love the minimal look of it and can imagine it at my desk adding a soft light on my work or on one of my sideboards. The lamp also has my most sought after detail whenever looking at any newlamp: an integrated dimmer on the fixture. The lamp is made of metal with an alloy of brass that is polished, tanned or brushed by hand in Anour's workshop, making every lamp unique.

Anour table lamp

Anour I model

The Anour I Model Pendant Lamp is a design from 2012. With this lamp, the Danish lighting brand achieved real fame in the design world for the first time. It is a super slim and minimalist design that stands out for its sophistication. Due to the sleek design and use of materials, the design adds elegance and beauty to any space.

This lamp is available up to a length of 3 meters and various smaller lengths up to a minimum of 100 centimeters. In addition to the variant with textile cord that can be connected directly to a power point in the ceiling, there is a "wireless" option without a textile cable, which includes an external driver. Like most lamps, this one is also available in various finishes.

ANOUR X lamp

The Anour X Model Pendant Lamp is a variation on the I Model Pendant Lamp, the minimalist design concept is - as the name suggests - placed in an X-shape. If I would have a round table this lamp would definitely be an option!

The pendant lamp that almost seems to float in space is made of copper or brass that can be finished in various ways with matching color textile cord. Also this lamp is equipped with integrated LED that can be dimmed via a small button on the top of the fixture. After having followed the brand closely over the last few years, I really believe that, partly due to the many variations in finish and model, an Anour lamp fits in every type of home. 

ANOUR X lamp

ANOUR X lamp


Anour lamp

  Written in collaboration with MisterDesign // Pictures by Anour 

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September 14, 2020

Reform Launches New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects

New Kitchen Design by Norm Architects for Reform

As a very happy owner of a Reform kitchen designed by my favourite Scandinavian designers, Norm Architects, myself. I couldn't wait to show you their new kitchens designed for Reform! My own kitchen, called 'Surface' has fronts in sawn cut smoked oak with a countertop from Cosentino and I love how beautiful it blends in my home. You can have a look at it here and here 
September 11, 2020

Vipp Cabin Series | All new wooden furniture by Vipp

I am pleasantly surprised by the news about Vipp's first venture into solid wood furniture! Famous and loved for their metal kitchens, you might remember the pictures we made when I traveled to Denmark and Sweden to shoot and try their kitchen in real live in two of the three rooms of the Vipp Hotel? It was such a fun trip from Copenhagen into the woods in Sweden and the shelter at the lake. A small travel report can be found here: Travel w/ Style