September 15, 2019

Being at Home Photo competition winners

Here they are! The winners of the photo competition featured on the blog this Summer! Together with nine European bloggers from Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands (yep that's me) Austria, Switzerland and Italy we asked you to answer what does #beingathome mean to you? as part of the global photo contest in collaboration with the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM

From 5 to 18 August 2019 you were able to submit photos of your favourite places in your home in ten categories based on #zuhausesein /#beingathome. A total of 232 entries were received from 19 countries during the competition period. In addition to a piece of furniture from a German furniture manufacturer, the winners can look forward to a visit to imm cologne 2020 at the expense of the VDM and the winning pictures will also be on display in a photo exhibition at the VDM stand at imm cologne 2020 and published in a design book in 2020. 

Follow The Association of the German Furniture Industry at the VDM website as well as on the social media channels: FacebookInstagram and Twitter Let's have a look at the winning pictures in the specific categories.

The Hallway: Winner Agata Dimmich, Italy | ©Agata Dimmich, @passion_shake 
Prize: Line coatrack by Schönbuch

Relaxed Sleeping: Anastasia Benko, Germany | ©Anastasia Benko, @stilzitat 
Prize Pfeife Night stand by Vitamin Design

The Bathroom: Alex Schäler, Germany | ©Alex Schäler, @dieartige 
Prize: L-cube shelf element by Duravit

Living with Children – ©Elizabeth Barrett & Kristen Fiore @kristenelizabethdesign
Prize: Birdy stool by Hülsta

Working at Home: Vicson Chan Chua, Philippines | ©Vicson Chan Chua, @neonvixx  
Prize: Cantilever chair by Tojo

Other Forms of Living: Pepper Schmidt, Germany | ©Pepper Schmidt @heimatbaum 
Prize: S18 Side table by Thonet

Outdoor Living: Silvia Ferrando, Italy | ©Silvia Ferrando @illumino_home_ideas
Prize: SK 07 Ritual bowl by JANUA

Tiny Spaces: Karst Rauhé, Netherlands | ©Karst Rauhé, @krrrrst
Prize: Super Light by Bordbar

Kitchen Lover: Mike Klar, Germany | ©Mike Klar/ Mengru Liang  homemade Studio @herrklar  
Prize: Fabella light by Caussa

The Living Room: Roger Lemoyne, Canada | ©Roger Lemoyne @rogerlemoyne | Prize: 953 footstool by Rolf Benz 

Congratulations all winners! See you at imm 2020 -
This post is written in collaboration with VDM ‘The Association of the German Furniture Industry’

September 11, 2019

Reorganizing my kitchen | bulthaup accessories

I am so looking forward to this new kitchen of mine! I won't bother you with the slow progress stories, but I am sure you will believe me if I tell you that in my head I am already redecorating and reorganizing all things 'necessary'. I have lived with very little appliances over the last few months, and I can't wait to bring back in those little extra things that will make the space my personal kitchen again. Something I really miss are my Serax x Merci plates, my ceramic collection and of course cooking on more than one burner, not to mention my dishwasher.

Every kitchen need some personal items and beautiful accessories don't you think. Something that tells your story and shows your personal taste and made out of materials you love, wether it is wood, ceramic, linen or leather. I have very few leather accessories and I think the leather pot cloths from the bulthaup accessory line are a really stylish addition to every kitchen and of course handy for protecting hands from hot temperatures, that's why a second layer of leather is stitched in the middle.

Curious to see the other accessories we styled and photographed for bulthaup? Here you can see all our work for bulthaup so far, more to come next month!

This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal
September 9, 2019

A minimal Aesop store | Covent Garden London

I made it into my personal tradition to look for an Aesop store in every city that I visit, and so I did when visiting London last week! Over the years my love for Aesop has only grown, I have written about several of their stores and I use many of their products on a daily base. 
Most Aesop stores are located in beautiful and sometimes historic buildings and are a must see in general, next to trying their product line of course, which I highly recommend if you haven't yet! London was no exception and I particularly liked the minimal style of this location, natural walls and a green tiled floor combined with dark wood. 

In Amsterdam I have been walking past a building for months where our very own first Aesop store will come and I cannot wait to see how the old 'Jamin' candy store with its beautiful interior will be used by Aesop. For now an impression of the Store at Covent Garden, London. Previous posts about the different stores I visited can be found here

pictures ©vosgesparis
September 6, 2019

Spaces Designed for the Senses | 'The Touch' by Kinfolk and Norm Architects

As a huge admirer of the work of Vincenzo de Cotiis, spotting the image of his home in Milan, earlier featured on the blog here: Palazzo Milanese from Vincenzo de Cotiis, can only be a harbinger that we are dealing with a great new book filled with outstanding interiors. 'The Touch' is the first book to emerge from the longstanding friendship and creative partnership between Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams and Jonas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects, both people I love for their good taste and design.

'The Touch' is a 288 pages book and exploration of human-centric design published by gestalten. Stunning photography, interviews and over 25 selected interiors that exemplify how haptic design elements can provide a richer quality of living.The Touch also details philosophical and art history references that reflect the tradition of design and color theory.

I personally can't wait to see the book with my own eyes and get inspired by the different interiors. The Touch is available for pre-order via the Kinfolk store and in stores worldwide from October 10th.

Pictures Norm Architects
September 2, 2019

Infini bed by Belgian designers Nill Spring

Remember my post about that amazing headboard in which I talked about the use of narrow wooden slats at home and showed some examples, including a table and kitchen island. I had to think of this again after spotting 'Infini' one of the box springs by Belgian Nill Spring.

Nill Spring got the inspiration for this model from two natural elements: the infinity of water and the durability of wood. The signature of Infini is the harmoniously wavy structure that surrounds the box spring and gives its unique shape and made me want to find out more about it. I think it is really different and excellent for standing alone in a room as the curved backside creates a cozy and secure feeling even when a wall behind the bed is missing.

Nill Spring is the result of the combination of many years of experience and expertise. For over four generations, the Cornille family shares the knowhow and passion for the manufacture of box springs.

In 2006, Frank Cornille and Guy Dupont developed Nill Spring. The partners brought together their expertise and passion for sleeping comfort and started a flourishing business. Guy Dupont's many years of technical experience and sense for innovation and handmade customisation results in an impressive collection of box springs and mattresses. Text:Nill Spring

pictures courtesy Nill SPring