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vosgesparis is an Interior Design platform with a focus on soft minimalism and ideas on decorating with minimal colour and maximum style.  Appreciated for finding the gems in design and discovering new designers and craftsmen, the blog is visited by readers from all over the world and best known for its personal style and distinctive take on design, spaces and products. Founded in 2007 by Desiree, we launched the eponymous online store in 2021 with a new concept and products in true vosgesparis style.

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We embrace the imperfection of natural materials and love to combine them with clean lines.

With a focus on aesthetic design choices, the store offers a selection of minimal decor objects, from treasure boxes and unique Japanese candles, to handcrafted ceramics. 

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fino prydz​

Fino Prydz is a Norwegian visual artist based in New York City, whose work I regularly show at vosgesparis. An artist who, thanks to his monochromatic use of color and compositions, fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the site.

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