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April 9, 2021

Artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen in solid oak

Kitchen in solid oak

I came across this solid oak kitchen based on the idea of a piece of furniture with a kitchen's functionality: The artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen. Each kitchen is produced locally by skilled craftsmen at Tre Sekel in Tibro, Sweden. The unique skill of the carpenters is used to ensure that every detail of the kitchen is thought through and the kitchen is made with a craft that is unusual when it comes to kitchen manufacturing.

Each kitchen is manufactured based on each customer's unique dimensions and conditions at no extra cost. The kitchen is also delivered assembled ready to be placed.Cabinet frames, drawers and doors are made of solid wood from Swedish forests. The oak is treated with soap or by smoking, a surface that can withstand wear with dignity. The drawers are joined by sinking with furnishings of, among other things, Tärnsjö leather. A material I remember from my visit to Fredericia and seeing the making of the Spanish chair Copenhagen Design tour by Fredericia & Georg Jensen

Kitchen in solid oak
 Images Artilleriet
April 5, 2021

Restyling my home with books and art by Peytil

books art prints ceramic mad et len

As you know I really like creating new corners and stills at home, that's why I loved teaming up with Eitil Thorén of Peytil for this blogpost. The creative process of styling with books, art and the things we have at home already, is what I love most. I find it really relaxing and I always love taking a closer look at the new scenery created the days after. 

I might change an object, add something new, or take something out, it is an ongoing process that I find really satisfying and one of the main reasons I started this blog. For those who don't know my story, I wanted to find a place to show my images of the stills I created at home to my friends. Something I still enjoy and one of the main reasons why I love to work with different artists and brands.


Growing up in Stockholm in a family of artists, his mother is a sculptor and his father a painter, Eitil Thorén was encouraged from an early age to experiment and follow his path. Starting his creative proces owning a fashion brand together with his older brother at the age of 21, something that after a few years he saw as restrictive and longed for something without rules or limitations. Wanting to have the freedom to choose when, where and how to work and also wanting to paint. He rented a studio and invested in a large format inkjet printer and started Peytil, named after the nickname he had as a child.

books, prints, art , posters

A simple black line

"I named my project Peytil he says, because that was my nickname as child. I have a minimalistic approach to art and design and I love the spontaneous expression of a simple black line. I guess that’s my Scandinavian legacy. Using high quality papers and printing methods, to ensure long lasting beauty and value is as important as the art itself for me. I believe in quality and craftsmanship.

A nice discount is offered

On his website you will find a selection of work from various guest artist including Eitil's own. What I also really loved is how different prints are shown in a few Gallery walls making it really easy to select the right prints for a gallery wall at home. I placed the prints on my bench and styled them with my most read books. You receive a 15% discount on your first order using the code VOSGESPARIS

books, prints, posters, art .gallery wall

books, prints

books prints art posters

strelizia leaves books print poster art

coat rack print poster gallery wall

pictures ©vosgesparis 
written in collaboration with Peytil

March 31, 2021

Modern Shapes for the Home | All new Kristina Dam design

stone objects  Lacuna shape

I already showed you one of my favourite Travertine objects for the home by Kristina Dam the other week: 3 Travertine accessories for your home As a fervent lover of all things sculptural for years it is great to see so many people embracing new shapes for their home. Although many big brands jump on the wagon, the original makers and artist will survive and still be there when the hype is over. And their objects will still be found in my home. You know when you really love something right! 

Using design objects in various shapes and materials from the collection by Kristina Dam is a great way to start decorating your home with modern Vases, Candleholder and Sculptures. I really love stone and ceramic having a smooth chalky surface combined with the raw of the base, the Lacuna Shape is all up my alley. 
Lacuna shape
Lacuna Shape

block sculpture

The smooth sandstone plates of the Block Sculpture lock seamlessly into each other forming this sculpture

Monolith vase

Monolith vases made of grey stoneware. 

offset candle holder
The Offset Candleholder is no ordinary candleholder, but rather a sculpture also capable of holding a candle. A graphic and bold designed piece of accessory.

images courtesy Kristina Dam