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September 9, 2020

A beautiful shaped table in wood and stone by Zanat

Koba table by Zanat

Working at imm I already noticed the beautiful craftsmanship of Zanat a few times. A designer furniture brand, founded upon a century-old family generation of heirloom-quality furniture making, known for its hand-carving techniques known as the “Bosnian Konjic style.” The quality and uniqueness of the work has garnered global acclaim, and several pieces are under state protection as part of Bosnia’s national cultural heritage.  On Instagram, follow me here, I recently noticed their new table Koba and as I know many of you love sculptures furniture pieces like this too, time to tell you more.

At first sight, the Koba table may be a deceptively simple piece of furniture with beautiful proportions characteristic of Jean-Marie Massaud’s design language. However, a closer look reveals intricate details that make this table as much of a functional object as a showcase of extraordinary craftsmanship and first-rate natural materials. 

Koba table by Zanat

The table’s cone-shaped base is sculpted ins solid maple which ends with a soft, rounded bottom. The outer part of the tabletop is made in 4 cm thick Zimbabwe granite stone with a burnt, textured finish. Integrated in the stone is the table’s central part, made in solid wood. This hand-carved part is not only a visual highlight, but it spins and is easily removable to allow cleaning underneath as needed. The textured finish on the stone and hand-carved lazy Susan work remarkably well together, adding a touch of warmth and tactility to the piece. The table’s diameter is 160cm and it can comfortably sit 8 persons.

At the end of 2020 Zanat also releases a special collection of small objects which were designed during the recent lockdown period in collaboration with five of their partner designers: Monica Forster, Jean-Marie Massaud, Sebastian Herkner, Palomba Serafini and Ilse Crawford... will show you more soon!

Koba table by Zanat
Koba table by Zanat

Koba table by Zanat

In December 2017, the Konjic woodcarving technique largely created and developed by the Niksic family was officially inscribed onto the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

// pictures courtesy Zanat //

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