June 30, 2011

Before order there is chaos. + Meet the blogger

It has been almost a week... And what a great week it was! I really apprecited attending the Meet the Blogger event this weekend. And I was truly impressed by the story Holly Becker shared with us on how she first started blogging to become the successful blogger and writer of  Decorate she is now. 

I think most of us who attended the event are still a bit with their head in the clouds. It was just such an amazing weekend filled with inspiring moments and people. Meeting the faces behind the blogs you read, sharing cupcakes and white wine and getting to know new people and as Holly describes it ... walk away feeling confident and ready to take on the world!  {Read all about it here on Decor8 }

I also had a fellow blogger over at my place for the weekend. Beside attending the 'Meet the blogger' event we spent two days of wandering around the city, shopping, eating, flipping through books and magazines and talk a lot. As she brought me a poster from her concept store Bodie And Fou I decided to change things around  in my studio to give it a good home ;)   So here's the chaos before the order I hope to show you in my next post.

Metal 'Rue Montmartre'  Sign from Tutze
All pictures by me


Lau de Casalil said...

already nice chaos... hate de voir la suite!! belle journée!

BODIE and FOU said...

Me too!can't wait to see the result. Thanks again for this fabulous weekend and the VT Wonen book!! I LOVE IT!


Kari said...

ha gaaf he die denham tasjes!!
heb ze hier ook staan omdat ik ze zo mooi vindt.
En je hebt natuurlijk hele goeie herinneringen aan onze wandeling naar Denham!!!hahahaha.
groetjes Kari

Kelly Fannon said...

Hello Vosges Paris,

We met very briefly on the street as we were leaving Meet the Blogger, I am the blond with the red scarf.

I check your blog regularly and I have wanted to say for a while that it is beautiful, the selection of images, the overall aesthetic is elegant and sophisticated. There is the mix of austerity and rich texture I find very appealing.

All the best, Kelly

Nathalie said...

Hi Dees, mooie foto van Brian en dat boek met Bowie viel me natuurlijk ook op. Kom snel je 'rocktempel' bekijken hoor ;) Was supergezellig at Meet the Blogger :)

Iro {Ivy style33} said...

creative chaos...I like it ;)
yours in particular and the chaos in general that announces the coming of a new order...waiting patiently till your next post..

bon nuit Madame Desiree VosgesParis, xo

P.S: "like" your new full name, too.

Nicole said...

Wat leuk dat meet the blogger! En dan ook nog n lieve logee...
Ben benieuwd hoe het word!
Fijne dag!