January 18, 2012

A Chalkboard wall in the bedroom

I found these cute pictures of the girl drawing on this great blackboard wall  on the blog of Silje. A blog I found through Nina's community Stylizimowhere you can share pictures of your home with others.

During the last years I have seen lots of blackboard walls in kitchen and hallways, but not that much in bedrooms. I looked around on Pinterest and did a little survey on Facebook and Twitter asking you to sent me pictures of your blackboard walls.. but not one of the pictures was from a bedroom.

A stunning picture from the bedroom of fashion designer Hanne Graumann by Wichman and Bendsen I scannend from last years Elle Decoration. I think this  home and room was my favorite out of all UK Elle Decoration magazines of last year. But I will check them out once more and make a choice, like I did with last years VT Wonen magazine and see if there are more favorites. 

Sticker on a blackboard wall! 

If you have blackboard walls in your home and like to share them. Then please sent me the link to your blog and I will link you up under this post. 

Thanks you Jana for the following link: 
Jeve {scroll down for that cat picture too!} Thank you for sending in your beautiful wall too Tip 


Im Spiegel said...

I absolutely love the chalkboards, but i can't find the chalkboard paint in any of the shops in Freiburg. Maybe i could find it trough the internet :-( anyway, nice post.

coveteria said...

I have a black chalkboard wall in my kitchen and both my kids have chalkboard walls in their bedrooms, but they are colored. My son has two apple green chalkboard walls and my daughter has one lilac wall that is just a shade lighter than the rest of her room (mind you when she was three she didn't always draw on the right wall!) Chalkboard paint is easy to make. It's just paint and tile grout. Search online and you're bound to find the ratio. NOTE - only mix up what you need per coat. I learned that the hard way! The paint starts to set up quickly. Note - you need to sand between coats with the homemade stuff...

Cez said...

love it !!! excellent!!!! bizzz

Silje said...

Nice ;)
Thax for sharing my pictures!
Have a nice nigth.
Love, Silje.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I love the image of the little girl with the blackboard in her bedroom. If only I had had a blackboard in my bedroom as a child that I could have drawn on.I would have been in heaven !!
I'm afraid that I haven't got a chalkboard wall in our house, BUT, I do have a blackboard in our kitchen on which I write my shopping list !!
Does that make me hip and cool Desiree ? !! haha
Gorgeous images ..... chalkboard walls are such a brilliant idea.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at mine. Yo are a great blogging friend and I LOVE you !! XXXX

Jill said...

Love the chalkboard wall in the bedroom! Brilliant!

Olive Cooper said...

That is lovely. My kiddos is so little girlish and in a very purple room. However she is 20 and still loves her room and board.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Glad you liked the ocean music the other song is the theme music from One Day(the movie). I don't like loud music on blogs either. I always admire all the black, white, and grey you have here! I'm always inspired.

Elina said...

So Nice!

TomVH said...

I'm searching for that bulb lamp hanging on the ceiling at the first picture. Do you know where you kan find these in Belgium or the Netherlands?
Btw, still love your site!

Tibs said...

Not a bad idea!
I love black walls, especially when it's like an accent colour and sharpens the otherwise very pale space.

We have a black wallpaper on the wall behind the bed as well and it's gorgeous.

By the way, Tikkurila has chalkboard paints. www.tikkurila.fi and then choose your country.


Els said...

Prachtige foto's Desiree! Ik had de muren ook nog nooit in een slaapkamer gezien. Misschien een ideetje voor als wij met onze verbouwing beginnen!!!
Lieve groetjes Els

Geisslein said...

I like! and I´m thinking about where in my house I could make myself a chalkboard. great idea!

MRS JONES said...

Hi, I painted my bedroomwall with black chalkboard paint about year ago and loooove it! You can see pictures of it in my blog Mrs Jones ( rouvajonesinkotona.blogspot.com) in Finland. Hugs, jonna

Elin / Draumesidene said...

LOVE your blog, thank you for all inspiration! I have built a big chalkboard to hang in the livingroom. Not as cool as a hole wall, but still making a huge difference to the room. Love the contrast it makes. I have had text on it, but now it is decorated with things I like in wintertime... Stars and cinnamonhearts :)

You find it here: http://draumesider.blogspot.com/2012/01/bilder-fra-peisen-pa-kjkkenstove.html


Nicole said...

Ja ziet er goed uit, zo´n grote zwarte wand, zelfs in de slaapkamer!
Leuk idee hoor!
Fijne avond wenst,

Jeanette said...

Gatsie...ik heb de bewuste vt-wonen niet meer kunnen krijgen. Heb je er geen foto`s van op je blog, kan het nl niet vinden:-) leuk zo`n kladwand, zou iedereen met kinderen toch moeten doen?


janavalachovicova said...

Dank u vel for sharing my picture :) I have to mention it is in the rest room and posts are from friends - very often reactive each other - lot of fun with 1m2 of black wall and chalk.

Corrina said...

Great pics, but I am fiercely practical and I think chalkboard walls would equate to lots of chalk dust everywhere- they look amazing! I think my kids might forget which walls were for drawing on and maybe go to far- I guess I AM A CONTROL FREAK! No chalk walls for me XXCorrina.

Marivic said...

I love chalkboards and so do my kids. But a chalkboard for a headboard is a little too dusty and might aggravate respiratory ailments (my daughter is prone to asthma). I have one in the study room though, and am still looking for more walls around the house to convert to chalkboards!


Bleudelavande said...

Adoro le lavagne , ma non riesco a trovare una vernice ardesia adatta!!!!
Ti abbraccio e ti auguro buon fine settimana.

Tina // Peppar och Vanilj said...


Chalkboards are really a perfect way to keep up your creativity. you can see some pics of my chalkboard here:



xoxox Tina

Joëlle - TrendyHomes said...


Love those pics. Would like a wall like this one...
Thanks for the link and the inspiration.
Had the same tree for Xmas. Will get it in my bedroom now...I have the same garland light :)


How nice to see that you found some inspiration that you liked on Stylizimo. Thank you so much for the link, Desiree.

Have a lovely Monday!
Nina x

Nathalie Van Volsom said...

hi Desiree...
Inspirée par votre demande de tableau noir j'avais mis un post sur le tableau noir de ma maison:
puis ça a évoulé:
Mais rien d'aussi extraordinaire que ce que vous venez de présenter !!!
J'aime beaucoup

elizabeth said...

i think chalkboards show be mandatory in kid's rooms. they really are a great tool for their imagination!

chalkboards for sale said...

I also design my bedroom with this type of chalkboard and try to write every day some new thoughts. I always like to this type of activities so its best way to express your feelings.

Anonymous said...