November 1, 2012

Imperfection in wood and ink

I was having a nice week of Herfst (autumn) vacation, as we call it here in the Netherlands, last week. And actually quite busy... Off to DDW in the first weekend and having dinner in the fabulous USINE, where we had a great salad with wasabi-mayonaise [Now how Tasty is that!!] It really was a week of eating out and meeting friends...  I cold easily get used to eat outside for three times a week ;)

Then last Sunday I went to Fort Festijn at Haarlemmerliede, a small fair in a tiny village near Amsterdam. Several web shop owners were there to sell [I bought a little copper cap for some lightning plan I am working on for some time now] And very nice to finally meet Ingrid from Wood Wood Stool as well, she printed me this word on a piece of wood... perfect hey !


Miranda said... that word!


wood & wool stool said...

Hej Desiree, sterk woord, mooi standpunt! en dit kwam ik ergens tegen op het web ;)

How to Become an Imperfectionist?

1 – Imperfectly pick one thing you keep telling yourself you want to do.

2 – If you read #1 and think, “I can’t possibly pick just one! There’s too many!” then do not proceed until you have picked just one.

3 – Get a timer, and set it to 55 minutes.

4 – Walk away from your computer right now and spend 55 minutes doing that very activity.

5 – Repeat #4 again tomorrow.

6 – Repeat #4 again every day after that until the item is complete.

7 – Celebrate the item’s completion with chocolate, flowers, or a manicure.

8 – Go back to #1 and start over.

Suzanne de Jong said...

Super....ook leuke uitleg van Wood wool stool erbij :-)
Kan ik ook wel even gaan oefenen.


Souraya Hassan said...

Klinkt als een leuke week Desiree! Mooie foto en fijne uitleg van wood wool stool. Fijn weekend alvast!

Tricia Rose said...

Come to California Desiree - we eat outside eight months of the year, three meals a day!

Claudia said...

Het perfecte imperfecte

Annelies said...

Hoi Desiree, nogmaals superbedankt! Ik wacht met spanning af.
ennehh...heb eindelijk je interview kunnen lezen!;-)

Lau de CASALIL said...

parfaite imperfe)tion