May 14, 2013

Black Feathers and Fluffiness

When making new pictures I finally managed to clean out my studio. I brought lots of souvenirs and brochures back from the city trips I made these last months. And I really should find another way to order everything. Remember the bags I made: Collecting travel memories | Easy DIY with paper bags They were fun to make but I need something stronger like small boxes. If you came across some cool ideas let me know, I would love to make a new post with your ideas on how to collect travel memories

I also found these shiny black feathers in a box which I bought years ago. Feathers are totally hot as decoration in interiors at the moment and I love how Lola & Kate framed them, they are for sale at Harvest and Company  

framed feathers from Lola & Kate
- beauty via Love warriors -
More fluffiness on this picture made by the fabulous Hannah Lemholt - I am so in love with this dreamy pictures


Cez said...


Marit said...

Hoi, ik ben al volop aan het nadenken hoor, lijkt me leuk om met je mee te denken en zodoende mijn eigen memories ook mooi te ordenen en misschien wel met een vermelding op jouw mooie blog :-)
Trouwens die DIY met die papieren zakken......GEWELDIG!
Groetjes Marit (homemarit,

Marcella | said...

Heel mooi, die veertjes! Vooral in het zwart. Leuk om mee te decoreren!

Margreet de Vries said...

Ik hou ervan :)))!!! De lijsten van Lola & Kate zijn zo mooi met de veren: die met struisvogel veer staat al op mijn wishlist...

Kathryn said...

Not sure why I've chosen today to comment but just want you to know I love your blog and find it totally inspiring. I've made some changes to our home recently and thanks to the inspiration from your blog I am really happy. We have been clearing clutter and embracing my love of black and white and natural materials. I felt that you just needed to know that your blog is an important part of my day and makes a difference to many lives ....globally!!
Kathryn, Australia

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

I'm a feather freak!!!!!!!! Use them all the time in my collage work, drawing and printing.

Ethereal and beautiful!