November 13, 2014

A white Danish kitchen | Dreamy 3d images

At Pinterest I came across the picture above and if I like a kitchen or home on Pinterest, I love to click on the picture that most of the times brings me to the original source (one of the reasons why I love Pinterest) When I had a closer look at the pictures and the online catalogue for Danish design company Designa, I found out they are actually 3d generated images, great pictures of a beautiful kitchen if you are on the look for something new. 

pictures via Designa 


En estado de Rachel said...

Sometimes I work with a totally realistic 3D and results are achieved.
For example these images.

Sam Davids said...

This is a beautiful kitchen. I love the contrast of the white and the wooden board.

Charlie Owens said...

What a great kitchen! The combination of white and wood makes gives it a warm feeling while making it seem more designish at the same time.