November 24, 2016

It's not about having time, it's about making it | 2017 planners

I have been pretty busy working on a very cool project this week, of which I hopefully can show you more of in the upcoming weeks. When working towards the deadline of a project I think planning is one of the most important things. These are the moments I love to use my Moleskine books, I always have a few at home and at the moment my notebooks and planner for both 2016 and 2017 are always by my side, I just love this pile of black books!

2017 is approaching really fast, did you get your new planner yet, or are you more the calendar type of person. A really cute one I found at Habitare from Finnish brand Miiko, they have several paper goods of which many in black and white with cute drawings of animals and I had to bring it home as a souvenir... I do have to check the site to see if I am using the right month, but thats all part of the souvenir fun isn't it. I decided to use a clipboard for the monthly calendar but you can also choose to make a collage on your wall with it!

I am a bit over the black and white posters with texts on it but I do love the bold numbers on the day calendar that kind of last forever You can of course use it as a reminder what day of the month you are at, or simply use it to display your favourite number like I did in the picture above! The Perpetual Calendar is by Tom Pigeon... and wow! He must have the same favourite numbers as me as I discovered when looking for another picture at the website !

For 2017 I also got sent this pretty hardcover planner by the Vrolijk fabriek the web shop of design Studio Vrolijk. Next to a weekly calendar on the left, there's plenty of space to write down notes on the right, just like I like it. The agenda also contains a weekly inspirational quote about growth, development, spirituality and nature, space for your focus that week and a gratitude reminder about growth, development, spirituality and nature, I simply love the beautiful cover.  What's your favourite planner?

pictures by vosgesparis | second picture by Tom Pigeon 


Taste of France said...

It is SO HARD to find a good one.
I want it about 6x8--not too big but big enough that I have room to write hourly and half-hourly appointments and see the entire week at a time. I prefer a ring binder so it stays open. No quotations, pictures or other preciousness, but a beautiful cover.
What I find are either too big, too small, or they don't fit a week over two pages. And it's the kind of thing you can't stock up on! Every year, it's the same hunt.

Anonymous said...

Is the cute calendar with a wolf available online?

Millie Simon said...

I love planning as it gives me a sense of direction! Loving the monochrome calendar!!x

Millie x

vosgesparis said...

@tasteofFrance I guess you have to design your own !

vosgesparis said...

THe one with the wolf is from FInnish Miiko and they do have an online store

Boxon said...

Liked with black and white design in your room. Your chair, is it vinyl or leather?

vosgesparis said...

@boxon it is a leather char from WDSTCK