March 8, 2017

An industrial interior at Cheval lounge bar in Thessaloniki

Thinking about Thessaloniki I rather think off white and blue instead of raw concrete and steel! Cheval lounge bar, located in the heart of Thessaloniki is the opposite of the typical Greek building we know from our warm summer holidays.

Rusted walls, reed panels, leather seats, hanging plants and wood dominate the interior of Cheval, a project about what we call ‘nomad way of living’. The horse-headed man at the entrance symbolizes the new ‘nomads’ who love to travel mentally and physically. Cheval is designed by Ark4lab of architecture 

photography  Vavdinoudis | Dimitriou.


Kathrin said...

Great location, I love the wall art in the last picture and the dark interior
Greetings Kathrin

Dean Cole said...

I have been to Thessaloniki last summer, but I must have missed it. It looks terrific! Great details.