The master plan

Pimped chair in my studio

Surfing the web, reading your blogs and being ‘addicted’ to interior magazines there are lot of ideas for my own home spinning around in my head all the time. Some images you forget again but some you always remember and love to bits… I am pretty sure that all these ideas and impressions, influence the decisions you make when changing or renovating a room or maybe even your whole house.

I have a thing that I call mymaster plan’… it is an idea of an atmosphere I have in mind for a certain room or corner in my house. In my head I am working towards the Master plan …. (are you still following me?) Depending on the right moment, the things I already have or collected or just came on my path … It can take a weekend or, more likely if money is involved as well… even a year before the plan is ready to work out…

My own Master plan…..
Now let me explain you my ‘master plan’ It all has to do with knocking down a wall in my kitchen to make it bigger and create room for a big table! One of the things I like most is having dinners with friends and family, nothing formal… just enjoying each others company, chatting and enjoying fresh food around a (preferable big) table. After knocking down walls… One of my wishes is to lay the white floor I already have in some of the rooms throughout the whole house…

The good thing about having a master plan….
The good thing about working towards your master plan is that decisions about tables, chairs and cabinets can switch from black to white or metal… because it is all a thing in your head and seeing new products or articles can make you change and also switch back easily to whatever you were planning first.

For my own kitchen plan I made some decisions… It has to have the same atmosphere as the rest of my house… Being overall white with some grays. Relaxing and definitely some concrete wall exposed and an industrial touch! Like metal cabinets or industrial tabourets.

Ohh and white chairs I want. It has to be a kind of combination between the two pictures above ….. So now you might understand why I have a white chair in my studio pimped with a sheepskin in a beautiful shade of gray…. It is all part of the masterplan

Picture 2 © VT Wonen
Picture 3 © Stellan Herner
Picture 2 and 4 by me