Imperfection in North London

Jimmie Karlsson’s home

Today I have been working on a previous bedroom…. I steamed of some old wallpaper and tomorrow I will take out the old floorboards. Then next week I hope to get a plan from a friend of mine. She is an architect and is making me a 3D simulations of how it would look if I knock out the wall between this room and the kitchen. Just for fun because we’re friends 😉 I have no idea what to expect but of course also in this kitchen to be I want to expose some concrete or some other raw and unfinished item. Because that is just me and how I love to live in my house!

I haven’t decided yet if it will be the wall or rather the floor. But some ideas are spinning around in my head and one of those is maybe using boards… I know these pictures, photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer made in Jimmie Karlssons house in London have been showed on many blogs already but I still think I should show them because they fit my ideas of decorating so well.

Jimmie Karlsson’s home
Jimmie Karlsson’s home

Although I always thought the boards in Jimmie home were painted with blackboard and written on. They are made with graffiti-inspired wallpaper  from Jimmie Martin & McCoy. I just love the imperfection theme!

{More boards}

 Although I love the graffiti boards more this is a nice option too.  (House Doctor)

And for a totally different effect I could always use my Piet Hein Eek wallpaper.
Picture by Bodie and Fou

Sorry vandaag even geen Nederlands.. maar ik ben wel  benieuwd hoeveel mensen die Nederlandse vertaling nou echt missen… dus laat het weten!