Making plans {on a rainy sunday}

I love how during a rainy Sunday new ideas can be born. Like many of us, I had a lazy morning in bed with breakfast, coffee and magazines. (love the double ones I can rip out the pages I love) I was thinking on how the room looked before when it belonged to one off my children. There was a red painted square on the wall with a little make up bar made out of dark IKEA lack shelves, a mirror and a bar stool. 

On the other wall there was a standing wardrobe. I have been thinking to bring it back in, made of galvanized metal (like the coat rack I made here) But seeing a  picture of the Black Loop Stand Wardrobe of Danish brand Hay  on Facebook later this day. (you can see it here on Emma’s designblogg) I could not help myself thinking on how great it would look in front of the white wall with a little greyish, soft black and white moodboard. around it…  Impatient as I am I made a little try out in the hallway around the paper candle bags. I can’t wait to start!