Black + Industrial + Star

Do you ever experience that feeling…. that you are aware of the fact that you feel really happy and everything seems to be going as planned… that feeling… as if the stars are shining especially for you!

I have such a week and really enjoyed finding this amazing huge Black metal Industrial star!  in a new shop I discovered last week. It came all the way from the USA… in a big container together with lots of other objects, furniture and decoration mostly found in the Eastern states.

It were the raw and unusual industrial items I spotted while passing by on my bike! But the huge star made me turn around…. I have been told it is made by an Amish community from old metal. I love to know that little fact and I can’t wait to hang it on my wall!

A little update…
I loved to read Kim’s comment: They are Amish Barn Stars the Amish make them out of old tin metal and place these on their Barns they are to welcome good luck 😉

Hudson River
Eerste Egelantiers- dwarsstraat 2

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