October 30, 2011

We like to inspire... {a bedroom challenge}

Picture: Marjon Hoogervorst - Vorstin.nl
This morning I came across this picture at the blog of my friend Anouk. As I was writing my new IKEA post some days ago I had to think of the picture I sent in of my own bedroom and how much I love it to be simple and serene. 

Don't you think an uncluttered bedroom is way more relaxing then a room filled with cupboards chairs and lots of decoration.

If you are asking yourself what to do on this lazy Sunday, you might want to have a look at your own bedroom and see if it is ready for a calm and relaxing Autumn. 

I hope these two pictures can help you on the way to  make your bedroom look calm and inviting. I actually challenge you to play around with your furniture and camera to make a similar setting like on these two pictures.

I would love to see the result.. Sent me a link to the post you made with it or your social media like Facebook or Printerest  and I will link it to this post, so we can inspire each other ;) (I took of the links as these blogs do not exist anymore) 

Picture: Desiree - Vosgesparis


wood & wool stool said...

fijne slaapkamerbeelden en dat ronde ikea krukje met zwart kanten bovenkant is wel zó mooi. jammer dat ie niet meer in de collectie zit. fijne zondag!

Lau de Casalil said...

If you can wait I finish painting my whole bedroom... I take the challenge up!! nice idea... full of hope!


I would love to have a serene bedroom, but my son has my rentals only bedroom = my bed is in my livingroom. But I can make the space around my bed more serene of course. My challenge would be to not stack all of the books that I read, have red, will read next to my bed. And to be tidy :-)

BODIE and FOU said...

Very serene room! Love it. I've spent the afternoon painting Mila's inside cupboard in bubble gum pink to surprise her when she comes back on Sunday ;-)


suvi m said...

I love your blog! :)

Here's a link to a post I wrote a few weeks back:


It's about a lamp that I found from a secondhand shop and gave a new life to it. I think it suits the theme you wrote in this post about bedrooms.

Tricia Rose said...

Calm and serene would be a challenge: I love my room, but at the moment my bedside companions are saws and clamps.

I'll just gaze serenely at YOUR pictures!

Une page ecrite said...

Un petit coucou en passant ! Comme à ton habitude ce billet est délicat, chic et raffiné !

Jeanette said...

Nou das dan ook weer toevallig, ik heb net een paar posten gemaakt van mijn slaapkamer, ik kan van de 4 posten wel 1 post delen hoor:-)


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I have to have a clutter free bedroom to sleep - it feels more calm! Either that or it's my OCD! ;)

[room] by sofie said...

A relaxing bedroom is a must... Here is a link to our bedroom, that we finished two weeks ago.


// Sofie

Linda said...

Lovely inspirationand lovely blog :)

Ella said...

Great challenge! I think my bedroom might actually look a tiny bit like this if I actually cleaned it! Thanks for inspiring me!

I'm on a little blog break but might post a photo of my clean-bedroom-to-be in a week or so.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I could not agree more! I simplified my room from lots of shades of gray to white and blue and it's just so much more serene. I'll try and send you a picture!

xo Mary Jo

gabilil said...

Love! j'adore la chambre de suivi m; justement j'ai fais un post ce matin sur ma chambre si tu veux aller voir; je ne sais pas comment te la linker; je vais essayer!

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

Desiree, I love this idea. I always think of things that I want to fill our bedroom with while maybe I should think of leaving it empty and put only in there what is needed and beautiful. Hmmm, food for thought! Thank you!

Ella said...

I realize this was posted half a week ago (which is an eternity in internet time) but better late than never, right? Thanks for the inspiration!


STILinredningochdesign.blogspot.com said...

To late?



Love Madde

vosgesparis said...