We like to inspire… {a bedroom challenge}

Picture: Marjon Hoogervorst – Vorstin.nl
This morning I came across this picture at the blog of my friend Anouk. As I was writing my new IKEA post some days ago I had to think of the picture I sent in of my own bedroom and how much I love it to be simple and serene. 

Don’t you think an uncluttered bedroom is way more relaxing then a room filled with cupboards chairs and lots of decoration.

If you are asking yourself what to do on this lazy Sunday, you might want to have a look at your own bedroom and see if it is ready for a calm and relaxing Autumn. 

I hope these two pictures can help you on the way to  make your bedroom look calm and inviting. I actually challenge you to play around with your furniture and camera to make a similar setting like on these two pictures.

I would love to see the result.. Sent me a link to the post you made with it or your social media like Facebook or Printerest  and I will link it to this post, so we can inspire each other 😉 (I took of the links as these blogs do not exist anymore) 

Picture: Desiree – Vosgesparis