An IKEA Besta makeover

It is about a year ago or so I bought these low IKEA Besta units. Normally I would have bought the higher and smaller ones. But still having an old television {the one my daughter always jokes about by asking me what that huge thing behind the screen is} I decided to take these as they fitted best.


Last week when I was working on the floors… I took out all the furniture and when replacing things I did not feel at all putting the monster back on. Instead of that I made a little bench with it {hurrah for these low cabinets after all} by adding some left over wooden planks from my huge cabinet and a linen cushions on top…  I did not had enough planks so added all pieces that were left on top as a one big puzzle…

After placing most black and white prints in front of the long white wall, by adding them partly on the cabinets and against the wall. It is looking great and inviting and to be honest so much better then a boring television 😉  You can see more of it at my IKEA family Live blog .
Please note all links to IKEA are taken off as the site no longer exist