Normal gets you nowhere

Having some more days off last week I had plenty of time to wander through my city… The thing I really love about living in Amsterdam is that there is so much to see and explore all the time, like new shops, galleries, a new part of the old harbor turning into a hip space.You only need time to discover it all.

So last week I had time and went to some bookstores, where I picked up the Kelly Cutrone poster. Not only did I loved the real life show of Kelly Cutrone about the hectic around Fashion week {you may hate me if you thought it sucked} I really love the title of her new book! I also added the Batgirl poster to the wall in the hallway, using black masking tape in stead of framing it! I think it looks really fantastic and basic like this.

And I finally went to have a closer look at new department store Options Where I bought a huge glass vase. Taking off the bubble wrap and tape I thought it would look good on the wall, as I love the word ‘Options!’
I really believe that if you step out of the box and just ad random things you love to your walls, it will make your home look different and a reflection of who you are…. Normal gets you nowhere 😉