March 18, 2012

Interior Styling Master Class

Styling Emma Fexues
Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton has her own Interior Styling Master Classes at Beckmans Akademi in Stockholm and this is the latest assignment from some of her students. The idea was to make an advertisement photo for one or several products of Lotta's own shop. The one above is from Emma, read more about her following the styling classes here and here

Styling: Amanda Rodriguez
Styling: Emelie Waag
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Pictures by Elin Strömberg


BODIE and FOU said...

I really wish there was such a class in London...
Have a great Sunday

Huis lief huis said...

Het ziet er mooi uit!

Tibs said...

Very creative settings! Beautiful harmonious photos.

Sunday greetings!

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICS....very swedish style:)
I wish you a lovely week.

LOVE Maria at

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Am loving the styling favourite is Emelie Waag but they are all beautiful. Styling is a real art isn't it ? If I had my time again, I think that I would have liked to have worked in styling.
Have a lovely Sunday Desiree. We are out to dinner tonight as it's Mothers day over here. XXXX

Anya adores said...

I would have loved to enter - looks so much fun :)
Happy week to you sweets,

Veronica Martinis said...

You run a lovely blog!

sarwar said...

nice work keep it up

Vera said...

My daughter and her friend had been outside where they found a crown of an animal. They brought it insinside, put it on the kitchen table and then they began to bake a cake watched by the crown !!! If I would have taken a foto it wouldn`have been so asthetic as yours.

alivingdiary said...

this is a very delayed response (but i found you via an interior styling course google search!) i do wish things like this happened in the UK (outside of london!)

these photographs are absolutely beautiful.