Industrial scoop …. Federico Angi – Tools {Brera District}

After the first day of the Salone in Milano, when we visited the Ventura Lambrata and in the afternoon had a walk in the sun at Zona Tortona. I was, despite the beautiful buildings and all the ‘new’ things I had seen, still seeking for that one thing. One thing different from all other and close to the raw and industrial feeling I love. And I think I found it and I love to show you my own industrial scoop here on the blog! 

So… the second day we stepped into the world of wonders called Rossana Orlandi… an amazing space, an amazing lady {pictures coming soon} and finally some inspiration … One thing that caught my eye were two little benches put in a corner in the corridor, next to the over the top with gold decorate toilets…. {making pictures can be difficult with people running around you but I more or less snapped some (not to clear) ones. 

In the afternoon we went back to Brera to visit my friend Stefano Gaggero who was showing his work for Arcade in Via Palermo 1. We passed by a carpentry workshop where I spotted the same benches as that morning…. we had a little chat with Federico Angi the maker of these, with traditional iron making, fabricated stools called Tools. Produced during a workshop by Italian company Sampietro 1927, more about this here. 

Federico told us he was showing his work in the shop window of this workshop in the hope it would be picked up by international design galleries. At the moment the stools are fabricated in small series and sold at Rosanna Orlandi.