Coffee + Boots + Coatracks

Picture by Ashley Faye + an unknown source

The other day I was having a coffee break with my daughter… I love how she sometimes text me with coffee? But this day she asked me if I was ready to see her new tattoo. I thought it was amazing and what a cool lady she is to stay on the tattoo chair for over 6 hours. And there I am thinking about a 7 letter word only for ages…. but anyway

I treasure those little chats we have about everything and nothing… jumping from how good the coffee tastes to using studs as decoration and how cool her boots, decorated with old belts, look. We talk about books… music, summer holidays and photographs, such as the one of her other tattoo and those amazing neon letters… what is keeping us busy in life and in our homes. In my case that is painting lockers this last weekend and rearranging coat rack corners…. I am so happy with some little changes I made and will make an update of it really soon. It is looking cool …. if I may say so hehe….. Enjoy your day AND your coffee 😉

via attique

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