Creative spaces & Clipboard inspiration

You might remember those cool creative work spaces I showed in a previous post. Some days later I got an email from Gudrun Arndt, a freelancing photographer from Germany. She sent me some pictures of her own workspace at home. And some of her still lives… as you can see she loves shades of black and white. On her blog you can see more of here style. And her portfolio can be found at Fotosache-Arndt Thanks Gudrun 😉


I also got some pictures from the lovely Lisa from Joy Creation who told me how my office and clipboards inspired her to change things around in her own workspace, thanks for sending them Lisa and glad to see you got inspired 🙂 

Seeing the little shelves above in Lisa’s pictures reminds me of a post I made for IKEA about a year ago, but bringing our blogs from the IKEA family live site to the new IKEA Live website I somehow never got to blog it .. I will see if I still have it somewhere and post it here.

If you have a cool work space in monochromatic colors I would love to see them!