Creative spaces & paint

I got an email this week saying…… “I’ve been enjoying being distracted with nice cup of coffee in the studio by reading your blog for over a year now and just thought today i would contact you to say thanks”….. this was a part of the email I got from North London based artist Sue Williams. And being curious about her studio I asked her to sent me some pictures of it and today you find them here.

Another creative work space….. The kitchen units on wheels are looking so usefull and good in this space. You can see Sue’s work on her website Sue Williams  A’Court  

I love to get emails like this and I also would like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting my blog and the great receive on my new blog And even more reason to party, we got over 3000 facebook subscribers.

Thank you all so much and please join the party there and lets talk 😉