MERCI Pop Up Store – Salone 2012 {Paola Navone limited edition for MERCI}

Being a big fan of the MERCI Concept Store in Paris, my heart made a little jump seeing a little red fiat cinquecento in front of Studio Otto di Paola Navone. And it even got better!

Ofcourse seeing a MERCI Pop up Store in Via Tortona during the Salone is like a big and pleasant surprise to me but having one of my favorite designers making a limited Edition especially for MERCI and show it here at Studio Otto was really great.

I loved the mono graphic design of the outdoor – indoor furniture in front of the studio… Lots of dots and stripes and  soft cushions. And inside there was even more, a whole collection of tableware, clothes, buttons,masking tape, little baskets and suitcases …all in black and white and especially made for MERCI by Paola Navone. And of course there was also a mini MERCI inside!

I can truly say this was one of the highlights for me during the Salone 2012. To bad to see I had written the opening party of the Pop up store in my agenda when I got home…. I better not hear I missed meeting Paola Navone in person

Enjoy the pictures and forgive me for making such a long post.. I thought it was just way to cool and despite all the beautiful design I finally found some new ideas and inspiration there! I brought home some little things of the limited edition… and would love to get one of the chairs…Mmmm I just might need to go to Paris really soon!

All pictures by Desiree- Vosgesparis except picture: 3-7-11-12-17 and 22t/m25 by Muriel for Vosgsparis… If you want to link to this post feel free to use a picture but please not take all of them and be so kind to link to my blog 😉