How to make a personal studio {IKEA blogpost}

Today you can find me on the IKEA Live website with a blogpost about my studio. I wrote this one over a year ago but it somehow got lost when their new site went online. The other day I found it in my folders with the pictures from back then when I just finished it {two tables and a room}

That my sisters picture is in it feels extra special to me. She passed away 2 years ago and tomorrow her daughter will fly to Ibiza, to bring her to her final destination. The sunny island she loved so much… strange how a post I wrote so long ago popped up at this very same moment.

The look of the room changed several times since I first wrote this and of course I added most of the latest pictures…. do you always like the latest changes to your home as well?

Poster: Bodie and Fou

IKEA blog June:
I have always been intrigued by beautiful pictures. Photos of Interiors, simple black and white, graphic or fashion pictures, I love them all. I have a big inspiration folder on my laptop and tons of magazines and clippings with beautiful images.

When I come across a picture I really like, I print or cut it out. Most of the time it ends up in a mood board on one of my walls. But I also really like to frame some and use them in my studio. I attached Ribba picture rails on two walls to display things. One with a curtain wire under it for little notes or pictures I come across. I like the simple way of just hanging a piece of paper with a beautiful image or a sweet note on it.

Creativity text on clipboard by Vosgesparis

The Ribba shelves are great to display all kind of things. Books, a picture of someone you love or admire, just whatever makes your heart beat faster. Try to place them in little groups and different ways to make it interesting to look at. Just putting four of the same frames next to each other can be pretty boring after a while.

The pictures above my desk are of all kind of things. There are black and white graphic posters. advertising posters from musea. And on the picture rail I made little groups of two or three cards or pictures together. Some of different heights – from big to small next to each other, either framed or not. I also added other things like the wooden stamps to it. And on the table I add larger frames against the wall.  

I think you should put up only things that inspire you or means something to you personally.. For me that is a big black and white picture of my sister made in the sixties and a card of a French actress she admired in front of it .. Placing those two together brings back memories of how my sister used to love those old movies and played certain scenes out of it that made us laugh together. It is something that is special for me and I think that those that is unique and special for you will give your studio that personal touch.

Poster: Ylva Skarp
All photos Desiree for Vosgesparis
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