Painting a locker – Inspired by Milano {bedroom storage}

When we were in the MERCI pop up store during the Salone del mobile there was a corridor with some lockers and I got this idea to paint the one I have in my bedroom. It has been grey for a while now with some Dutch post bags on top. Some weekends ago I painted it white and turned it also around so I could open the doors easier. As a matter of fact I love to keep one open and see the pictures on the inside. On top a little suitcase (limited edition for MERCI – designed by Paola Navone) and the Corso Como bag from Milano.

Turning the locker around, also means more concrete wall to display posters. I added a huge clipboard as a poster holder for the Runaway poster from Mini & Maximus… Ohhh and for who wonders… I keep all the little souvenirs from the Salone in the dotted suitcase. Pretty in love with the new layout 😉